Fan Fics - The Beginning: Chapter 1

Chapter One: Sun Rise of the First Day
As the sun rose above the horizon, a Dodrio crowed to anounce the begining of the day. Sunlight hit the small and quiet town of Pallet Town and shown through the windows of its inhabitants. Inside Professor Oak's lab, two young teenagers jumped out of bed and ran from each of their rooms and into the kitchen. Both sat down at the table and waited for the housekeeper to serve breakfest. The housekeeper put a plate of bacon infront of a tall boy and another infront of a girl.
As both of them ate, Professor Oak strolled into the kitchen holding a pokeball. "I have your Pokemon, Marina," he told the girl. She looked up from her half finished bacon and smiled. "I thought I was supposed to choose a Pokemon from your lab," she said.
"Well, your godfather bought this for you," Professor Oak said, handing the pokeball to Marina. "As a birthday present."
"But my birthday isn't until Halloween," Marina said. She took the red and white sphere. "What is it?"
"You'll see," he replied. "Come on Gary, your Pokemon is in the lab. A young lad came already and picked up Bulbasuar, but Squirtle and Charmander are still masterless."
Gary got up from the table and ran past Professor Oak and toward the lab.
"Hold your Rapadishes Gary!" he called after him.
When her cousin and grandfatther left the kitchen, Marina slowy stepped outside into the brisk breeze. She threw the pokeball and a yellow doglike creature appeared. It sat down infront of Marina, as if waiting for a command.
"A Jolteon!" she yelled with joy.
Jolteon was her ultimate favorite Pokemon, and in her opinion the coolest and strongest pokemon. While she had been studing in the Pokemon School in Violet City, she battled with her teacher's Jolteon and was top of the class. Since then Marina had always wanted one, and now she had one as her very first pPokemon. Jolteon sat still, gazing up at Marina. Marina could tell that this Jolteon was loyal, smart, easy tempered, and very strong. She always had a connection with Pokemon. Her godfather said Marina would do great things one day, and everything he said usually came true.
"You and me are going to be great partners," she told Jolteon. "Someday no one will be able to beat us. But 'till that time comes we are gonna train. Now lay down."
Jolteon layed down.
"Good. Now Growl."
He growled.
"Not bad. I bet that is the only attack you know, isn't it."
He shook his head.
"Really? Then, Thundershock!"
Electricity sparked out of Jolteon's spiked fur.
"Cool," she said as she looked at the figure at the entrance of Professor Oak's lab. As the figure came closer, Marina saw that it was a boy, a little older than she was, who was highly interested in a small ball in his hands.
"Ready for your first battle, Jolteon?" Marina asked.
Jolteon nodded his head. Marina and Jolteon ran toward to the boy.
"I see you have a Pokemon," Marina told him. "Want to have a battle?"
The boy laughed softly and then smiled, but Marina thought the laugh had been annoying and that fake smile was a grimace.
"You want to battle me?" he said."But you're a girl!"
"So?" Marina said, annoyed. "I've got my own Pokemon and so do you. That's all that matters."
"Fine, but don't cry when I beat you," he said cooly. "I choose you, Charmander!" The boy threw a Pokeball and out came a Charmander.
"Let's go Jolteon!"
Jolteon jumped into the battled with his fur spiked up.
"Charmander, Scratch!"
"Jolteon, dodge it!"
Charmander raised his claws and attemped to attack. but Jolteon dodged it and tackled him down to the ground.
"Now Jolteon, Thundershock!"
Small sparks ran through the air and hit Charmander square in its chest. Charmander fell down and did not get up.
"Charmander!" the boy yelled. "Get up!"
"He won't get up," Marina said cooly.
"Return," the boy pointed at his Pokemon and it returned back into it's pokeball. Then he walked away.
"Our first battle won, but it certainly won't be our last... Okay that was corny. We'll let's go. No one ever became the best Pokemon trainer by just standing around!" Jolteon followed Marina onto the road to Vermilion City, beginning a journey that would last a lifetime.

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