Fan Fics - The Legend Of Psycho Lugia

"Under the sea, hidden from sight, there lays an ancient city. In this city, the Beast of Darkness dwells. Desturbe the city not, for if awakened, the beast shall wreak haveic and destruction upon the worlds above and below it's dwelling. Unless the beast is tamed, all shall be destroyed," the man looked up from the stone tab he was reading. Standing before him were two, young Pokemon trainers, a male and a female. They seemed to be confused about what they were doing there, but seeing that this guy seemed to have a lot on money, they didn't complain.
"My name is Lawrence the Third, and I am a Pokémon collector," he puased, looking up at the two, "I have brought you here because I have heard you two are a couple of very talented Pokémon trainers. You, Max, "he motioned to the boy, "for your experties in Dark and Psychic Pokémon. You, Carrie," the girl now, "for you talent in cataching rare Pokemon. I am willing to pay you whatever you want if you catch this Pokemon for me."
The two looked at each other in disbeleif.
"You want us to find that ting?" Max was shocked.
"Yes," Lawrence said simply.
"It says that it's located under a sea. There are hunderds of sea! How will we know which one? And how are we going to catch it if it's under water?" Carrie pointed out.
"I have a map of an area that might prove promising, and equipment for under water use" He waved his hand.
"Well, even if we do find this thing, what if we can't catch it?" Max asked.
"I have back up systems if such a misfortune should happen,"
The two looked at each other once again. Everything seemed to be in order.
After a moment, Max stepped forward, holding his hand out to Lawrence. The collecter took it and they shook. Carrie hesitated for a moment, then, too, shook hands with Lawrence.

Carrie looked out one of the window's of the huge airbase, she still wasnt sure about this, didnt the legend say distruction? She looked over to Max. He was looking around the Hikoukyu. She turned back to the window, thay would soon be going.
"Max, i have a doubt about all this" she said not looking at him.
"well i dont" he answered "we are gonna get whatever we want for doing this"
"is that all your thinking about? the legend say's do not it was called" she looked at him angerly.
"dont worry, that Lawrence guy will take care of it"
"im not sure"
Up in the driving area of the Hikoukyu, Lawrence drove it to there destination. This time he would not fail to get what he wanted. Psycho Lugia would be his.
"and this time im taken advantage of stupid pokémon trainer's" he said to himself.
The lost city was very beautiful, in one of the temple's rested a pokémon which in sleep was equally as beautiful. Without wakeing it sensed something was wrong, someone was going to disturb his home, thay would pay.
The Hikoukyu's computer sounded.
"Destination reached, switching to arto-pilot"
Carrie gave Max a look, he looked away and didnt say anything. Lawrence came down in a chair in the middle of the room on a metel piler.
"it's time for you to go" he said calmly.
The two trainers sat in the diving bell the was taking them to the water below. Both wore SCUBA gear. Max was, of course, the calmer of the two, seeming confendent that it wouldn't be harder than catching a Psyduck.
Carrie, however, was worried about almost everything. How were they going to catch it? Would she have to use her only MasterBall? She really hoped not, seeing how she was saving it for her own reasons.
She looked down at the PokéBalls on her belt. Then it hit her.
"Oh, no!" she cried.
"What?" Max looked up at her.
"I don't have any Water Pokemon!" she began to panic.
"Don't worry," Max still hadn't lost his cool. "I've got it covered." he pointed to a PokéBall on his belt. Carrie didn't feel the slightest bit better.
She looked down. The water was getting closer and closer with every passing second. She closed her eyes and tried to realax.

Lawrence grinned. If you couldn't have Lugia, he would just have to settle for its brother Pokémon. One was better than none.

The bell reached the water. It kept going down until it reached a good stopping depth. The two put on their air masks, and dove in.
As thay swam down farther the seabed was just noticeable. Max relesed Slowking and it helped them swim along it.
"I dont like this" Carrie murmmed
"you dont like anything" Max snapped
"hey dont get like that with me!"
"well sorry....."
Something loomed in front of them, something huge and anicent.
"whoh, this must be the city" Max said
Thay swam though what seemed to be the main gate's. Water pokémon where everywhere, Carrie noticed a huge temple.
"there....I think that's where we have to go" she didnt sound so sure.
That went though the door's, and swam down a dark passage.
"oh great, i cant see anything" Max complaned.
"wait, there's a glow down there, come on" Carrie insisted.
It opened out into a chamber, inside was a huge statue of a pokémon that looked like Lugia but black and a few other thing's.
"nice statue" Max said
"Max, that statue is breathing!" Carrie sounded worried.
She swam up to it's head which was bigger than her, and touched it.
"Carrie dont" Max shouted.
One of it's eye's opened to create a red glow, then both eye's rested on Carrie. It opened it's mouth and creatated a ShockWave, that sent them blasting upward's, the whole city started to crumble.
"GO NOW" Carrie ordered.
Thay grabed onto Slowking, he went as fast as he could, thay both didnt dare look back.

The two swam as fast as they could out of the city.
"What the Hell have you done?!" Max yelled at Carrie. She didn't answer.

Lawrence could see what was happening from his airbase.
"It's awake," he smiled. Soon the Beast of Darkness would be his.

Max sent out Slowking again.
"Slowking, Confusion!" he ordered.
Slowking did as he was told. Its eyes began to glow as it performed the Psychic attack. The large Pokémon simply dougded the attack and went after the trainers. Spikes came out from under its wings.
They didn't dare to look back, afraid of what they might see. It's too bad they didn't, because they might have seen how close the Lugia-like Pokémon was and pervented what came next.
The bird/dragon Pokémon came down on Carrie, jabbing the spikes into her back, and airtank.
"AH!" she yelled in pain..
Max tried to get to her, but was blocked by the Pokémon.
"One down," it said psychicly, "one to go."
Carrie grabed onto Slowking, who brought her to the suface. She looked around, Max wasnt anywhere.
"Oh no, where is he?"
She looked down, a huge shadow passed beneath the water under her.
"oh where did it go?"
Max swam as fast as he could away from the creature, he stoped and listened........nothing. Why was everything so quiet?
"this isnt right"
He began to swim to the surface, Carrie was holding onto Slowking when Max came up next to her.
"Your ok!" she sounded releaved
"well did you see it anywhere?"
"the dragon bird thing"
Max looked across, the Hikoukyu was in the distance flying low. Max got angry.
"I sould of listerned to you" he confesed "Lawrence doesnt care about us, all he want's is that weird pokemon"
"it's not your falt, dont worry"
He smiled, suddenly something huge burst out of the water near to them, causing a tidel wave.
"HOLD ON" Max shouted
Psycho Lugia flew above them, it screahed in temper.
"stop this, your in danger, go back to the sea" Carrie shouted at it
"nothing can harm me, and you can not tell me what to do" it said without opening it's mouth
It's eye's glowed red agien, Max repelled in pain, and went under.
"huh?" Carrie sounded surprized "what....what are you doing to him?" she screamed.

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The Legend of Psycho Lugia

Lawrence III