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"Yawn!" "I've been waiting in line for a hour now. I got here too early." Hi I'm Kyle. I live in Cherrygrove City, in the Johto region. I am first in line for getting a Pokemon today. Professor Redwood is giving out 3 Pokemon.

Totodile, Chikorita, and Cyndaquil."Kyle, come in, it is time for you to get your Pokemon." said Prof. Redwood. "Hmm. this is a tough choice but I pick.... Totodile!". I took the Pokeball and opened it just like Ash Ketchum throws them. "Totototodi!" "Hi Totodile!" The Pokemon ran up to me and said its name happily and stuck out its hand. It seems it wanted to shake hands. We shook hands and then I got 6 Pokeballs. Before I left, one of Prof. Redwood's assistants gave me a few berries. I left the lab and was on my way to Violet city. I saw a boy looking in the lab window but oh well. I was in the forest when I saw 3 Pokemon that were beaten up.

Cyndaquil, Chikorita, and Sentret. I picked them up and rushed through the forest with Totodile at my side until I got to Cherry Grove City. I went to the Pokemon center to heal all of them. " What did you do to your Pokemon?" The small crocodile is the only one O.K.! Said nurse Joy. "These Pokemon aren't mine! They were on the forest plain and were beaten up! Honest!" "Oh I'm sorry. Poor Pokemon. They should be fine in 3 hours at the most if I start now." She replied. " Thank you, miss." I replied. I went outside and Totodile and I looked at the lake there. Suddenly, a giant wave came out of the lake. Then a much bigger wave came out too. "Mew!" one creature said. "Luuu uuu uuu!" The other one echoed. The Pokemon flew away in separate directions. " Wow!" "What was that?" I said. I left the lake and continued on my journey. I battled a lot of Pokemon and Totodile grew to level 15. I came across a small lab and I went inside. " Hello?" I called. "Oh, I didn't know we had visitors." said a voice. It was Professor Oak! "Prof. Oak, I've come for a Pokedex." I told him. "Oh sure!" "I am honoured to give you one," he said. "Wait right here." He came back with a small electronic device. He gave it to me. "Thank you!" I said to him. I left the house and went to a Burger King. Suddenly my cellular phone rang." "Kyle come quick, something terrible has happened!" said Prof. Redwood. I paid for Totodile's and my lunch and ran back to New Bark. Before I got there a boy stopped me. "Hey your the boy that was looking through Prof. Redwood's window! What do you want?" " A Pokemon battle, loser!" the boy said. "Loser? We'll see who the loser is! "Pokeball, go!!" The boy yelled. "Chika!" It was a Chikorita. "Totodile!" yelled Totodile. "Totodile, Scratch!" I said. Chikorita, razor leaf! A direct hit for both! Chikorita, 7 hp Totodile, 1 hp. I fed Totodile an extra berry. Totodile recovered, used water gun, and knocked out Chikorita. Totodile grew to level 16! "Humph!" said the boy. His jacket had his name on it. His name was Zac. He pushed me and ran off. I went to New Bark and to Prof. Redwood's lab. 3 police officers were there and one of the 2 Pokeballs he had left was missing. "Excuse me," said one of the police officers, "Have you seen this boy?" he showed me a picture of Zac, the boy with the Chikorita! " Yeah! I just battled him!" " Well he stole that Chikorita and left!" said another police officer. "We will get to the bottom of this!" said the last police officer, and they all left. I left too. When I went to Cherry grove, Nurse Joy ran up to me and gave me three Pokeballs! " Nurse Joy, what are these for?" I asked. " They are the 3 Pokemon that you found." she said, "You deserve them." Dexter beeped and told me their levels. "Cyndaquil, level 12, Chikorita, level 12, Sentret, level 13. I went to Route 10 and two boys were battling Pokemon. Pinsir vs. Heracross. Heracross got off to a good start, but Pinsir won. The champ wanted a battle with me now, so we started. "Pokeball, Go!!'' we both yelled. He chose a Geodude and I chose Chikorita. "Chikorita, Leech seed!'' Geodude tried to avoid the attack, but Chikorita was too fast for it. Geodude was seeded, and it's Hp started to go down rapidly. "Geodude return!'' yelled the trainer. "Finally, someone who is better than Me.'' he said. He asked if he could have my phone number and I said yes. I took Route 12, and ended up in Violet city! It was big but it was getting dark. "Totodile, we should go to a Pokemon center and go to sleep." I said. "Todi!" he said. "We will battle the Gym Leader tomorrow.'' I said. We went to the Pokemon center, healed my Pokemon, and fell asleep. We had a big day.

In the morning my Pokemon and I went to the gym after eating breakfast. Bang. I knocked on the door and went inside. "Welcome to my gym!" bellowed the gym leader. " My name is Falkner!" he said, "We shall battle now!" He threw out an Lv 14 Pidgey. "Pige!" it yelled. I chose Cyndaquil. "Cyndaquil, Firestorm!'' and he knocked out Pidgey. "Return!'' we both yelled. A red beam came out of the Pokeball, and our Pokemon were sent back into the Pokeballs. "Go!" yelled Falkner. "Pidgeooo!'' It was a Pidgeot. Totodile jumped in the arena. "Pidgeot, razor wind!'' Pidgeot formed a giant glowing gust and threw it at Totodile! It was too big for him to dodge and he was hit! ''Totodile, No!!!" I yelled. He was hurt, but he wouldn't return into his Pokeball! Instead he started glowing! Totodile jumped at Pidgeot angrily and bashed him with his head! Totodile had learned skull bash! Pidgeot was sent flying to the ground and he fainted. I beat Falkner! "Yeah!" "Good ol' Totodile! " I said happily. " Kyle, you have won." "I award you with this Zephyr badge." he said. "Yeah! I am one step closer to the Johto League!" My Pokemon and I started dancing as we left the gym. As I went up a hill, a pretty girl my age with brown hair stopped me on my way. "Excuse me miss, but could you please move?" I stammered. ''You'll have to answer this Pokemon question first, cutie," she said. I blushed and said okay. "What number is Blastoise? She asked. "Oh, that is easy. #009!" I said. "Correct, cutie!" I blushed again. "As your reward, you get my cell phone number!" "Call me!" she said. She kissed me on the cheek, and ran off. My face turned red and Totodile started teasing me. We went to the tower at the top of the hill. When I went inside, there was a bunch of statue of Bellsprout. I received a call from the Pinsir trainer. "Hey, man! I'm travelling with my girlfriend now. Do you have one?" I started to blush. " Have you caught any new Pokemon yet? I caught an Mr.Mime! I have to go now, bye!'' The boy hung up. I climbed to the top of the tower and found a trainer up there. "Hello..." he echoed. "Pokemon battle..." he echoed again. He ripped off his face, which was really a mask and Totodile and I screamed. It was a Misdreavus. Misdreavus smiled big. "Go Sentret!'' "Sentret!" "Misdrea....." Misdreavus used nightshade! Sentret was hit and blown through an open window. Poor Sentret fell to the bottom of the tower. "Sentret, no!!!" I sobbed. A bright flashing white light shined from the roof and a long sleek thin Pokemon came out of the window. My Sentret had evolved into Furret! Furret used a fissure attack on Misdreavus and knocked him out. "1 hit K.O!" "Pokeball, Go!!!" I yelled. Misdreavus went inside the Pokeball and I captured a new Pokemon!

I went down the tower into a Pokemon center. I sent Misdreavus to Prof. Redwood. My cell phone rang. It was the girl with the brown hair. "Hi, cutie!'' she said. "How are you?'' she asked. "I'm fine." I said. ''I'm taking a break in the Orange Islands at home. "I am in Trovita.'' "Come visit!" she said. "Bye!'' and she hung up. I took a route to Azalea town. I decided to battle the gym leader, but she wasn't there. On the way I went inside a cave. A bunch of scientists were gathered around an ancient podium. "Hello?" I said. "Oh here is one now!'' said one of the scientists. "Can you figure out this puzzle for us? They asked. So I went to the podium to figure it out. I figured it out in no time. It was a Kabuto. Suddenly the platform I was on started to shake. The platform broke and Totodile and I fell. I landed in an ancient ruin. Strange symbols were on the walls...abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz All of a sudden there was a computerized Pokemon in front of me. Unown E. I got scared and threw a Pokeball at it. I caught, it but as soon as I did, A bunch of Unown flew up and made an electric circle of them. The hole that I fell in grew and the Unown flew out of it in a swarm and left. I ran outside seeing the sky turn a deep purple. Lightning struck the land as the Unown flew around in a circle. It horrified me seeing this. The Unown flew away to Kanto. I returned Totodile into his Pokeball. Lightning struck in front of me and everything went a bright white. I woke up but the surroundings around me were charred black. I ran to Azalea town. "Diglett!" "Diglett, use your digs attack!" Diglett dug a hole underground, but he went in different directions and confused the opponent's Delibird. Finally Delibird attacked and knocked out Diglett. The young boy who won was covered in a black cloak. I couldn't see who he was. "Hey you, you want to battle?" he asked me. "O.K.!'' I replied. "It will be a one Pokemon battle," he said. "Go Bulbasaur." he yelled. "Go Chikorita." I said. "Bulbasaur, Solar beam!" yelled the kid. "Chikorita, counter with your Solar beam." I said. The Solar beams hit but Chikorita Solar beam was more powerful and both solar beams hit Bulbasaur. "Bulbar!" "No Bulbasaur!!!" he yelled. "Return." he said. "Now, I reveal my face..." he said. He pulled off his cloak and I gasped. It was my little brother, Justin. "What are you doing here and how did you get to the Johto? "I asked. "I used a Lapras rental from the Pokemon center and just returned It.," he answered. "I wanna come with you!" he said. "No." I said. "Please?" he said. "O.K." I said. We left the battling arena and we went to a Pokemon contest. The board said: WINNER OF CONTEST GETS A SURPRISE TRIP, AND A Pokemon! "I am going to enter. It sounds like fun!" I said. Justin ran to the watching bleachers in the stadium. Before I started, I got Misdreavus out for battle. Soon the battle was tied with two people. Me and another boy named Ken Yashimagushito. (Long last name, huh?)"I choose you, Misdreavus!" I said. Misdreavus floated into the arena. "Go... Alegnat!!" he said. "Alegnat?!" I asked. It wasn't a new Pokemon, but it was a Tangela. "Tangli!" Misdreavus Zap cannon!!!" "Tangela, mimic." The two Pokemon shot powerful beams at each other and they hit. "What?" said Ken as I said something to Misdreavus. He couldn't hear. BOOOOOOM!!! A bright white smoke filled the air, but the smoke still had electricity inside. "Misdreavus, Now!!!" I yelled. Who won? The one who won was...Misdreavus! Misdreavus used his reflect attack and he won! The announcer spoke, "The winner of the surprise trip is...Kyle!" "You will leave for the trip in an hour at Pidgeot Airlines!" "Your Pokemon is an Eevee, he threw me a Pokeball, and your trip is to ..........The Orange Island, Trovita." He gave me 2 tickets and I left. I ran to the airport and boarded the plane with Justin. "Id says this trip was a rip-off." I said. In an hour, we arrived. "Kyle, why are you so bummed?" asked Justin. I didn't answer. We went to a hotel to stay for a week. At 12:00 I left the hotel, with my brother, to find a beach. We finally found one, but when I got in the water, the girl was there. "Hi, what are you doing here?" she asked. "Visiting." "Everyone. COMEOUT!!!" In an instant Justin and I threw up our Pokeballs. We swam and played until 3:00. Ring! Ring! I got a telephone call from Pidgeot airlines. "You have to get back now before 4:30, the plane is about to leave!" "Oh no! I need to get back now!" I yelled. "Wait. I will join you on your journey." said the girl. "Just call me April," she said. "O.K.! Come on Justin, let's pack." I said. We flew back to Azalea town. "I'm going to the gym now!" I yelled excitedly. "I'll be in the gift shop," said Justin. I opened the door...

"I am Bugsy! The Azalea town gym leader," He yelled out. "Let us begin a two on two Pokemon match!" "Heh...Go Unown!" Unown landed out of the Pokeball with a squeak. " "Go Beedrill!" yelled Bugsy. "Buzz!" said Beedrill. "Beedrill, use Twin Needle then followed by a Mega Drain!" "Unown, use Tri attack!" Unown shot out a blast of thunder, ice, and fire at Beedrill and before Beedrill could do something to reflect the attack, it was knocked out. "Oh no. Unown's running out of energy! Return!" I yelled. "Go Scyther!!" yelled out Bugsy. Out of the flash of the Pokeball came a Scyther, but not a normal one, it was blue. "Hmm.Go Cyndaquil!" I said. "Cynda!" "Scyther use double team followed by slash!" Scyther then instantly surrounded Cyndaquil with 10 illusions. Cyndaquil was trying to find the real Scyther, but he attacked one of the illusions. Although illusion, their attacks are real so when all the Scyther attacked Cyndaquil he felt 10 times the hits. "Cyndaquil, no!!!" I yelled. Suddenly a giant blazing wheel of fire arose from the gang of Scyther and the illusions disappeared. Cyndaquil jumped back from the wheel of fire and curled up into a ball. He jumped into the air and spinning rapidly in place in the air, only to have embers surrounding him. Then Cyndaquil jumped to the ground and like a spinning wheel Cyndaquil charged at him on fire, rolling. "Slash!" Cyndaquil had hit Scyther with his flame wheel attack and Scyther had caught on fire and was unable to battle. "Yay! I won!!" "Good match!" said April." Totototodi!" "'s your badge and also if you are interested, you can have these funny looking rocks I found." said Bugsy.

He handed me 3 eggs, one yellow one (mine) one red and yellow one (Justin's) and one white red and blue egg (April's). I put my badge inside my coat pocket. "Justin, here's your egg." I gave him the egg. "Hey, I just found out that the town's Slowpokes have been stolen! People are talking about seeing a Pokeball maker to help. His name is Kurt," said Justin. So me, April, Totodile, and Justin ran to Kurt's house. Before we got there I put Furret, Unown, and Cyndaquil to prof. Oak. "Kurt? Are you there?'' "Yeah kids." Kurt said. "We want to help you get the Slowpoke back!" "Really? Thanks 'cause I'm in my old age and I need help." 'Let's go!" I yelled. We ran to the beginning of town and jumped down the well. "Aaaahhhhh!!!" Kurt yelled as he fell down. "Thump!!!" "Ouch." Kurt said. I hurt my leg; you'll have to go on your own. Just beat all the rockets and then rescue the 3 slowpoke." "Alright." we said. Suddenly a small Pokemon came over around our area as we left. "What's that?" I asked. -Teddiursa, the teddy bear Pokemon, this Pokemon has an unlimited source of food because its paws are soaked with honey all the time- said Dexter. "Cutie!" said April. "Teddiur!" said Teddiursa. "Totodidi?" said Totodile. Teddiursa and Totodile started talking to each other. "By its cry I can tell it's a boy," said Justin. "It's mine!" I said. Then his sister came over. "April, are you thinking, what I'm thinking?" I said. "Yeah!" she said. Pokeball, go!!" we yelled. I caught the boy and April caught the girl. As we walked on we saw a rather young team rocket boy. "Hey, you guys are not gonna get this slowpoke!" Justin yelled. "I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" "You're on!" said the rocket boy. "Go Houndoor!" yelled the Rocket boy. "Houndour...Go Pokeball!" Justin yelled. "Marmarill!" yelled Marill. ''Houndour, mean look!" "Roar!!" It looked mean at Marill so it couldn't escape the battle. "Marill, bubble shower!" Bubbles flew up above Houndour and popped all above it. It looked like Houndour had a bucket of water poured on him. "Roar..."----thump! Houndour fainted. "Noooo! Houndour!!" Rocket boy dropped the Slowpoke, ran, and Justin dived and caught it in his arms. "Well, that's 1 Pokemon," said Justin. Then a Rocket girl challenged us.

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