Fan Fics - Journey Through Ilex

Call me Joey. I'm a junior Pokemon Trainer with 20 Pokemon. I've been on this journey since two weeks ago, and I've encountered many wild Pokemon, and many trainers. I already have two badges, and trying to get the third at Goldenrod City. But to do that, I'll need to go past the Ilex Forest. It's big, dark, and scary. I hope I can make it through.

Ilex Forest looked scarier than I've expected. The path is so narrow, and it felt like night, but it was 2:00 in the afternoon. I passed by a log lying on the ground. Hmm, I thought, maybe there's wild Pokemon living in there. And so, I took a stick and tapped the log. All of a sudden, a Venonat popped out, and jumped on my head. I couldn't breath, and needed air quick! "Go, Quilava!" I said, and threw out a pokeball. Out came Quilava, who just evolved after a battle with Bugsy. "Qui...lava -" I said weakly. Quilava did ember, and Venonat jumped off. My head was burned a little, but that was okay. I better catch this Venonat, I don't have one yet. "Quilava, tackle it!" I commanded. Quilava tried, but it failed. Venonat used Sleep Powder and put my Quilava to sleep. "Oh no! That Venonat must be very powerful!" I said as I returned Quilava. Just as I said that, Venonat evolved into Venomoth. I stared at it with amazment. "Help out, Pidgeotto!" I cried as I let Pidgeotto out. "Sand attack!" This time, Venomoth's attack missed, and so, I continued to attack. "Quick attack!" Pop! Pidgeotto cracked Venomoth's wing, and it fell to the ground. "Okay, rest for now, Pidgeotto. Go Gastly!" Gastly came out. "Hypnosis!" Now that Venomoth had fainted, I threw out a Pokeball. "Gotcha!" I said with joy. Venomoth was transported. I walked on.

After walking for two hours, I saw that same log. "That's weird," I said. "I just passed it two hours ago." I must have went in a circle. Just then, I saw a kid running in my direction. "Rrrrrun!" he shouted. "I just stood there, and didn't know if I should run or not. The kid ran right past me. Then, a Beedrill swarm came my way. Now I understood why he was running. I ran too. But they were gaining on me, so I let Onix out. "Onix, help me up to that tree," I said as I pointed to one of the tallest trees in the forest. "Maybe I can hide for a while." So I jumped onto Onix's head, and he lifted me up. Now I was safe, or at least I thought so. I had sat on a Psyduck, and it didn't look too friendly. It scratched up my face, and I fell down from the tree onto my little bottom. "Owwwwww!" I cried. Well, I had to look on the bright side. At least the Beedrill are gone.

I walked on for a while. That's when I saw a Pikachu. How weird, I thought. I guess the time has come for me to catch my twenty-second Pokemon! "Sandshrew, go get it!" I exclaimed. Sandshrew came out of its pokeball, but Pikachu ran away. "Huh? Where is it?" So Sandshrew and I started looking for it. After a while, just when we're about to give up, electricity zapped Sandshrew badly. I looked in front of me, and there was Pikachu. I recalled Sandshrew, and sent out Quilava. "Tackle it!" Quilava tried to tackle Pikachu, but it just jumped onto a tree. "Ha! If Pikachu's so strong, why not use three Pokemon to battle it?" I said as I started to throw the pokeball. "HOLD IT!!!!" someone yelled. A girl was running in my direction. "That's my Pikachu, so you better not mess with it!" "Oh, sorry, I didn't know. I thought it was a wild Pikachu," I said camly. "Well I'm not gonna let you get away with it so easily!" she said. "I'm Suzie, and I'll teach you a lesson today! Let's battle!" I have to use another Pokemon, a Pokemon that it strong against electric attacks. But who will it be?

"Go, Gastly!" I said with a smile on my face. I've mainly been training Gastly for the last few days, and it's gotten pretty strong. "Ha, Gastly!" Suzie said. "It may be strong to some Pokemon, but not to my level 70 Pikachu!" Level 70! I thought in my head. This time I really messed with the wrong 'chu! "Gastly, hypnosis!" I commanded. But Pikachu disappeared right after I said that. "Wh-what?" Crack! Pikachu came down from a tree, and hit Gastly to the ground. "Thunderwave, Pikachu!" Suzie commanded. Now Gastly was paralyzed, and couldn't attack. "Thunder!" Zap! Gastly was shocked badly, and looked as if it was going to go out anytime. This is my strongest Pokemon after Quilava. "Gastly, lick it!" "Pikachu, agility!" Pikachu was going too fast! "Now, bite!" Well, the match was over. "Guess I lost, and I also guess that I'll be going now," I said. "You stand right there, 'cause you're not gonna leave until you beat me!" "Well, if you want to continue, then let's continue. Gastly, return! Quilava, go!" I said. "Pikachu, Thundersh-What? What is that?"

Some green Pokemon was flying our way. What could it be? It flew right between Suzie and I, and there was a bright flash of light. That was the last thing I remembered...

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Journey Through Ilex