Fan Fics - Giovanni's Even Bigger Project

Giovanni was feeling very agitated. He had been feeling that way for a long time, months, in fact. He was always his normal self, but with something totally missing inside of his head. He wasn't unhappy, just feeling very restless. He went over all the reasons why he could be stressed, in this way, as he had done for a long time. (Little did he know it was because Mewtwo had erased Giovanni' s memory, but only of their last run-in. It is all very confusing. Basically Giovanni remembers creating Mewtwo and also Mewtwo's escape, but he didn't remember that day near Purity Spring and the operation of trying to recapture Mewtwo.) All Giovanni knew was that he suddenly couldn't remember an entire experience.

"One of my employees retired….no, that's not it."
"I lost a Pokémon match. No, I never lose matches! How ridiculous to think that!"
The list went on, and Giovanni found no reason for around half an hour, which is a really long time to think about what's troubling you. Finally, he thought of something he had never thought of before.

He balled his fists and banged on the electronic panels before him, making the screens above them go haywire. "Mewtwo!"

He always had thought that he had gotten revenge on the psychic creature, or at least gotten over it. Giovanni couldn't quite remember….he had a feeling that Mewtwo's anger still affected him in some difficult way….

He well remembered its escape, but it didn't enrage him until now. He let forward his thoughts, about how powerful he would be with an army of creatures. But, of course, they would all run away like pitiful little Pikachus because "They didn't belong. They felt that they weren't loved enough." Giovanni sneered at this.

"I remember exactly how I cloned the brute! But, I'll make one change. Stupidly enough."
He smiled at how stupid this really sounded.
"I'll hire a bunch of kind ladies. They'll ‘love' the little Mewtwos.
When I get them they'll be wishy-washy but at least loyal. Then I'll train them. I can manipulate their emotions, so they think they matter. They'll think they have a place. They'll know that I'm their master but I won't make the same mistake that I made with the original brute. I'll make them....welcome."

"Domino, I have a big job for ALL of Team Rocket, except for the klutzes with the motto. First hire me scientists."

A blue explosion lit the area in Mewtwo's cave, then vaporized the top, as Mewtwo woke from his dream with a start.

"When a psychic Pokémon dreams, it's different from a non-Psychic or human dream. It is always a vision of what is going on at exactly that moment. And I just saw Giovanni plotting to build an army of me. Only not me, a bunch of different Mewtwos." Mewtwo talked to himself. He slept when he wanted, usually during the day.

As Mewtwo recovered from his explosive paroxysm, he knew that Giovanni was serious about creating more Mewtwos. He also knew that more nightmares would come. Mewtwo and Giovanni were forever linked due to their intensely combative acquaintance, and the fact that, essentially, Giovanni was Mewtwo's creator.

Mewtwo knew the reason for Giovanni's puzzlement. When he had erased all of the Rocket's memories, he had erased their memory only of the time from when they entered the area around Purity Spring. That meant that Giovanni still knew that Mewtwo existed out there. He remembered how to create the creatures. And, as Mewtwo wasted time, Giovanni was creating more clones to manipulate.

Mewtwo went back to sleep. Maybe if he searched deep, psychically, he could find a harmless way to foil Giovanni's plan.


Ash jumped at the sound of Mewtwo's cry and the psychic spasm that he saw through the window. He remembered something that Mewtwo had said.

"If you hear my voice, it is my spirit calling across space and time…."

It went something like that.

But this wasn't a friendly reminder of Mewtwo's friendship. It was a cry for help. Mewtwo had seen something terrible, in the middle of the afternoon. Ash knew that it had to be a Giovanni plot. What else could Mewtwo be afraid of?

Around Ash's kitchen, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu looked, wondering why Ash acted so skittish.

"Guys, can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked.
"Sure. Go ahead," they answered.
"No, I mean…." he gestured toward the door. If Ash's mother heard him saying that a rare, one-of-a-kind Psychic Pokémon probably needed help, and they were the only ones able to help, then she would go ballistic.

"I heard Mewtwo cry out loud," Ash told the others. "He sounded like he had a really bad vision. He said ‘no.' I also saw"-

"That blue flash? Us too." Brock and Misty waited for Ash to respond. Getting nothing, they said, "I'll bet it's Giovanni."

"I'm worried," said Ash. "What should we do?"

"Nothing," replied Brock.

Ash and Misty made a face at him. "Well, think about it. If he needs help, he can always talk to us. Plus, he can summon anything he wants. He probably doesn't need help from a bunch of trainers."

How very wrong Brock was.

Mewtwo kept having dreams. Now that his brainwaves were so focused on Giovanni, that's all he saw for months. He saw Giovanni explaining to Domino what to do. He saw the odd "nursery" set up for his fellow clones. It was very….cozy, except that, after a while, there were tubular tanks set up, with the outlines of small beings in them. Ladies were paid to pay attention to the clones, so that Giovanni could manipulate the emotions of the clones into believing that he had a right to train them. They would be born thinking they were loved, when they were not. It was time for action.

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Giovanni's Even Bigger Project