Fan Fics - Ash's Brother

One day in Pallet Town, Ash, Brock and Misty were going through their old stuff when all of a sudden Ash came across a picture that he had never seen before! It was a picture of him and a boy by the name Joshua. (That's me!) Ash was shocked then he said; "Misty, Brock check this out!" Misty and Brock came into Ash's room and asked; "What is it, Ash"? Ash showed them the picture of him and me. They were shocked like Ash was! Misty said; "You mean that you have a brother"? Ash said; "I think so, Misty!" Brock said "How do you think we can get to his house"? Ash said; "Someone made me a teleporter and left it here." Brock said; "Then what are we waiting for"? Ash said; "Yeah, let's go to my brother, Joshua!" Ash, Brock and Misty got packed up and teleported themselves in my house! Ash said; "Why don't we go find Joshua, guys"? Brock and Misty agreed and went looking for me! They came across a room that was filled with comics and saw me in the room! Ash asked; "Are you Joshua"? I said; "Yeah I am Joshua and who are you"? "I'm Ash, your brother!" I was shocked then I said; "My brother"? Ash showed me the picture, and I was just as shocked as he, Brock and Misty were! After we got packed and teleported back to Pallet Town I could tell that I was going to be well taken care of!

The very next day I slept late on a Saturday! When I woke up, I saw Ash, Brock and Misty sitting at the table waiting for me. After I sat down Ash asked me; "So Joshua, are you ready to start your pokemon journey with us"? I smiled and replied; "Yes Ash, I am ready to start my pokemon journey with you guys." After we had breakfast we sat out to Professor Oak's house so I could get my starting pokemon. When we got to Professor Oak's lab I was surprised to find out that he was waiting for me! Professor Oak said; "Ahh, you must be Joshua. I heard so much about you." I said "You did, but how"? He replied "Ash just called me a bit ago and said that you were coming over." I said "Yes and do you have a pokemon for me, professor"? Professor Oak said "I sure do here you go, enjoy." He gave me a pokeball and I said "Thanks Professor Oak!" Then he said "Why don't you open the pokeball and see what pokemon it is"? I said "Sure I will, I choose you!" The pokemon came out, and it was a Cyndaquil! I said "Wow! A Cyndaquil! How did you know"? Professor Oak said "Ash told me what pokemon to have ready when you came here." I turned to Ash and said "Thank you, Ash!" Ash said "You're welcome!" "Oh, that reminds me." Professor Oak said. "You'll need these, as well." He gave me my very own pokedex and pokeballs. After we left Professor Oak's lab we started our pokemon journey!

The next day we were on our way to Violet City and though that we should take a break from walking a bit. So we sat down and let our pokemon out for a bit. Ash asked me; "Josh are you okay?"? Misty said; "Yeah you look a little pale to us." I said; "I get light headed when I walk long distances, but it hardly ever happens to me." Brock said; "Well you should be fine now." Misty got in the water to swim then Brock got in the water. Ash asked me; "Why don't you go swimming Joshua"? I said; "I can't swim Ash." Ash said; "Don't worry we will teach you." I said; "No thanks kids with my disease can't swim. If some kids with my disease dived in the water they won't know when to come up." Ash said; "Sorry Josh I didn't know." I said; "That's okay Ash." Then a pokemon came out of the water! It was a Corsola! We were shocked. Ash checked it in his pokedex. I said; "Wow that's pretty cool that it's a water and a rock type pokemon!" Misty said; "I'm tempted to catch it, but you probably want it Josh"? I said; "No you can have this one, Misty. I'll get mine when I want it." Misty weakened it then she caught it.

Suddenly there were two voices saying; "Prepare for trouble! Make it double! To protect the world from devastation to unite all peoples within our nation. To denounce the evils of truth and love. To extend our reach to the stars above. Jessie! James! Team Rocket blast of at the speed of light. Surrender now or prepare to fight!" Then a cat like creature popped in a said; "Meowth that's right." I said; "Team Rocket. I've heard of you!" Ash said; "You heard about them, but how"? I said; "Where I lived there was a cartoon called Pokemon and I watched every time! And I always saw Team Rocket in it." Jessie said; "That's right! But who are you"? I said; "I'm Josh Ash's brother!" James said; "Well it doesn't matter we will beat all of you!" Ash said; "That's what you think! What do you say Josh? Want to show them what you're made of"? I agreed and joined in. Jessie said; "I choose you Arbok!" James said; "Weezing I choose you!" Ash said; "Pikachu I choose you!" I said; "Cyndaquil I choose you!" Ash said; "Pikachu use your thunderbolt!" I said; "Cyndaquil use you flamethrower!" They shocked and burned Team Rocket and send them flying! After that we recalled our pokemon and set out Violet City and our first battle!

The next day we were still looking for Violet City after our battle with Team Rocket. Brock said; "It's getting dark I think we should stop here for tonight." Misty asked me; "Josh do you think you can handle this"? I answered; "Yeah I'll be fine." We were about to get ready for dinner when we heard something. I asked; "Can anyone see what it is"? Ash said; "No. I can't see it." Then it came closer and closer! It came out and we saw it was a Houndour!

Ash got his pokedex out and it told us about the Houndour. I said; "This is so cool! Ash is it okay that I get this one"? Ash said; "That's fine Josh. I'll get my own." I said; "Thanks Ash! I know what pokemon to use against this Houndour." Ash said; "But you only have a Cyndaquil Josh." I said; "Don't be so sure Ash! I choose you Vaporeon!" A Vaporeon came out of my pokeball. Ash, Brock and Misty were surprised!

Ash said; "You mean you had a Vaporeon all the time? But how"? I said; "I had all three of the Eevee evaluations on me. I had a Vaporeon, Jolteon and a Flareon when you came and got me." I told my Vaporeon; "All right Vaporeon use your water gun attack!" Vaporeon used its water gun attack on Houndour and weakened it! I said; "Go pokeball!" My pokeball opened and caught the Houndour! I was so happy and I recalled my Vaporeon. I said; "Well I think we'd better get some sleep." We all went right to sleep and after we woke up we continued our journey in the morning.

The next day we had arrived in Violet City and we went to the pokemon center. Nurse Joy took our pokemon for care. Ash. Brock, Misty and I saw somebody run right up to me! It was a mailman! He asked; "Are you Joshua Knobel"? I said; Yeah I'm Joshua Knobel why?" He said; "This stuff is for you." He gave me the mail and I signed for it! Misty asked; "What do you think it is Josh"? I said; "I don't know, but we'll find out!" I opened the box up and saw some comics!

I was shocked and said; "I can't believe it! I hadn't got mail in a long time!" Ash asked; "What did you get Josh"? I said; "I got the latest issues of Sonic The Hedgehog, Amazing Spider-man, and Ultimate Spider-man! But how did they get here?" Nurse Joy said; Professor Oak told me that you get some comics in the mail on your world and changed it so you'd get your stuff here!" I said; "Thanks!" I asked Ash; "Ash how about we go to the Gym tomorrow because I'm kind of tired"? Ash said; "Sure Josh. I don't mind." So we slept at the pokemon center so we could go to the Gym tomorrow!

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Ash's Brother