Fan Fics - The Beginning: Chapter 3

Viridian Forest was a lot larger than Marina had expected. The towering trees blocked the sunlight, leaving the whole forest in darkness. Marina had been lost in the forest for more than an hour when she heard a strange nosie over head. The trees prevented Marina from seeing what was making the screeching nosie. Then, there came a crash and a blinding light. Jolteon started to sniff the air.
"I smell smoke," he said.
Marina looked over at Jolteon.
"Did you just talk to me?" Marina asked, confused.
"No it was the tree over there," Jolteon replied. "Of course it was me."
"I'm going insane! Pokemon can't talk!"
"Says who?"
"Says the books! Only Pokemon that learn to talk or legendary Pokemo can talk. And you usually just say Jolt and you obviosuly not a legendary Pokemon."
Jolteon looked hurt. "I may not be a legendary Pokemon, but I'm still really powerful... Anyway I think we should be searching for where the smoke is coming from."
Jolteon led the way to the scene of the crash, where Marina and him found a plane, which had an R painted on it.
Sitting next to the plane were several cages that had been sliced in half. But no Pokemon was to be seen. The only living thing Marina could see were two men, dressed in black. One of them let out a long stream of swear words.
"The Boss is going to be mad when he finds out about this," said the man. "And I can't be-," the other man began, but instead of finishing his sentence he looked over a blury figure that was emerging from the cloud of smoke.
Marina could see that the figure was a large green mantis-like Pokemon. It looked at the two men with hatred in its eyes and flew towards them, raising its two sythies to kill its prey.
"Don't kill them!" Marina yelled, before the Syther's sythies could reach the first man's neck. The Syther turned around, and almost laughed when he saw Marina.
"You think you can tell me what to do?" the Syther asked, suprising Marina. Jolteon talking to her was one thing, but a wild Syther that she had never met before was another. "You're pathetic Jolteon can't defeat me."
While Syther's back was turned, the two men took advantage of this opportunity and ran away quietly.
Marina had noticed this, and now felt like giving them the finger. She felt stupid for getting into a fight with a blood thiristy Syther, just to save two strangers. Syther also seemed to have noticed that his prey had left.
"You cost me my prey," it said calmly. "And killing you won't do me any good. Good day." The Syther began to fly up into the air.
"Don't let him get away, Jolteon!" Marina commanded. "Use thundershock!"
A bolt of lightning hit Syther, causing it to fall to the ground. "Okay, now I'm angry!" The Bug Pokemon tackled Jolteon, how fainted right away.
"Jolteon!" Marina said, worried.
"I told you that your Jolteon couldn't beat me."
The Syther advanced toward her, and he raised his sythies once more.
"Jolteon can't," Marina began, thinking quickly. "But I can."
", want to fight me? Are you crazy? You're just a stupid human!"
Marina's mind was racing. Now that she had Poke Balls she would not let another wild Pokemon escape. She had to capture it. "But how?" Marina thought. "I can't fight it myself, and I can't through a Pokeball at it. Think Mari think. Okay, those sythies are really sharp so... so... they're like swords. Something that I have."
Marina grabbed a small knife that was attatched to her belt. She pressed a small ruby at the handle of the knife, which converted the knife into a sword. The Syther stepped back, staring at the silver sword.
"A human that has sythies?" Syther asked himself, confused. "This might be interesting after all. Heck, it might be kinda like the duals I used to have." Syther turned to Marina and said, "Fine I will fight you!"
A few moments later Syther and Marina were locked in fierce battle. Marina was very skilled with the blade, Syther admitted. But he was more experienced and quicker. After a few minutes of the sound of metal striking metal. Syther gave Marina a final blow, who lost her sword in the process. The giant mantis Pokemon jumped up into the air, about to strike Marina, who had nothing to use as a shield. She cringed, closing her eyes, and waited for Syther to finish her off, but he never came.
A few minutes passed and all she heard was the sound zapp, zapp. Marina dared to open her eyes, and gasped at what she saw. The once green Syther was laying lifelessly, or so it seemed, on the ground, and electricty was running through his now dark greenish-brownish body. Marina raised her gaze from it and looked up to see Jolteon standing weakly, with a grin on his golden face.
"Wait are you waiting for?" he asked. "Catch him!"
Marina grabbed one of the Pokeballs that were attached to belt and threw it at Syther. The Pokeball opened and encased Syther, who was to worn out to notice. Then suddenly the now closed Pokeball began to shake violently, and for a moment it appeared as if Syther was going to break free, but in the end of the struggle the sphere won. Marina picked up the Pokeball, a look of triumph on her face.
"How strange, I come to Viridian Forest to catch a Bug Pokemon and I end up catching the strongest Bug Pokemon there is," she said. "Well then, on to Pewter City."

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