Fan Fics - Lugia Meets Her Match

I sat in my favourite tree thinking of my life so far and wondered what my friends were doing now. As I sat there I thought hard, then flapped my huge wings and knocked over a few trees and flew into the air. All of a sudden I felt a cold wind and looked round, I didn’t see anything so I kept going. Then I heard a voice saying,
“Lugia, Lugia”.
I felt a shiver ran down my spine I had to land, I looked down and saw I was in Blackpool so I landed on a beach. As I landed people screamed and ran off, I looked round and saw a black fox like creature, I knew it was Ali so I walked up to her.
“Hi Ali,” I said.
“Hi Lugia,” She replied.
We looked out towards the sea. I noticed a huge crab a blue crocodile and a Pikachu on a surfboard I smiled and dived into the water; I swam up to the crocodile (feraligater) and said hi he replied by kissing me. Then I felt the chilling wind and heard the voice, all of a sudden I felt something round my neck… then I realised I was being choked I coughed and splutter, and my eyes closed and I sank down to the bottom of the sea….
4 Hours later
I heard fers voice calling and felt soft sand on my back I woke up in shock.
“Are you ok?” fer asked
I nodded and as I gasped for air and I told my story,
“YERTA!!” everyone yelled.
I shook my head,
“No” I replied.
I stood up and flapped my wings and nearly knocked everyone over. Then out of no where the chilling wind appeared but this time everyone felt it as we turned the wind turned into a tornado and sand blew up into the tornado… Then we saw to glowing red eyes in the tornado and we heard an evil laugh then two wings of fire appeared on ether side of the tornado then someone put out their hands. As the wind and sand cleared we saw a girl of about my age with long blond hair, red glowing eyes and wearing a leather jacket, leather trousers and leather boots.
“Ha Ha Ha so we met again Lugia,” she said.
I growled,
“X-Pheonix,” I replied.
She laughed and nodded, I looked at everyone gazing at me in amazement, and I gulped and growled, I shot a beam of light at her and when the dust cleared the wound was healing, I gasped I thought to myself
“Could I have finally met my match?”
Then she shot a blast of fire at my and I fell to the floor…
5 Mins Later
As my eyes opened I heard 3 screams I looked up and saw a crab (Kingler), a Pikachu (very_cute_pikachu) and Ali hanging in the air with blasts of fire being shot at them and Fer lying on the sand I gasped. I got up and charged at X-P I knocked into a wall and all my friends fell onto the sand. Then we did a combined attack and as the dust cleared there lied a dead body. I opened my mouth to say well done to my friends when all of a sudden something entered my body…
I looked at my wings as they turned to hands and felt my face as it turned into a human face, looked as my legs turned into human legs. I looked down I was wearing some leather clothes, I felt my face and I was wearing sunglasses. I looked at my hands I was wearing leather gloves. I screamed I had turned into X-P.
A Few Days Later
Well what can I say I can still turn into a Pokemon Fer has excepted what I now am and life is back to normal I think but I believe that isn’t the last time we see X-P (Yerta’s sister)

Author's Note

You may understand this fan fic better if you read my good friends Umbreon88's and very_cute_pikachu's fics.
(Note: It will also be very interesting)

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Lugia Meets Her Match