Fan Fics - Ash's Day

This is a Fan Fic that I wrote about how Ash's day goes. It's very funny (well, I think). The following Pokemon mentioned in this story may or may not be Ash's Pokemon.

Ash wakes up in the morning, and rubs his eyes. He hadn't slept well last night, since a Zubat kept on flying around him. Ash is getting out of his sleeping bag when suddenly: "Oh no! I think I'm stuck!" But Pokemon is always there when you need 'em. "Kadabra, psychic attack!" Slowly, Ash was lifted out of his sleeping bag prior to teleconises.

"Oh thank you, Kadabra! Gee, I'm really hungry!" And so, Ash took out a frying pan and some vegetables. "Charizard, flame thrower!" Ash put the pan on the ground with the food inside, and Charizard burned it. Unfortunetly, the fire was too hot, thus ruining Ash's breakfast. Ash was very unhappy, but just then, a Farfetch'd appeared in front of him. "Ah-ha! Breakfast is served!" said Ash, and grabbed Farfetch'd's onion. "Yummy!"

After breakfast, Ash wanted to see if his hair is messed up. So he called a Mr. Mime over, and told it to please make a mirror. Ash discovered that his hair is totally messed up. "Snorlax, slash attack!" With one big scratch, Ash's hair was combed.

"Bad, bad! I'm late for the 'PokeMasters Ceromony'!" Ash needed to get there quickly, and so, he jumped onto Rapidash, and sped away on the fastest Pokemon of all. The "PokeMasters Ceromony" is a place to test your knowledge of Pokemon by giving you a list of Pokemon related questions. Ash was stuck on one of them, and told Pikachu to give his brain a jump start. Well, looks like Ash finally got that one after some help from our yellow friend! Ash took the third place, and was offered to a huge plate of food.

Ash didn't feel like cutting the steak that day, so Krabby went to work. Ash had a wonderful lunch, and went back to his place. It was night, and Ash decided to take a shower. "Squirtle, water gun!" Now that Ash had his shower, it was bed time. Kadabra was used once again, this time, the lift Ash back into his sleeping bag.

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Ash's Day