Fan Fics - I'll Love You Forever: 2

Brock: Okay, we gotta rescue Ash and Zara.
Misty: Or just Ash.
B: I was going to ask you about that. What happened with you and Zara?
M: It's kinda a long story, and I do NOT feel like talking about it, okay?
B: Okay, okay, you don't have to tell me.
Just then, they heard Zara's voice. She was communicating with them psychically. Zara's voice: Brock, Misty, quick, you've gotta rescue us!
M: Why don't you get out of there yourself, with your psychic superpowers?
B: Misty, that won't solve anything.
M: We don't owe her anything. In fact, she owes me more than she could ever repay me. If we should worry about someone here, it's only Ash!
B: Misty...
Z: He is right, Mist. Team Rocket have some device that doesn't let me use my powers, and they are gonna use it so I have to tell you this quickly. In my backpack, there's a map. If I'm not mistaken, Team Rocket took us into Satoshi Mountain. Oh, and Misty, don't forge...
B: She is gone.
M: Grr! Who does she think she is? Talking to me that way!
B: I hope you're not thinking what I think you are thinking...
M: What do you think I'm thinking?
B: That we should just help Ash and leave her!
M: As good an idea as that would be, I did not have the most remote intention of doing that. B: Good. We should get going.
Brock and Misty browsed around Zara's backpack. They found that some items would come in very handy. Like Zara's Pokemon. They decided to take some of her stored Pokemon like Ponyta and Rapidash, Houndoom would defend them and Natu could keep aerial lookout.
They got going as soon as they could. The journey would be quite long. They must hurry or who knows what could happen to Ash and Zara. For two weeks they walked across a desert, got lost in a dense woodsland, and hiked alongside a mountain.
Misty looked grimer as the days went by. She did not smile or even talk that often anymore. Brock was relieved when he heard her saying one night during dinner.
Ash: Zara, what happened between you and Misty?
Zara: It's a long story, but I'd be happy to tell you.
M: When I attended the Cerulean City Elementary School for the first time, I felt totally out of place. I didn't know anyone or anything. I remember this one time, I could not find my class and I asked this kid over there if he knew where it was. He pointed his finger straight across the hall and started laughing. I felt so stupid and hurt. I could not move. I just stood there, trying hard not to cry.
Z: I walked up to help her. I pushed the kid back and walked her over to my class. "Sorry about Steve, he doesn't know any better. Your class is right here. I'm Zara. Don't worry, the first day is always tough."
M: Then she disappeared. Later on, I met her again and we eventually became friends all the way. In school, there was this cute boy named Martin. Me and Zara really liked him, but she never said anything about it. I was talking about him all day long.
Z: One day, he walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to go out with him. I was so excited! I told him I'd think about it but of course I was gonna say yes. I just didn't want to make it too easy for him. But Misty got jealous and asked him out. He had to make a decision...
M: He chose me. He told Zara it was because I had asked him first, but it was obviously not true. I admit what I did was wrong, and I apologized to Zara sometime after, but she wouldn't take it. She vowed that someday she would take the man I loved from me, and that she would be no match for me, no matter what I tried to do.
Z: But the plan backfired on me. I had not planned to actually love him, just to take him for the sake of torturing Misty. But I love you, Ash. I've loved you since the moment I met you. She was sweetly stroking Ash's hair. Quickly but gently, she leaned forward and kissed Ash on the lips. A cold feeling ran down Ash's spine. He wished it would never end...
M: And now Team Rocket got Ash and i never got a chance to tell him I love him...
Misty broke out in sobs. Crying on Brock's shoulder she let herself go...
M: I love him, Brock! I love him so much!
B: I know, I know. Just calm down.
At last, they fell asleep.
Next day, they went on toward Satoshi Mountain. Coming across a valley they saw it. In less than a day they were right in front of the entrance. B: Well, we are finally here. But i have a feeling it's not going to be easy...
M: LET'S GO!! Ash is in there.
And so they went on...

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I'll Love You Forever: 2

Meribeth Cordero


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