Fan Fics - The Legend of the Pokestones


SETTING: Team Rocket's apartment in Sunnytown!


Anna 16
Jessie 21
James 21

(Anna and James are in the kitchen; James is making pancakes, with Anna sitting at the table, and Jessie is in the shower! James is in his rocket uniform, without the gloves!)

ANNA: (sighs) Well this is going to be a boring summer vacation, nothing to do and nowhere to go.

JAMES: (at the stove, turns and looks to Anna) Cheer up, we'll find something fun, Anna!

ANNA: (looks to him) Like what, James?

JAMES: (thinks for a second) Uh...Well, we could go to Rock n' Bowl at the bowling alley on Saturday nights.

ANNA: We did that every weekend last year!

JAMES: The mall is always fun....

ANNA: And very expensive!

JAMES: We could go to the lake and have some picnics and go swimming in the lake!

ANNA: We did that, too! And Jessie almost ended up killing me! I don't want to go threw that again.

(Meowth enters the kitchen in his nightcap!)

MEOWTH: (yawns) What are you making, James?

JAMES: Pancakes!

ANNA: Meowth? Can I ask you something?

MEOWTH: What? (Climbs his way up to the table)

ANNA: What do you think we should do this summer, besides what we did last year!

MEOWTH: (sits in front of Anna) What's wrong with the lake and bowling!

ANNA: Nothing, except the bowling alley doesn't allow Pokemon that are outside Poke'balls!

JAMES: Why don't we go skating, again; you loved to do that, Anna!

ANNA: That's not a bad idea, James, but everytime we go you don't skate very well; and you end knocking me and Jessie down!

JAMES: Yeah, so! I'm getting better! Besides you and Jessie are the best girl speed skaters!

ANNA: Only when Sarah doesn't come along!

MEOWTH: Don't worry kid there are other things.

(The bathroom door opens, Jessie comes out wearing her rocket uniform, without the black gloves and boots; her hair is wrapped in a towel.)

JESSIE: (happily) Good morning, my friends!

JAMES: Huh? (James and the others look at each other! They have never seen Jessie in a happy mood in the morning.)

ANNA: Hello to you to, Jessie!

MEOWTH: Dat's a first, why are you in such a good mood, Jessie?

JESSIE: (comes and sits by Anna) Well, this is going to be a splendid day and I think today I'll be happy!

MEOWTH: That'll be the day!

JESSIE: (grabs Meowth by the tail and looks at him) What was that?

MEOWTH: I mean that's a good thing, for us!

(Jessie drops Meowth on the floor)

JESSIE: (to Anna) Any summer plans yet?


JAMES: Well let's worry about that after breakfast! It's time for pancakes! (James puts a plate of pancakes on the table) Anna would you please get us some plates and silverware!

ANNA: Certainly! (Anna gets up and goes to the cupboard and gets three plates and then some forks and a butterknife!)

JESSIE: (looks at the pancakes) Wow, these look great, James!

JAMES: And they taste good too!

ANNA: Here you go! (Hands them both a fork, and then sits back down on the other side of Jessie)

JAMES: (Puts two pancakes on Jessie's plate) Two for Jessie (and then puts two on Anna's) and two for you (puts the last two on his plate) and two for me!

MEOWTH: (climbs back up to the table) What about Meowth?

JAMES: You know the rule Meowth, no Pokemon at the table when we are eating!

(James smacks Meowth off the table)

ANNA: You have your cat food! Now go eat!

JESSIE: We'll feed the other Pokemon after we eat!

JAMES: This food is made for humans; not Pokemon!

(Meowth gets up and goes into the kitchen and eats his cat food! Jessie and the others finish up there breakfast and then clean up the dishes! Their other Pokemon are outside in back yard eating their breakfast)

ANNA: (at the sink washing dishes) Jessie, do you have any suggestions?

JESSIE: (standing next to her drying the wet dishes) Not me!

JAMES: (Wiping off the table) Since we can't think of anything, why don't we just stay home and play video games and rent movies!

(Anna and Jessie look at him in disgust)

ANNA & JESSIE: (grin at James) Yeah right!

JAMES: Heee! Or maybe not!

(The telephone rings, Jessie goes into the living room and answers it on the third ring)

JESSIE: (picks up the receiver) Hello! (Pause) James, yeah he's here! (Pause for a sec) Just a second (pause) Hey, James telephone!

JAMES: Who is it?

JESSIE: I'll ask! (Back to the phone) May I ask who's calling? (Pauses for a few seconds) (Surprised) Oh my! James it's your dad!

JAMES: (shocked, dropping the rag he was using) My dad! What does he want this time? (Freaks out) Oh, no Jessibell is coming, again!

ANNA: James, you don't know that; just go talk to him! (Anna pushes him into the living room) Go!

(James walks nervously into the living room and takes the receiver from Jessie)

JAMES: (talks into the phone) Hello! (Pause for second) Hi dad! (Anna comes and stands next to Jessie) I'm doing fine! (Pause) No I don't have any plans for summer yet! (Pause for a few seconds) Yes, I do remember our beach house near ocean! (Pauses) Are you serious? (Pauses again, James smiles) I'd love to, can I bring my friends, too! (Smiles more) Thank you, dad! You and mom are the best! I love you! We'll leave this afternoon! (Pause) Of course we'll take our Pokemon, they'll love it, (Pause) we will, good-bye! (James hangs up the phone) Anna, Jessie, Meowth my father loaned us the beach house for the whole summer and the motorboat!

(James was so excited that started dancing grabbed Jessie and danced with his partner)

JESSIE: (slaps him) Stop it! Calm down!

ANNA: We didn't know you had a beach house!

(Meowth is sitting on Anna's shoulders)

MEOWTH: Gee, your family has every thing!

JESSIE: We get to stay in it all summer!

JAMES: There is also water skiing, and we can play in the ocean, and build sandcastles.

ANNA: Sounds good, except for the stuff about the boat and water skiing!

MEOWTH: (Looks down at Anna) Why? Don't you like going on boat rides!

ANNA: (looks to the ground) Well I used too!

JAMES: When did stop liking them?

ANNA: About two years ago!

JESSIE: (Sits down on the chair) What made you stop enjoying them?

(James sits on the right end of the sofa)

ANNA: (Sits down on the sofa next to him) It happened about two summers ago (Scene goes to a flashback of Anna two of her other friends, Anna tells the story) I had been camping with two of friends from Pokemon Tech., before I met you! We walked over to the lake to take a swim, before it got dark! And my two friends got into the water first and I didn't want to get in right away so I sat on shore on a rock. I sat there for a few minutes and I looked off to my left I saw a young Ekans that was coiled up on another rock sun bathing so I got up to go see it, for a moment thinking I could catch it! I was only gone for maybe five minutes at the most, and then I herd them both screaming in terror. When I returned back to the lake they were both gone. (Anna begins to cry) I don't know what happened to them, but no one has seen them ever sense that day. They just vanished! If I would have stayed on the rock and saw what was happening I could have saved them! Because of me, I will never see them again. (Anna cries harder, James goes over and comforts his young friend)

JAMES: (hugging Anna) it's ok! Shhh! Take it easy! It's not your fault.

ANNA: (still crying) I should have done something!

JESSIE: (goes and kneels in front of her) There was nothing you could have done, the best thing about that is that you are still here to remember them.

MEOWTH: Jessie's right, no matter what you will always be friends in your heart.

JAMES: (takes Anna's hand) And don't forget you've got Jessie and I here.

JESSIE: And Sarah, too!

MEOWTH: Don't forget Meowth.

ANNA: (wiping away her tears) Thank you! You guys are the best!

JAMES: Why don't we go and pack up for our trip!

ANNA: (gives a small smile) All right!

JESSIE: I'll give Sarah a call, I'm sure she'll come along, too!

ANNA: I'd love that, my best friends all together.

MEOWTH: (pats Anna on the head) That's the spirit!

(Anna and James go into their bedrooms and begin to pack, and Jessie gets on the phone and calls Sarah!)

As Jessie gets on the phone the scene fades out!

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The Legend of the Pokestones

Anna Boliew