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It was an ordinary day like any other. Ash, Misty, and Brock were walking down Rt. 35 when they heard leaves rustling. They looked around but they didn't see anyone. They continued walking and heard the leaves rustling again. This time a girl came out. She had long, straight, pink-dyed hair, brown eyes, slightly tanned skin, and was wearing a pink dress. A Houndoom came out behind her. Ash and Brock stared at her. She was incredibly pretty. Brock walked up with his goofy face, talking in his goofy voice I'm sure we have all seen and heard. "Hello. My name is Brock. I want to spend the rest of my days like this holding your hand and....... aahhhhhh.......that hurts......oooowww" Then Misty drags him from the ear, etc., etc. The girl completely ignored Brock. She was looking at Ash. Ash was still staring at her. They stared at each other. After a while the girl walked up to Ash. "I'm sorry if I startled you. I'm Zara. But everyone calls me Zee. And this is Hannah, my Houndoom" She was holding out her hand. Ash was paralyzed. She was so incredibly beautiful. As you can probably guess, Misty was steaming. She elbowed Ash several times before she pinched his arm. "Ooowww!! I-I-I'm P-Pikachu, and this is Ash," Ash answered stammering. Zara looked surprised and giggled. She was glad Ash liked her too. But suddenly, she noticed Pokeballs on Ash's waist and became a completely different person. Her sweet voice became mischievous, and her eyes adopted a merciless look. "You're a Pokemon trainer. So am I." She took out a box and opened it; inside it were 15 Gym Badges neatly organized. When Ash saw the badges, he too changed. He felt he must defeat a trainer this strong. "Let's battle," said Ash excitedly.
"Yes, let's."
They took positions and Brock shouted out: "It will be a three-on-three Pokemon match. Zara against Ash. No time limit. Let the match begin!" Zara: "Don't think I'll go easy on you just because you're a weakling." Ash: "What?! I'm no weakling. I made the Top 16 in the Indigo Plateau and won the Orange League trophy." Z: "I won the Indigo and the Johto Trophy." Ash looked a little scared, but tried to hide it. "Let's show her, Pikachu."
"Come out, Patty!"
The Pokeball opened and a Phanpy came out. Ash burst out in laughter. "You think you're going to defeat Pikachu with a Pokemon doll? HA HA HA HA!" "DOLL?! HOW DARE YOU?!" Zara's eyes glowed red and so did Phanpy's. She was a psychic Pokemon trainer so she had psychic powers. Ash realized he had made a mistake. A mistake that would cost him the match. "Patty, show that brat! Rollout!"
"Dodge it Pikachu!"
Pikachu tried to but Phanpy was just too fast. Its Rollout attack hit Pikachu with full power and that was it. "Pikachu is unable to battle. This match goes to Phanpy."
"Oh! Pikachu! Are you okay, buddy? You did great."
"Still think of it as a doll?"
"Grr. I'll show her. Go, Cyndaquil."
"Return, Patty. Come out, Tony!"
Both Pokeballs hit the ground and both released Cyndaquil.
"Grr. Cyndaquil, Flamethrower!"
"Go, Tony! Quick Attack!"
Ash's Cyndaquil used Flamethrower but Tony used Quick Attack and cut right through it! He was coming right at Cyndaquil and hit. Cyndaquil was tossed against a nearby tree. Next up was Chikorita against Alakazam. Chikorita tried to hit with Razor Leaf and Vine Whip but it was futile. Alakazam dodged everything and then used Hypnosis. The match was over. "Chikorita, return. Don't be discouraged, you all did a great job." But he sure didn't look what he said. He was swelling with rage and shame. Not only had he lost, he had lost because he was too weak. "Don't think that you are weak. You are just weaker than me. See the difference?" said Zara. She had gone back to the sweet and feminine girl from before. Ash wasn't very reassured, but he felt better that she could read his thoughts. He wouldn't have to talk to her about it, but she would still know. They made lunch and sat down to talk. Ash told her about himself, and she told him about herself. She was from Celadon City. She came from a very distingushed family of trainers, strong trainers. As they talked, Ash realized that she herself had inmense power. To know what anyone thinks and to be able to make them think whatever you want cannot be matched. She was a strong trainer. Very strong indeed. "So you're on your way to Ecruteak City now."said Zara.
"That's right. I'm going to the Gym there."
"Then I'll go with you. I have nothing to do and I'd like to see you in action."
Misty didn't look very pleased, but Ash and Brock jumped at the idea.
"Oh, yeah, come with us please!"
"We'd be happy to have you."

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I'll Love You Forever

Meribeth Cordero


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