Fan Fics - Mew's Visit To France

Hi I'm Mew, I'm a friendly female Mew not like evil Abolin and also a different mew cause my mom was a mew and my pop was a Celebi which made me have the ability to change into either one of them and also the move to change into any pokemon cause you all that Mew has transform. It all started at the chat room where I met friends Pikachu, Vulpix, Eevee, Celebi, Bellosom and Chikorita. While we were chatting when a male Umbreon (I'm telling you so you won't get confused and Celebi and Vulpix is also male) signed in and we two were soon in heaven chatting away and so were the others. But we said bye cause it was almost midnight; I gave Umbreon a good-bye kiss and signed out. The next morning I woke up and cleaned myself up and my house too. After chores I ate my breakfast and went to check my e-mail and soon found out that Umbreon had sent me a message during the night saying that he lived in France. I quickly sent a Psychic message to my friends to meet me at New York Airlines. I was so happy I quickly packed my things and flew to New York Airlines. I reached there earlier and bought tickets for my friends. I waited for them in front and I saw Pikachu, Chikorita, Eevee, and Vulpix coming in a bus. They all came down on the bus and Pikachu asked Hey Mew why did you call us here? I blushed embarrassed that I forgot to tell them the reason. I bet you're going to visit your boyfriend. Said Eevee. I guess we got to dress like humans so people won't suspect us I said. So we quickly dressed like humans and it was easy for me, Celebi, and Pikachu to stand but Vulpix, Eevee and Chikorita had a hard time but managed. It was easy for Bellosom because she could dress like a Hawaiian girl instead of a New York girl. The ticket collector was suspicious at me but I made him and he took our tickets. Pikachu sighed and said when will people learn. Chikorita giggled. We saw Vulpix arguing with a Hot dog vender. We serve people not foxes. Said the vender. Vulpix roasted the dogs with his ember. Now we serve animals. Said the vender. When we were leaving I caught sight of the hot dog vender stamping on his hat saying I Quit! on the plane I gazed out the window to admire the scenery. But soon I fell asleep but I was awoken by Eevee who was cuddling with Vulpix. We arrived at France at 11.00 a.m. Since we didn't know his house we asked around for an Umbreon whose name was Kennedy Wilson (Ken). They said that one lived in Paris and we went straight there and he did live there. I was so happy to see him; I gave him a hug and a kiss. We ate lunch at a nice restaurant at a table by the window so we could see the wonderful snow falling to the ground. It was so wonderful at France Umbreon took us sight-seeing. We saw the Eiffel Tower, the museum, and many other places. Lucky I learnt a bit of Basic French. While we were sight-seeing a passer-by said to us Boujour Monsieur and Madame. I said to him Boujour and Merci Monsieur. Everyone was surprised including Umbreon.He first asked me what was my real name and i replied Raven Saberhagen and then He asked me Tu Habitez ou? and I replied J'habite a New York. Everyone laughed including me. It was time to go and I was very sad but Umbreon said he would visit me sometime. I gave one good-bye and I love you and miss you kiss. We boarded our plane back to Manhattan and boy were we tired. We said good-bye to each other and went back to our homes. I was happy but tired of our adventure in France with Umbreon.

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Mew's Visit To France