Fan Fics - Mew's Playday

I woke up from a startled noise. I looked up and saw Ninetales. "My best friend." Ninetales looked at me and said hi. I floated up and replied with Hello. I asked her where has she been. She smiled and said that she was at her moms house. I looked at a pile of leaves. I put my paws in the pile of leaves and took them out. In my hands was a ball. I asked Ninetales if she wanted to play with me. Ninetales smiled and said okay. I smiled back and threw the ball to her. Suddenly a flying thing flew down at us. We closed our eyes.

We opended our eyes and looked up. It was a Pidgeot who stole our ball. I yelled Hey come back here. The Pidgeot didnt listen. Ninetales ran after it. I followed too. We both followed Pidgeot till we saw a mean looking Jolteon who shocked the Pidgeot. I floated over to the ball and tried to take it but the Jolteon thunderbolted me. I steped back and looked at Jolteon. Ninetales growled and attacked with flamethrower. Jolteon dodged. The Jolteon Jump up and with a flash of light using a thundershock. My eyes were blined for a second and so was Ninetales.

I shook off the confuesion and saw Jolteon run off with the ball. Ninetales looked at me. I looked at her and said "Ready to go get our ball"? Ninetales nodded and I smiled. We both rushed off after the Jolteon. We saw Jolteon run by a cave and droped the ball. The ball rolled inside the cave. Ninetales and I walked in. Our eyes burning from fire. We looked around and saw a fire bird.

"Moltres!" we yelled. The Moltres looked at us. I kindly asked for the ball but Moltres said no. Moltres looked around then us. Moltres grined and said "Im ganna rule the Pokemon World. And if I do....why would I give you your ball. I'm ganna need some fun you know." I snickerd and Ninetales growld. I looked at Moltres and said "Rule the PokeWorld?" Moltres laughed. Ninetales eyes narrowed and said "Your not ganna rule the PokeWorld you ungratfull beast!" Moltres face turned blue. "Beast? Beast! How dare you" said Moltres. Moltres spreded out its wings and rushed towards Ninetales and used Drill peck.

Ninetales yipped and fell to the ground. I looked at Ninetales and started to cry. I looked back at Moltres who was laughing. I sent a psybeam at Moltres who spreeded out its wing and hitted the psybeam back at me. I got hit. Moltres sent a flamethrower at me and I dodged. But the second time Moltres threw a flamethrower at me I didn't.

I was weak. I looked at Ninetales again and cried harder. I looked at Moltres with tears all over my face. Moltres laughed while I was crying. "You fool. You thought you can stop me when I'm the most strongest Pokemon," said Moltres. I started to glow. I learnd a new attack. I learnd Metronome. I stared at Moltres still laughing at me and Ninetales. I used Metronome and used ice beam. The ice beam hit Moltres, freezing it. I gave a little smile and looked at Ninetales.

I put my paws both on Ninetales and the frozen Moltres and teleported to the occean. I teleported Ninetales on the sand. And I teleported the frozen Moltres in the ocean. I looked at Ninetales and smiled still having tears in my eyes. I casted heal on Ninetales who woke up. Ninetales looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. Ninetales got up and asked "Where is Moltres." I replied "In the ocean." Ninetales hugged me and I hugged back. "Where's your ball, Mew?" asked Ninetales. "I lost it," I said. "But I still have you."

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Mew's Playday