Fan Fics - The Beginning: Chapter 2

Marina and Jolteon had reached Viridian City a few hours after they had left Pallet Town. During her walk on Route 1 she had seen and battled many Pokemon, but she had been in such a hurry to start her journey that she forgot to get her Pokedex and pokeballs. When she arrived at the Pokemon Center in Viridian City the first thing she did was contact Professor Oak who told her that Gary would come soon and give her the Pokedex and a couple of Pokeballs. As Marina waited for her cousin she decided to call John, her godfather, using one of the video phones that where in the Pokemon Center. It took a while for John to answer, but finally the call came through.
A young man appeared inside of some kind of labratory.
"Hello there Mari," said John. "You got the Pokemon I sent you, I hope."
"I did," Marina answered. "Jolteon's a great Pokemon. And he's very strong."
"Jolteon?" asked John, confused. "I sent you two Pokemon. Didn't you get a Vaporeclaw too?"
"No. Was I supposed too?"
"Yes. It must have escaped when I shipped it to Pallet Town."
"Why did you ship it? Couldn't you just transfer it through the PC?"
"I don't trust that new technology."
"And this is coming from a scientist... Anyway is that it?"
Marina had just noticed a large tube in the background. It was holding a strange cat like creature.
"Is that Mewtwo?" Marina asked in awe.
"Yes that is Mewtwo," John said proudly.
"Did they use your DNA to clone it?"
"Yes but I think they used someone else's DNA, too. Anyway I'm thinking about quiting."
"Because I have seen what will happen when Mewtwo wakes up."
Of course, Marina should have expected this. John was a psychic who could tell the future. And a very powerful one at that.
"id they believe you?" Marina asked, but she already knew the answer.
"Unfortunally," John said, "No. Their graves are all on that lonely island, but not mine.
Marina heard a voice in the background calling John.
"Well Mari, I have to go," John said sadly. "I have to do one last thing before I leave tomorrow."
"Are you going back to Violet City?"
"No I'm going to Saffaron. Good bye."
With that the screen turned off. Marina got up and looked aroung the Pokemon Center. On the other side, Gary was sitting down and training a small Squirlte how to use Water Gun. When he saw that Marina had finished talking to John, he recalled his Pokemon and walked over to Marina.
"Here's your Pokedex and some Pokeballs," he said as he handed her the Pokedex and the small spheres. "Too bad you didn't catch any Pokemon on your way here. I caught three."
Marina was silent. She didn't like to be bested or beaten at anything. But then she got an idea. "How about my Jolteon battles your four Pokemon?" she asked slyly, knowing that Gary couldn't resist a challenge. Her voice always changed when she was going to battle someone or something.
"What? Your Jolteon isn't strong enough to take on my four Pokemon. He's probably still at level 5!"
"Why don't we check Jolteon's level first before you judge how strong he is."
Marina pressed a few buttons on the Pokedex and pointed it to Jolteon.
"Jolteon, the Lightning Pokemon," the Pokedex said. "Level: 15. Attacks: Growl, Tackle, Thundershock, Sand Attack, and Bite."
"A Jolteon can't learn Thundershock until it's at level 31!" Gary said, confused.
"Ever heard of breeding?" said Marina cooly. "So are you gonna chicken out of the battle?"
"Of course not!" Gary snapped. "Let's go outside!"
Five minutes later, Gary and Marina were standing opposite each other on the battle field behind the Center. Several people had stopped to watch the battle and sat down on the benches or the floor.
"Ready to lose, Gary?" Marina said in her cool voice.
"Just choose your Pokemon," said Gary. " I choose you, Pidgey!"
Gary threw a Pokeball which revealed a small bird Pokemon.
"Come on Jolteon, you can beat him!" Marina commanded. "Just do what you did against the wild Pidgeys!"
Jolteon sprang into battled and growled at the Pidgey.
"Pidgey, Gust!"
Pidgey did what he was told and began to flap his wings. Meanwhile Jolteon was beinging blown away.
"Jolteon Thundershock!"
Jolteon's spikes sent out a powerful jolt of lighthning, which hit Pidgey square in the chest.
"Pidgey return," Gary said as Pidgey turned into a red beam of light and returned to its Pokeball. "Go Rattata!"
The rat Pokemon appeared.
"Rattata use Scratch!"
"Jolteon, Tackle that weakling," Marina commanded as she yawned.
Jolteon tackled the small rodent, which fainted instantly.
"That was too easy," Marina said, while Gary sent out his Spearrow.
"Sppearrow, Peck!" Gary commanded.
"Jolteon, another Thundershock should to the trick."
Again Jolteon fired a jolt of lightning, and again Gary's Pokemon fainted. "You're my last chance, Squirtle! Go!"
The small turtle Pokemon Marina had seen in the Pokemon Center appeared.
"Jolteon, Thundershock!"
"Squirtle dodge it and use tackle!"
Jolteon's Thundershock missed Squirtle, who then tackled Jolteon to the ground.
"Now Squirtle, use Water Gun!"
Squirtle squirted water at Jolteon, who he was standing on.
"You made a mistake," Marina told Gary.
Squirtle was on top of Jolteon, who was wet, which meant that one Thundershock would be the end of the pesky water Pokemon. Gary realized his mistake when it was too late. It seemed like Jolteon read Marina's mind because he used Thundershock right after Marina had taunted Gary. Squirtle fainted after it got hit by the incredible force of Jolteon's attack.
"Seems like my one Pokemon beat your whole team," Marina said proudly.
Gary looked at Squirtle in disbelief. He had lost his first Pokemon battle with another trainer. "Well then," said Marina, her voice returning to normal."On to Viridian Forest, Jolteon." They both walked towards the entrance of the grand forest, leaving Gary behind with the crowd of people who watched their battle. She could have sworn that she heard the little girl who was in the first row say, "Mommy, I want to be just like her when I grow up." Great Marina thought, now I'm a role model.

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