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"I lost..." said Giselle, a tear appeared in her eye as her cubone cried too. Me, April, and Justin fell from the sky into a pool. I swam up to the surface and was surprised. This was pokemon tech school a year ago. Ash Ketchum leaped for joy and swung a pikachu around happily. "Hey who are you?!" said Giselle. "Oh excuse me miss, we dont know where we are right now, Im Kyle, this is April and my brother Justin. Giselle thought to herself-Hmm, If I beat this guy, I can regain my title!- "I challenge you Kyle to a pokémon battle!"said Giselle. "You're on! Go pokéball!" "Go Dugtrio!" yelled Giselle. "Misdrea!" Misdreavus smiled wide. "Wow!! Cutie!!" Yelled Misty. "What kind of pokemon is this, it has no data!" said Ash. "Its a Misdreavus, a ghost type pokemon!" I yelled to him. "Dugtrio, use dig!" said Giselle. "Misdreavus go under ground and use dark beam!" Misdreavus went underground and giant flashes of light appear from underground and blow up. Dugtrio comes out, fainted. Misdreavus comes out and is just fine. "Yay I won!!!" I said. "I lost again!!! wahhh!!"said Giselle. "Hey Kyle, I want to battle you now! 2 pokémon each, no time limits!" said Ash. "I accept that challenge! Go pokéball!" I said. "Go pokeball!'' yelled Ash. "Freefree!" "Ursa!" Ash rolled over in laughter. "Ha ha ha!!! That pokemon is too cute to even fight! Ha ha ha!! Whats its attack, FABRIC SOFTENER?! HA ha ha!!!'' "Stop making fun of my Teddiursa!!!" I yelled. "Butterfree, use airborne tackle!" said Ash. "Teddiursa, you know what to do!" I said to him. Closer, closer, closer butterfree got until he was an inch away from Teddiursa, POW!!!!! It used Dynamic punch on butterfree, and sent it flying into the pool. Everyone except April and Justin looked in amazement. "Return butterfree! Use your strongest pokemon now Kyle!" yelled Ash. "Fine, get ready to lose Ash," I said. "Go Totodile!" "Totodile!" "Wow another new pokemon! Go Pikachu!!!! Thunder shock!!" "Pika.." Totodile jumped in the air at the last second. "Chu!!" The thundershock hit the water. Totodile used its water gun attack and pikachu flew into a rock, that shattered into pieces. "Skull bash Totodile!" "Pikachu use headbutt!" The 2 pokémons heads bashed into each other, pikachu flew into another rock that shattered from the force of the impact, and totodile flew into the water. A giant wave came out of the pool and Totodile had a piece of driftwood and it was surfing on the wave. Pikachu thunderbolted the wave, and totodile jumped off the driftwood, and landed on a tree. Pikachu realized that the wave had been electrified and was coming straight at it at a fast speed. "Pika!!" pikachu screamed. *A giant beam of electricity raises above the clouds and an explosion is followed after that* Pikachu faints then, but Me, april and justin are nowhere to be found. Everyones memory is fuzzy, like nothing hapened at all and pikachu is healed. Next thing I know I am in goldenrod city. "Hey we're here! Im gonna battle in the pokémon battle arena!" I say. "Hey guys, while you battle, I will be at the movies! Catch you later!" April blows me and justin a kiss and she leaves. "Im gonna go tell Lisa we found celebi!" said Justin and he left to see lisa. I battled hard, long, and strong. My next match was against a guy named Tom. I recongnized that Misty's sister Mistaria was there. He also had friends named Wolf and Beesy. Wolf looked upset, he lost against Tom. Go pokéball!! yelled Tom. "Poliwhirl!" "Hmm, go Totodile!" "Poliwhirl! Use water gun!" "Totodile mega Kick!!" POW!!! Poliwhirl was sent flying, but laned with a flip to its feet. "Hypnosis!!" Said Tom. "Water gun Totodile!!" Poliwhirl was hit first, then totodile fell asleep. "Great, now use Mega punch!" Totodile stopped faking sleep and dodged it, and used Hydro pump. Poliwhirl was losing! "Whoa, that is one strong Totodile!!" Said Tom. Then all of a sudden, the water stone poliwhirl was holding took effect. It evoved into poliwrath! Poliwrath used hydro pump too, it was a test of strength. Totodile was tired from all its past battles, and this one. Totodile fainted! "Oh Totodile!" I ran to him and picked him up from the ground. "Toto..." He said. "You fought good buddy, I'll buy you an ice cream." I went up to Tom and congratulated him. "Wow your totodile is pretty strong, it was beating a stage 2 pokémon, until Poliwhirl turned into stage 3!" Tom complemented me. Second prize was a stage 1 pokemon, a.k.a. basic. I got a Slugma. Tom got a Chansey. After Totodile and I ate our ice cream, we decided to go to the Goldenrod gym. We walked in, with other boys coming to compete. "Wow girls, cute boy over here!" said a girl. Suddenly a giant rumble was heard. "AAHH A DINOSAUR!!!" I yelled. I looked again. "No, even worse stampede of girls!!!!" I yelled. Quickly I jumped through a passage in some bushes. "Hey, there are no boys in here, you were lying Lola!" "He must have run outside the gym, Terri!" The girls run outside. "Oh, Lola was right, you are cute! Im Whitney, the goldenrod city gym leader! Lets battle, I want to battle you!" She pointed to me. "2 pokemon each! Go clefairy!" "I didnt even say I wanted to battle...Go bayleef! Use razor leaf" I yelled. "Clefairy use metronome!" Clefairy used metronome and the attack was....explosion. BOOOOM! Both pokemon fainted. "Return Bayleef!" "Hmm, go miltank!" Yelled whitney. "Go Teddiursa!" I said. "Teddiursa!!" said teddiursa in a fierce voice. "Moo!" said miltank. "Miltank use rollout!" said whitney. "Teddiursa, use dynamic punch!" Miltank rolls at a high speed while Teddiursa still is charging up then, POW!!!!! teddiursa was rocketed up into the sky and fell down. Teddiursa lost... "I cant...believe it..." I said. I ran out of the gym with Totodile. I run and run and think about the battle, how could I lose? I stay overnight in the pokemon center, but I dont get any sleep because I am thinking about battle strategies. 1 day passed... "I'm ready to battle you now Whitney!"

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