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Hi, I'm Derrick but this story isn't just about me it's a story from the point of view of Cyndaquil well it all began in New Bark Town...

Derrick was really exited he was going to receive his first Pokemon he had been waiting for it for years.

Derrick ran to professor elm's house and saw professor elm devastated about something "what's wrong" he asked "someone has stolen all the pokemon" Professor Elm replied "I would love to help but I don't have a pokemon to battle with I couldn't get them back". Derrick walked out of the lab feeling miserable but them he saw something lying in the bush he ran over it was an injured Cyndaquil he grabbed it and took it to professor elm. "Is this yours?" he said "yes were was he?" he was injured and lying in bushes" "he must of lost against a wild poke'mon and left it there because it lost" Professor Elm said "How could anyone do that?" Derrick said "could you do me a favour" Professor Elm said "anything" Derrick replied TAKE THIS Cyndaquil to get my Chikorita and Totodile back" "OK" he answered "I'll be happy to."

Derrick ran through the grass to Cherry Grove city and there was a Sentret in front of him he couldn't get past it so "GO CYNDAQUIL!" he shouted as the poke'ball bounced a red beam came out that became a dazzling pokemon with a flame on its back and a snout Cyndaquil!" Cyndaquil use tackle" I ran up to it and rammed the Sentret in the belly, the Sentret fell down with a crash and Derrick used one of the pokeballs Professor Elm's aids gave him on the Sentret, the Sentret turned into a red streak and zoomed into the pokeball. The eye of the poke'ball turned bright red and swivelled three times then turned to normal Derrick caught his first poke'mon! We reached Cherry Grove city pokemon centre and healed his pokemon. When he got out he saw a crabby he ran over to it but it was to late it jumped in the water and swum of then he saw a trainer fishing for pokemon." I challenge you to a battle" Derrick shouted get a poke'mon to surf across first besides I've not been able to catch nothing yet see ya kid".

Derrick walked past two battling trainers and went up the road he saw pokemon like rattata and pidgey but he needed a challenge just then he saw a trainer "hay you" Derrick shouted want to battle "shore" he replied my name is Jack, Jack threw his poke'ball and a sandshrew emerged go them Derrick sent me out of his pokeball it opened and out I popped "Sandshrew use sand attack" Jack commanded sandshrew dug sand all over me "Cyndaquil use ember" Derrick said, my embers landed all around sandshrew but none hit him. "Sandshrew use scratch" Sandshrew ran over and scratched me, I fell down and hit the ground Derrick held out his pokeball and recalled me he picked up his other pokeball and sent out Sentret. "Sentret use tail whip" Sentret slashed Sandshrew with his tail "Sandshrew use sand attack" Sentret look above the smoke extending your tail then use tackle" Sentret did that and knocked out Sandshrew. Jack threw out his poke'ball and a fainted pidgey came out "woops he said wile he blushed I'm out of poke'mon you win hay your good can I get your phone number?" he asked "sure" Derrick said and they traded phone numbers. Suddenly it started to rain, Derrick ran until he found a house he knocked on the door, and professor oak opened it. "Come in he said" after he made them a cup of tea Derrick sent Sentret and me out and Professor Oak gave us food. I herd something about Derrick getting a pokedex .

and that he would need to catch lots of poke'mon to fill it up me and Sentret walked out once we had finished our food and were ready to go.As Derrick saw violet city a trainer walked up to him and challenged him the trainer who was called Tod used a Snubull (Derrick didn't need info on that because he had one at home) Derrick threw Sentret's pokeball witch upset me because I wanted to battle.

"Use bite" Jack commanded then Derrick told Sentret to use take down, Sentret was to quick and it knocked out Snubull easily Jack pulled out a different poke'ball and a Bulbasour came out Derrick returned Sentret and sent me out before I could attack I got a head butt in my tummy "quickly use flamethrower" Derrick commanded me so I use all my power and a scorching flame hit Bulbasaur that knocked him out I felt a tingling sensation I knew I must be evolving I tried with all my mite to stop it was painful Derrick used his pokedex on it and my suspicions were correct I was evolving suddenly I stoped and looked at Derrick "don't you want to evolve he asked me I shook my head and he said "that's ok if it makes you happy".

It was dark and Derrick was walking into violet city when he saw a Hoothoot chasing a Ledyba the Hoothoot dived and injured the Ledyba but then Derrick chased the Hoothoot away he threw his poke'ball and got the Ledyba, he quickly ran to poke'mon centre and healed his Ledyba Derrick let me and my poke'freinds have something to eat then we went to challenge the gym leader. The first round is Cyndaquil versus Pidgey the gym flag holder said "Pidgey gust" Faulkner commanded the Pidgey sent a gust of wind hurling towards me I got blown backwards I could barley here Derrick telling me to use a leer I leered as hard as I could and then slammed it, the Pidgey couldn't take it and fell down "the winner of the first round is Derrick if he wins the second the match is over" "go Ledyba" Derrick shouted "go Pidgeoto" Faulkner said "Pidgeoto drill peck!" Faulkner said "Ledyba dodge it and use comet punch now!" Ledyba moved quickly and punched Pidgeoto there was a fluter of wings and Pidgeoto wrapped up Ledyba in its wings Pidgeoto spun in the air it was doing seismic toss! When he let go Ledyba didn't come out it was Ledyen "Ledyen use swift" Derrick commanded, stars flew out of Ledyen and they hit Pidgeoto, Pidgeoto fell down paralysed on the spot "the winner is Ledyen Derrick wins the match" "well done Derrick heres your Zephyr badge I'm shore you'll do well in the Johnto League he said" "I wasn't thinking of going in the Johnto League I'm on an errand from professor elm" "well why don't you go to the Jonhto League anyway you'll do well" Faulkner said "ok" Derrick answered.

Derrick was sitting in the Azalea town poke'mon centre polishing my coat and coming Sentret he wanted his poke'mon to be perfect for battle when he was finished with us he gave Ledyen new gloves.

He walked into the gym and saw Bugsy "I challenge you to a battle" Derrick said "I am Bugsy the Leader of the Asalea town Gym and I accept your challenge I will use Metapod" "go Ledyen!" Derrick said and Ledyen came out in a show of dazzling red light "Ledyen use tackle" "Metapod use your tackle" Ledyen and Metapod charged at each other there was lots of smoke when the smoke cleared and Metapod was down and Ledyen barley standing.

"Go Beedrill" Bugsy said a Beedrill came out of the pokeball "come back Ledyen" Derrick called. "Go Sentret" "Sentret furry swipes "Beedrill twin needle" Sentret and Beedrill collided with each other and slashed with there full power the dust cleared and Derrick couldn't believe his eyes Beedrill was still standing. Wait what was that there was a weird poke'mon Derrick used his poke'dex "Furret, the evolved form of Sentret Furret likes fruit and is surprisingly aggressive. "Furret use body slam," Furret slammed down on Beedrill and Beedrill was totally paralysed "Beedrill return! Good but you haven't seen my true power yet go Scyther...

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