Fan Fics - I'll Love You Forever: 3

Misty and Brock quietly guided Ponyta and Rapidash inside the cave. Hannah was snarling and growling, she too knew what was happening. The sound of their hooves hitting the ground was greatly increased by echos in the dark cave. A feminine voice echoed through the cave.
"Prepare for trouble, it looks like you twerps made it."
Now a man's voice joins in.
"And make it double, success is so near, I can almost taste it."
Suddenly a screen came down and Jessie's face appeared on it.
Jessie: Well, well. I see you twerps made it here after all. And you're just in time for the show.
Jessie moved aside to reveal Ash and Zara being held back to back by a rope suspended from a formation on the roof of the cave. Below them, a pool with three Gyarados!
Misty: No! Ash!
Jessie moved in front of the screen again. This time James joined her.
Jessie: There's nothing you can do now, you might as well hand over the pink-headed twerp's Pokemon.
Zara: You'll never get my Pokemon! I don't care what you do to me! I will give my life for my Pokemon!!!
James: Pipe down! No one sacrifices for a Pokemon. You better do as we tell you, or else...
James passed his index finger along his neck and did a screeching sound.
Team Rocket laughed evilly.
James: But do be prepared for a handful of our brilliant little tricks.
James pushed a button on a remote controller and laughed again. The screen went up.
Brock: Oh, that Team Rocket!
Misty: Let's hurry, we can still save Ash!
Brock grabbed Misty by the arm. She looked at him interrogatingly.
B: James said to be prepared for some tricks. We better be careful.
M: Bah! I don't care what they have set up, I have to save Ash.
As Misty slapped Ponyta to indicate her to run, Rapidash stepped on a button on the floor. It (the floor) disappeared beneath their feet (or hooves). They fell down into a room filled with Crobat. The Crobat started flying crazily all about the room, scaring the horses (and Misty) to death. It was such the mayhem, that Brock couldn't take it anymore. He ordered Hannah to use Flamethrower. She did. It created a big puff of smoke. All that could be heard during a few minutes was the coughing and gagging of everyone. When the smoke cleared, the scene that followed was quite comical. There were burned Crobat all over the floor. There was Hannah being crushed by Rapidash who had fell down in the confusion, thus whimpering and kicking furiously. Misty and Brock were hugging each other quite tight and Ponyta ran insanely in circles.
With all the mix not quite over, a wall slided down a hall with targets on each sides. Brock and Misty got what they had to do now.
B: Ponyta, Rapidash, Hannah, return!
M: Come out, uh, whatever your names are!
(Misty said this because Zara had nicknames for all of her Pokemon, and they were obviously accustomed to being called that).
Two Pokeballs hit the ground revealing, one an Umbreon, one a Pichu.
B: Okay, Pichu, you Thundershock the targets on the left, and Umbreon, you Night Shade the targets on the right!
They did as told and the targets test was easy.
They got to a room with various obstacles. There was a sign in the entrance: "Pikachu obstacle course."
Misty: Pikachu. Pikachu, we need you!
Pikachu came out of Ash's backpack where it had been sleeping.
Brock: Okay so who is Pikachu competing against?
As to answer his question, the sound of a lock being unlocked was heard. They looked behind them and Growlithe was coming out of a cage. The race started close, but near the middle Pikachu looked exhausted. He was sweating and closing his eyes. He tripped and was passed down by Growlithe. Growlithe smiled proudly and looked back to see Pikachu. But in making fun of Pikachu, an obstacle hit him right in the nose and ended up losing.
A door opened.
Brock: We should go through that door.
Misty: Let's go.
She picked up Pikachu and put him in Ash's backpack to heal. They went through the door... A bright light shone in their eyes as they entered. When it faded, they were able to make out the scene they had seen in the screen. Misty dashed towards the pool, but was stopped by a foot that made her trip. She backed up towards Brock.
Jessie: Why, you twerps! I didn't think you'd make it even through the Crobat pit!! But it doesn't matter now, let's cut all the small talk and battle! Go, Charizard! Go, Nidoking!
Charizard and Nidoking looked fierce and ready to battle.
Misty noticed a strange device in Zara's neck.
M: Look, Brock, what's around Zara's neck. I bet that's what Team Rocket put on her so she couldn't use her powers. I'll battle Team Rocket and you can sneak away and try to take it off.
B: Good idea. Go, Onix!
M: Go, Mewtwo!
Zara didn't really have a Mewtwo, she had a Ditto. But Ditto was almost as strong as a real Mewtwo, so she used it to fool people. Team Rocket gasped in amazement. Now they wanted the pink-headed twerp's Pokemon even more!
J: All right, Charizard, Flamethrower!
M: Mewtwo, Light Screen!
Mewtwo's Light Screen blocked Charizard's attack.
M: Onix, Slam!
Onix tried to slam both Charizard and Nidoking, but they dodged it like a jumping rope! J: Nidoking, Hyper Beam!
Nidoking started to charge up its Hyper Beam, and if it hadn't been for Brock it would have hit B: Onix, Slam!
Onix slammed Nidoking hard, its charged Hyper Beam misdirected and hit Charizard. Charizard was knocked out.
J: GRRR!!! Charizard, return! Go, Raichu!
And so the battle went on. Next Onix was taken down by Nidoking's Horn Drill. Misty sent out Jynx. Jynx took down Nidoking by freezing it with Ice Punch. Tauros replaced it. for a while, it seemed to have paired up Ditto vs. Raichu and Jynx vs. Tauros, but all were gradually taken down. Team Rocket ran out of Pokemon, only to have Dragonite left! Misty ran out of Pokemon as well, but with Ditto she was confident. Meanwhile, Brock had been struggling with the rope that tied Ash and Zara. When he finally took them down, he had to try to figure out zara's device. Ash and Brock struggled to try and deactivate it, but Team Rocket had changed a lot since their last encounter. It was top technology! Misty and Ditto were both sweating and very exhausted, it would seem as though things were going bad for them. One more hit and they'd be gone. This was the one Dragonite had been saving energy for. That's why it wasn't nearly as tired as Ditto.
J: Hyper Beam!
M: Gasp! Brock, hurry up, I can't take it much longer.
Brock twisted a little wire, Ash broke something and the thing was off Zara's neck!!!!
Z: Yes! Now to get rid of that dirty no-good Team Rocket! Misty saw Zara without her neck thingy and involuntarily smiled. She noticed it and quickly forced herself to turn it into a frown. When Team Rocket saw Zara coming over and with no device on her neck, they knew they were in trouble.
Zara's eyes began to glow red and in an evil voice she said: "Before you go, I wanna show you something."
And with her powers, she made Team Rocket hallucinate. They saw all of the Pokemon they had battled suddenly transform into Dittos! J: Aaahhh!!! They were Dittos the whole time! And we went through all the trouble to try to steal 'em!!
Z: You've seen enough. Buh-bye, now! And with a explosion, Team Rocket was sent into the sky blasting off again! Ash, Misty, Brock and Zara could get back on the road once again. Once there, Zara talked to Ash:
Z: Ash. I want you to know that what I told in the cave is true, but I could never take you away from the girl who loves you even more than me, and that you love back. I will always remember you, but I could not bear facing you everyday, not after what we've been through. We must go our separate ways.
And gently stroking Ash's cheek, she kissed him sweetly, not like a love kiss, more like a goodbye kiss. Misty was making a futile effort to hide her pain.
Z: And as for you, Misty, I could never forget you for what you did to me, but I don't want to be mad at anyone so I'll just forget about it. Bye. I hope I'll see you again.
And with those words she dissapeared down the road. Later in the woods, Ash was sitting alone in a rock, thinking about his latest adventure. Misty joined him in. There was an awkward silence and awkward looks, but they both knew what was yet to be told.
Misty: Ash, do you remember the first time we met?
Ash: Yes, of course I do. You have been with me ever since, expecting me to pay you back for your bike, when you know perfectly that I'll never do it.
M: Exactly! Imean, you seem to know what I'm gonna say that I didn't come with you for the bike. I didn't even remember about the bike anymore. (She laughs awkwardly). The reason I stuck with you is because from the moment I talked to you I knew that I...I mean I...I came with you because...
Ash: ...because you love me, isn't it?
He was looking deeply into Misty's eyes.
Misty: I know I really don't behave like it, but it is true. Ash: Misty, I know it. I feel just like you. You're pretty, you're smart... You're nothing like Zara. No one could ever make me as happy as you make me. With a sudden movement, Misty kissed Ash on the lips. This was not like Zara's kiss. This was a pure love kiss, coming from a pure love girl. Ash hugged Misty tighly.
Ash: I feel I've always loved you. I love you now, and I'll love you forever.

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I'll Love You Forever: 3

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