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"Go Houndour!" yelled the Rocket boy. "Houndour...Go Pokeball!" Justin yelled. "Marmarill!" yelled Marill. ''Houndour, mean look!" "Rooarr!!" It looked mean at Marill so it couldn't escape the battle. "Marill, bubble shower!" Bubbles flew up above Houndour and popped all above it. It looked like Houndour had a bucket of water poured on him. "Roarr..."----thump! Houndour fainted. "Noooo! Houndour!!" Rocket boy dropped the Slowpoke, ran, and Justin dived and caught it in his arms. "Well, that's 1 pokemon." said Justin. Then a Rocket girl came and yelled, "You beat Paul Rocket's pokemon, well I'm not that easy punks, cause I'm Cheryl! I challenge you!!


"Go Gligar!" "Gligligargli!" "Oh yeah, well go Teddiursa!" April yelled. "Ursateddi!" "Teddiursa, use focus energy!" "Gligar, fly into the air!" said Cheryl Rocket. "Use dive bomb!" said Cheryl Rocket. "Teddybear, when it's about to hit you, use Mega Punch!" Gligar got closer...closer... Pow! "Home run!" April and I yelled. Gligar was sent flying into Cheryl until smack! They were sent flying through the ceiling! "Looks like Team Rocket's blasted off again!" April got the next Slowpoke. "No! Sis! You'll pay the price or my name isn't Jack!" said another Rocket boy my age. "Oh yeah," I boasted, "I'll battle you hotshot!" "Okay." said Jack. "Go pokeball!" I yelled. It went high into the air, and then a bright blue light came out. "Chiko!" "Go!" "Magmar!" "Oh no, Chikorita is gonna lose, use razor leaf!" "Magmar, Fire spin!" It burned Chikorita's razor leaves and sent him rocketing into the air on fire!" "No, Chikorita!" I yelled. Then Chikorita glowed a strange bright light and got bigger! Chikorita evolved! "Bayleef!" It said. It used a double razor leaf attack to knock out Magmar. "Yay!" I yelled. "No! Return" Yelled Jack. Of all the unthinkable things you could think happened, Jack stepped on a blasting bomb. POW!! "I am blasting off again!" he screamed. I caught the final slowpoke. "Hey kids!" said Kurt. "Kurt?! We thought you hurt your leg!" "Well, I did but It healed. Lets go out from the escape rope." We climed up the rope easily. We were about to go to Ilex forest when all of a sudden a familiar face bumped into me. "Well well well. If it isnt the loser and his Totodile." "Zac! You again!" I said. "I want to battle you, 1 on 1 your Totodile vs my leafy." "You're on! Go Totodile." He Jumped inside the arena. "Totototototototodi!"Go Leafy!" "Bayyylee!" "Leafy, razor leaf!" Totodile, bite!"KASWISH!!!"Tot!" Totodile was flung into the air and had a hard landing. "NO!!" I yelled. Totodile was hurt bad,very bad. "Loser, My Bayleef is stronger than your weak Totodile!" said Zac. Then Totodile turned bright blue. Ice shot from the blue light at Bayleef and knocked it out. Totodile fell exausted to the floor, he had learned Icy wind! "YEAH!!" I picked up totodile and swung him around happily. "We won hurray!!" "Totototo!!" "ERR! Return Leafy. You got lucky, next time im gonna win." Zac pushed me and ran off. Then the sky turned pink, and a kitten flew into it. "Mew!!" it swirled around happily and played with a pink bubble. Then it flew off away. It looked familiar. "Woww! I want one!" Then it hit me. It was a Mew (no duh...).

We went into the passage to Ilex forest. "Hey kyle its kinda dark in here, we might be able to find nocturnal pokémon here!" said Justin. "Or dark types, they're dangerous! They steal food from travelers. said April. "Well you guys are both right, and we need pokemon, and precaution too." I said. *rustle rustle* Then a pokémon jumped out of a bush. "SNEA!" It Jumped at us looking for food. -Sneazel the sharp claw pokémon. It steals food from unknowing picknickers and scare it away with its sharp claws.- said my pokédex. "Go Misdreavus!!" I yelled. "Use perish song!!" Misdreavus sang its song happily. "Return buddy!" Sneasel attacked me and missed. 2 turns left. Sneasel attacked totodile, who water gunned her away. 1 turn left. Sneasel attacked totodile in rage, and he dodged the attack. 0 turns left. Poor sneasel, it had fainted and all she ever wanted was some food. It wasnt bad, just misguided probably. She was only a baby one, you could tell because its claws werent fully grown yet. "Poor thing, it only wanted some food. Its pretty weak, hey ive got an idea! Pokeball go!" Justin said. He caught sneasel. He let her out, revived it, and gave her some food. She smiled happily as she munched food that Justin gave her. We walked around the dark forest and came up to a girl. "Oh where could it be, it needs to protect the forest!" Justin's eyes bulged out into little hearts. "Excuse me miss, whats wrong?" I asked. "Celebi is gone!!"she said. "My name is Lisa, Lisa Pasure."(past and future combined.) "We will find Celebi if you give me your email, cell phone, and a kiss!" yelled Justin. *April grabs Justin by the ear* "I think youve had enough girl trouble for one day." said April. While Lisa stayed behind and raced to find Celebi. "Justin, do you even know what celebi looks like?" asked April. "Not a clue..." he replied. "Here it is, Celebi on my pokedex." I said. -Celebi, the time traveler pokemon. This pokemon travels through time for fun. It never changes the past or else it will have to fix it.- Then a giant blue light appeared. We returned all our pokemon and were sucked into the vortex. Before we were sucked in we saw....Celebi.

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