Fan Fics - The Chosen One


-Act I- Setting: Temple, Guyana, South America

Time: Circa 151 BC

A Miyan priest slowly walks through a crowd of people, step by step to the sound of drums, carrying an odd spere. He walks up to an alter, and places the object carefully in the center of a painted triangle. Suddenly four more people in black enter, surrounding the priest...


Man in Black 1: Hand over the sphere!

Priest: *gasp*! Arrows! Never! This is not yours!

Arrow 3: Come on old man! We have you out numbered!

Priest: You are medaling with forces you can't possibly comprehend!

Arrow 2: Wrong answer gramps!

Priest: Guards!

A Machamp wearing Miyan-isk clothing, enters the temple.

Priest: Machamp! Hold them back long enough!

Machamp: Champ! ( Grabs one Arrow by the neck, and trips another.) Ma-CHAMP!

Priest: (Turns to sphere.) Oh ancient protector! Rise from your rest! The arrows must hinder! Please do your best! (They can't all be gems)

The sphere starts to glow intensly, the floor shakes, the drums beat faster until they are drowning hum. The sphere cracks open, between a half painted red, and the other white. A glowing creature emerges, eyes glowing an intense ruby red. It turns towards the "Arrows".

Arrow 1: Huh?

Arrow 2: Eh?

Arrow 3: Wha?

Arrow 4: Uh? Crowd: Ooh...

Machamp: Champ...

Priest: MEW! Protector from Evil! Save us!Mew: Mew! MEW! MEW!

Mew starts spining faster and faster, then stops suddenly, and points towards the arrows. All Arrows: Uh-Oh

Mew returns to the sphere, and in the explosion, the four men rocket towards the sky...

Arrows: Looks like the Arrows are being shot off again...

-Act II-

The priest stands at the alter, and the crowd bows on their knees. The sphere containing the Mew sits again in the triangle. Priest: Citizens of Ancient Temple! This crime today was another reason we must call upon the Ancient Protector Mew!

He holds up a shiny card with a picture of Mew on it.

Priest: Ancient Protector! Emerge from your sleep!

Mew emerges...

Priest: This world is no longer safe. You must be called again to permenantly guard us.

Priest turns towards the audience...

Priest: From this point on, the rights of Mew will be handed down through generations to the one chosen worthy of Mew. This chosen one will care for Mew on it's journeys.

Woman in crowd: Who will the first be?

Priest: That is for Mew to decide.

-Act III-Setting: Colloseum, Rome, Italy

Time: Circa AD 151

A man and a woman stand at opposite sides of the colloseum, thousands watch. On either side, six Pokčmon sit on benches. Man: Arcanine! Go!

Arcanine jumps onto the field.

Woman: Rapidash! I choose you!

Rapidash gallops in.

Man: Arcanine! Fire spin!

Arcanine: Roar!

Woman: Agility, Rapidash! Dodge it!Rapidash dodges the attack.

Woman: Now stomp it!Rapidash does so.

Man: Aargh! Aracanine! Finish it off with Fire Blast! Arcanine: ROAR!

Woman: Dogde again Rapidash, then use Earthquake!

The Rapidash gets caught in the flames, but gets up and jumps high into the air and sends a quake right towards the Arcanine. The Dog Pokčmon stumbles back and forth and finally faints. Man: UNBELIEVABLE! Return, Arcanine!

Woman: Great job Rapidash!

Turns towards man...

Woman: I beat you one-on-one fair and square!

Man: I can't believe YOU are the first one to win a badge! GRRR! HERE! Take it!

Woman: This means, I'M the #1 trainer in Rome!

-ACT IV-Setting: Night

The woman sits in a stable with her Rapidash.

Woman: I'm so glad you one Rapidash! You all are the best Pokčmon in the world!

Rapidash: NEY!

Woman: HUH?

She turns around and sees a bright light coming towards her. Suddenly a faint image of an oddly dressed man appears and begins to speak... Woman: Who? Huh?

Man: I am Priest Isrodis XIII, first keeper of Mew. You have been chosen by the protector as the new keeper, and Chosen One of the legacy...

Woman: MEW?! Thats one of the Gods!

Priest: Your world is being troubled by a new group of thieves...

Woman: The Chariots...

Priest: You have fought hard, you are the new keeper...

Woman: Wait! The Priest disappears.

-ACT IV- Setting: Laboratory, Geneva, FranceTime: November 5th, 1919

A man with a microphone stands next to a man in a lab coat. The man in the lab coat is holding a silvery metal sphere, half red, half white, a grey line running around it, and a button on the line.

Radio Man: This is William Howell here live, with proffesor L. J. DuSilph, who has just completed his new invention, the Pokčmon Containment Sphere, or Pokč-Ball.

Prof DuSilph: Yes! This ball can contain a single Pokčmon, allowing trainers to easily transport even the biggest Pokčmon! It's even comfortable for them, allowing them to sleep and recharge. Also, trainers can use these to catch Pokčmon with a lock system. These lock system's strength will vary in price, meaning that the more expensive, the stronger!

Howell: What inspired you to create this?

Prof DuSilph: Prior to the invention of the Pokčball, I was a Pokčmon historian. In ancient times, Pokčmon were represented by similar spheres, and some Pokčmon where believed to emerge from then when needed, hence, the Pokčball! Soon, with the okay of the International Pokčmon League Athority, Trainers world-wide will use my invention.

Howell: Well, thats it for tonight's Wide World of News, see you next Sunday night. The Proffesor retires to his home after another radio appearence.

As soon as he steps into his house he is confronted by a ghost-like creature resembling a Roman woman...

Prof: Ahh, home again.

Figure: Louis DuSilph, you have been chosen as the new keeper of the ancient Mew.

Prof: Wha?! Figure: I am Sandra DeGrecco, the second chosen one. Prof: The first League winner...

DeGrecco: Mew has returned because of a new threat endangering all of the Pokčmon in the world.

Prof: Huh?

DeGrecco: The newly formed Team Rocket is a band of Pokčmon thieves, that dates back to the beginning of the Ancient Mew's creation 2000 years ago...

Prof: But Team Rocket isn't even in Europe.

DeGrecco: And you must keep it that way. Recieve Mew now...


Setting: A small house outside of Lavender Town, Pokčmon Island, Japan

Time: 15 years from present time.

A buisness man from New York and his wife from Saffron City step in a small house after being married in Vermillian. 9 months later, his wife gives birth to a boy. The boy was named Lexx O'Hare. He was brought up in a loving family. A year later, another baby joins the family. Lexx's new brother is named Nathaniel. They live a happy life together for another ten years. Lexx has gotten a junior trainer liscence, and 5 Pokčmon: Charmander, Nidoran (Male), Oddish, Horsea, and Butterfree, a gift from his mother Lexx's father commutes to Celadon every morning, and Lexx and Nathaniel attend school in Saffron, until one morning. Lexx's mother and father are missing without a trace. The police search and search, but can't find anything on them. Lexx's mother's side of the family, who are Japanese, and his father's side, who are American, never agreed with the marriage. The family's each take one child. Lexx to New York City, America, Nathaniel to Saffron City, Japan. In all the conflicts, Lexx rebels and runs away to the streets...

Lexx: (running) huh, huh, Mom, Dad!

Man: Hey, kid! Come'ere!

Lexx: hmm?

Man: You look awful cold, come with me. *sigh* children!

Lexx follows the man to an apartment in a high tower. Its warm inside and there are two other kids his age. The man brings him to a desk where another man sits, his face partially shaded.

Man: Boss, I've brought us a new friend...

Man at desk: Hello there little boy, whats your name?

Lexx: Lexx.

Man at desk: Okay Lexx, my name is Giovanni. Want a lolli?

Lexx: I'm 11, and that would've worked 5 years ago, but, good effort.

Giovanni: Hmm... you're pretty smart. Where's your family?

Lexx: Dunno. My parents dissappeared, then my brother went away. I guess I don't have a family anymore, I ran away. They were mean to take'im away!

Giovanni: Well, we're not mean here! Why don't you join our "family"? You get to battle, and steal-catch Pokemon!

Lexx: Really? My old family forbade Pokemon.

Giovanni: So, if you want to join, just write your name here.

Lexx: What do all those other pages mean?

Giovanni: Ehh... those are all of the, er- things you get when you join!

Lexx: Like...

Giovanni: Well, we'll give you a really neat uniform, money, supplies, and we'll train you to be a really good trainer, oh, by the way. Do you have any Pokčmon of your own?

Lexx: 5.

Giovanni starts drooling, then notices and fakes a cough to wipe it off.

Lexx: Charmander, Nidoran, Oddish, Horsea, and Butterfree... my Mom's.

Giovanni: Well, I'm sure you'll be a great trainer!

Lexx signs, the paper, and his fate...

-ACT VI-Setting: A Large Building.

Time: 3 weeks later.

Lexx enters a big blue-white building wearing a black uniform with a red 'R' on it, white boots and gloves, and a dark grey belt with 5 Pokeballs. He steps up to a counter. Behind it is a woman in a similar outfit.

Woman: List, Name, Age, Pokčmon?(He hands her a sheet)

Lexx: Lexx, 11, 5.

Woman: You passed Boot Camp? Welcome to Team Rocket Kid, your rank is now private, your specialization: battle. Please pass through the hall, 3rd. right, briefing room.

Lexx: Um, may I ask a question?

Woman: What, kid? I'm busy!

Lexx: What do I do here? This isn't what I was told I'd get.

Woman: *sigh* Look kid, I'm very busy! Just go down there!

Lexx: Okay.

Lexx Walks down the hall and into a large room filled with other 'Rockets'. Some that look like they've been up all night are smoking or drinking coffee. All in all a pretty miserable crowd. Suddenly A man walks up to Lexx...

Man: Name?!

Lexx: Uh, Lexx.

Man: Oh, we've been waiting! Take a seat over there and take a number!

Lexx:(Walks to a seat and takes a number from a ticket machine. Another boy about 11 wearing the same uniform walks over to him and takes a seat.)

Boy: Hi, you must be the new kid!

Lexx: Yeah... hey, what is this place?

Boy: Wow, they must've really pulled one over on you! This is Team Rocket.

Lexx: ?

Boy: You know! The infamous TEAM ROCKET?!

Lexx: ?


Other people start staring angrily.

Lexx: WHA?!

Boy: Yup! The Pokč-Mafia, Gangstermons, Organized Pokč-crime!

Lexx: Bu-But, thats not what they told me!

Boy: Of course not! You wouldn't have joined if you'd known! Thats the whole point! They pick up street kids like us, give false promises, and we get sucked in!

Lexx: Why doesn't anyone just leave?!

Boy: You CAN'T leave! It's in that long contract! And even if you are pardoned, the past will always follow you, Team Rocket'll leak you to the cops!

Lexx: Then I just won't steal them!

Boy: NO! If you don't steal, well, they have you bumped off.

(makes a sign of death.)

Lexx:(Turns pale) no... how... OH-NO! What've I done?! They lied to me.

(Another Rocket turns around to Lexx.)

Rocket: You and the rest of us, kid!

Lexx: What'll I do?

Boy: Well, le'me see your papers.

Lexx: Here...

Boy: Hmm... Lexx... 11... Hmph! You're pretty lucky! Says here your specialization is battle.

Lexx: So...

Boy: That means YOU won't be stealing Pokčmon, You'll just battle for the Team. Thats quite lucky.

Lexx: LUCKY?! I'm a thief! You call that lucky?!

Boy: Technically you aren't a thief! You beat trainers, and other rockets take their Pokčmon.

Lexx: Then I'm still promoting thievery!

Boy: You're a lucky few! That means you exell in battle! You must've been a good trainer! You only become a battle specialist if you master all combat tests.

Lexx: What do you do?

Boy: I'm a back-up! I repair equipment used by other Teams.

Lexx: Thats what I call lucky...

Boy: Oh yeah! By the way, my name's Mondo!

Lexx waits another hour listening to Mondo's life story until his number is finally called...

Lexx: Geez, I thought he'd never shut-up!

Rocket at table: Lets see...

O'Hare, Lexx. You're going to be stationed

at our Vermillian Outpost. Assist any of your piers if they need back up! The boss doesn't want any slip-ups, Rookie!

Lexx is guided to a helicopter that takes him out to an old lighthouse that is actually a direct communications center to Rocket HQ.


Lexx spends three months at the outpost in disguise. Because of the busy port, there are always new trainers for him to battle and hone his skills, and plenty of exotic Pokčmon for him to learn about. Lexx is constantly called in by piers to be back up. Two especially give him chances to battle, though they are two years older, Rockets by the name of...

Lexx: Butch! Cassidy! You called?

Cassidy: Yeah! Some trainer just ran from battle! We've been chasing him for half an hour!

Lexx: So.

Butch: You're in disguise! Trick him into a phony match and we'll get'im from behind!

Butch and Cassidy are a Team. They are one rank above him, so they group together. Though Lexx thought of them as being a little dark, cold and cruel, they did teach him many useful strategies, and once in a while they came up with a good plan.

After three months he and all of the other stationed Rockets return to the HQ, where they give a status report and hand over the Pokčmon they have stolen. Some Rockets 'leave', some new ones join. Some are transferred and some stay where they are.

Lexx spends another nine months in Vermillian, until he is called back to HQ for a new assignment...

Giovanni: Lexx! So good to see you again! My you have grown!

Lexx: What do you want?

Giovanni: Hmph! Thats no way to get ahead around here!

Lexx: *sigh* Yes, BOSS, What do you want?

Giovanni: Don't get smart you little brat! Thats why you stayed in Vermillian for a year!

Lexx: Why have you called me here, Boss?

Giovanni: Better. Recently I've noticed that your Pokemon have become more powerful, you have learned much more about Pokemon, and you seem to work well with fellow Rockets. I'm moving you to a harder place, how about, hmm... Cycling Hill! There are many gullable trainers there! You might even get a few who'll join! Yes, I'll just fill out your papers... and... here.

Lexx is transferred to a lonesome little spot in the middle of the hill. Here some other Rocket Engineers come and build a small outpost on the southern end.

Lexx meets more Rockets, battles more battles, and even learns how to ride a motorcycle. This time, Mondo is transferred to the base with him to maintain a new weapon, The Pokč-ball Vaccuum-Pack, which sucks up Pokčballs.

The days seem to grow longer in the last month of his three months he his stationed there. Its getting colder and fewer people are travelling by bicycle. A gang of bikers pass by, and on their trip, teach Lexx how to ride a motorcycle. Lexx is heading iinside from patrolling the area, when suddenly the lights in the outpost flick on, and a few of Lexx's friends, Rockets, jump out and yell...

Rockets: Surprise! Happy 12th Birthday!

Lexx: Huh?

Mondo: It's your birthday right?

Lexx: Yeah, but you never celebrate anyone else's.

Rocket 1: We do this to all the newcomers in their first year.

Rocket 2: Yeah! It couldn't hurt. We got the weekend of anyhow.

Rocket 1: That passing baker helped too. We got a 'discount' on the cake! (He holds up a cupcake with a candle in it.)

Lexx: Thanks, I guess. Come on out, Charmeleon, Butterfree, Nidorino, Horsea, and Gloom!(Pokčmon pop out of their Pokčballs)

Charmeleon: Char!

Butterfree: Free!

Nidorino: Nid!

Horsea: Hor-sea!

Gloom: Gloom, Gloom!

Mondo: Huh? Gloom doesn't stink!

Lexx: Its not afraid of you! It knows you'll be demoted if you steal it.

Mondo: Oh. Well we couldn't afford seprate presents, so we pooled our money...

Rocket 1: and bought you...

Rocket 2: 3 packs of potions!

Rocket 1: 2 pieces of rare candy!

Mondo: 1 TM!

Lexx: Hey! Thanks, I didn't know the Pokčmart sold gift packs.

Rocket 2: We convinced the keep to make it.

NOTE: [Thought]

Lexx: [I guess I did get a new family after all.]

Lexx, his Pokčmon, and the other Rockets partied all night. For once since he ran away, Lexx now feels he has a family. And though it isn't much, it is better than nothing. Lexx now also realizes that all the other Rockets are in the same situation, tricked into it, and held in by penalty of death.

-Act VIII-

Lexx continues on around the same gang for another year being transferred to all different locations. Horsea evolvesinto Seadra, and Charmeleon evolves into Charizard. Lexx is now 13. At the end of the last quarter of the year Lexx recieves a letterfrom the HQ...

To: Mr. Lexx O'Hare At: Fuchsia City Outpost Agent: 038-54-1168 Rank: Private Spec.: Battle Dear Mr. O'Hare,
On behalf of Team Rocket we would like to congradulate you on being promoted for your dedicated and unwavering service. To show your work is greatly appriciated, you will be promoted to: TEAM CLASS C . You are invited to the Year End Ceramonies at the Celadon Mansion, Floor 4 Suite 401, on December 31st. This is mandatory, for you must recieve your new uniform, ID, and any other items specified on other papers with this later.

Regional Commander, Jack Concord
President, Giovanni

Lexx: Hey... this is great! I'm on a team! Huh? There's something else here.


Dear Mr. O'Hare, Congratulations! You are now a nominee for the: TOP BATTLER IN CLASS Award. You will recieve this on the night of your promotion. Attendance is manditory.

President, Giovanni

Lexx: A nominee? I've never been a nominee for anything before.

It is now the night of the ceramonies. There are many rockets there.

Most wear the same uniform, Some wear white, and a few wear white with gold and blue R's. Lexx is directed towards a table by an usher. At the table are 3 other Rockets in identical uniform. Including himself there are two men and two women. He remembers one of the women from Viridian City...

Lexx: [Oh! What was her name? Oh yeah!] Oh! Hey, Syd!

Sydney: Lexx? Oh, it was over a year ago!

Lexx: Yeah! Come to watch the ceramonies?

Sydney: Well, that! And I'm being promoted to a Class C Team!

Lexx: Hey me too! I guess I did a good job!

Other woman: Would you pipe down! So what you're being promoted!

Other man: Class C is nothing! We're being promoted to Class B, because we have a theme song!

Lexx: Do I know you?

Other woman: want to hear our theme song.

Lexx and Sydney: Not really.

Other man: 1, 2, 3, go!

Woman: To protect the world from devestation!

Man: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Woman: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

Man: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Woman: Jessie!

Man: James!

Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now, or prepare to fight! Meowth: Meowth! 'Dats right!

Sydney: Wha?

Lexx: That Meowth just talked! Meowth: Get over it and pipe down!

James: Yah! The shows starting!

A Man in a suit walks up to the podium.

Man: Hello, and welcome fellow members of Team Rocket! Here to present the promotions is your Boss, Giovanni! Lets give 'im a hand!

Giovanni: Greetings!

Cricket: Chirp, chirp, chirp...

Rocket: *cough*

Giovanni: Uh-huh... In tradition of the Year-End Ceramonies, I have written a speech!

Many words and hours later...

Giovanni: And that is why Team Rocket will one day succeed at world control! Now to continue- huh?

All Rockets: zzz...

Giovanni:(Signals to Voltorb.) Explosion, Voltorb!

Voltorb: VOLT! KA-BOOM!

All Rockets: Huh? Wha?

Giovanni: *cough* Now to continue! We only have a short list of promotions tonight, 8 people. First up. Jessie and James! Would you please step up to the stage!

Jessie and James: Yes! We stoled a Pokčmon!

Lexx: One?

James: The Boss seemed really happy when we did.

Jessie: I can't help but get the feeling he wants to get rid of us.

Two by Two, 2 more teams go up and recieve their new uniforms.

Giovanni: And finaly, we have only two members who are being promoted to Teams tonight.

Lexx: hmm...

Sydney: I wonder...

Giovanni: Our newest Team will contain Lexx and Sydney!

Both: Hey!

Giovanni: Come on up to recieve your new uniforms!

Lexx: Yes!

Sydney: Finally!

(Run up to stage.)

Giovanni: If we all had that enthusiasm... Here are your uniforms, ID, Good Luck!

(Go sit down)

Giovanni: Now, Awards! The first award is for... Best Battler In Lower Class! The nominees are, Lexx, Satoshi, John, and Bob. (Drum Roll) And the winner is Well! There is a tie! Lexx and Satoshi! Congratulations! Your awards will be sent to your hotel rooms.

Many awards and happy recipients later, the ceramonies end and the Rockets head to their hotel rooms. Lexx finds his trophy and sets it on top of the TV.


The next day new Rockets are swarming the HQ, and Lexx remembers his first day too long ago. Waiting in line, in his new uniform, which now was white with dark purple gloves and boots , sipping coffee, he also thinks angrily about the 'vacation' he got. Being thrown out at 4:00 AM! Someone must've snitched to the police about the event! Any way, Lexx was now here again waiting for Sydney, so that they could get assigned to an area. Sydney was also a battle expert. When Lexx finally reached the counter, Sydney came bursting through the doors...

Sydney: Lexx! I am soo sorry I'm late!

Other Rocket: Wow! Hot!

Sydney pulls out a mallet and slams Rocket over the head with it.

Sydney: I've been waiting too long to be able to do that!

Lexx: Uh, you hit'im kinda hard, I think you knocked him out!

Sydney: I couldn't help it! I had to try that out!

Rocket behind counter: Hmm, you must be the new kids! Well, we've got your route figured out. The usual Pallet-Cinnabar. You should be able to do a full search in one quarter. The helicopter will take you to Viridian, NEXT!

Lexx: Noone else was taken care of that quick! What a rip! Sydney: Come on.

The helicopter picks them up and takes them to the construction site of the new Viridian Gym, Giovanni's Gym. The Gym also provides a Rocket sub-station. Sydney and Lexx are given their equipment and head to begin their first Team journey...

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