Fan Fics - Never Say Never

It was a hot sunny day in England and everyone was growing more tired by the second. No one really felt like doing anything, all of us (the grown-ups) sat under some trees in the shad watching the kids play in a clearing. All of a sudden it grew dark and a strong wind started to blow hard it whooshed round us like a tornado. Then shapes of Pokemon running flashed before our eyes the 2 cubs whimpered. Then the shape of a Pokemon and what looked like a person that walked along side the Pokemon, started to walk though a thick strange mist that had gathered. A dampness hung in the air; we all looked round but could only see 2 strange red lights we walked back a few paces but the lights just got closer and closer until. We could see that to 2 strange lights were someone's eyes. We gasped as the person clicked their fingers and the Pokemon barked as the mist cleared. When the mist cleared we saw a tall man with blond hair and red eyes as he closed them then opened them the turned blue. The Pokemon that was with him was an Umbreon it growled softly. "So this is the famous half Pokemon half mutant is it that I have heard so much of," he mocked. He was right since I became half Pokemon half mutant I had become quiet famous. But he did not say how great it would be to be like me he mocked me. I became very mad because of this, which made my eyes glow red, and he flew into a tree. He stood up with his head bleeding badly. "Go Umbreon!" he yelled.

I looked at the Umbreon and one of my hands glowed red and a huge fireball appeared in them I though it at the Umbreon, which knocked it into its master. Once again the man got up and held his arm the blood from the wound on his head had now run down his face and was dripping on to his white shirt and was staining it blood red. I knew that with one last hit I could kill him. So with one final burst of energy I shot a huge beam of light at him. "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" he yelled.

As the blast of light hit him he blew up from the inside out and bits of him flew everywhere and his scream echoed though out the wood. I turned triumphantly to where my friends had been standing to find they were no longer their I stood shocked as I thought could this be it could this famous group of friends finally be no more? I walked slowly though puddles of blood.

5 Hours Later

I walked over 10 miles and couldn't find them I had always said to myself that we would never loose each other , but maybe we had. As night-time fell I stopped under a tree to rest. I watched the lightning and listened to the thunder I dissuaded to find shelter but where? I walked out from under the tree and looked round. By now a wild storm was raging and the wind was blowing wildly I soon found a cave near some trees. I walked in and sat in the corner exhaust from my journey in instantly fell asleep. In my mind I played the event over and over in my head I had never killed anyone before then in a flash my mind jumped to the future I heard terrified screams as well as screams of pain and a voice laughing evilly. I awoke with a start I looked at my watch 1:00am I walked outside and looked around it was pitch black with only lashes of lightning to light it so I created a small ball of fire to light the way. I walked along way until I reached a clearing as I did I hearted screams of terror as I looked round I saw my friends and what looked like the man that I had killed and his Umbreon. I watch in horror as the evil Pokémon though a massive beam of light a Fer I ran and lurched myself in front of the beam I gasped as my body adsorbed the beam.

"Hmmm, you are much stronger then I first thought but that should be no object," he said. After the beam hit me I be powered up fully. "Don't be so shore as people say never say never," I replied.

As I said it I shot a beam of fire at him as the dust cleared his body lied on his side.
"You are British and they have a saying forgive and forget," he said weakly.
I slowly walked up to him and put my hand on his body.
"As Ali once said we also have another saying you are the weakest link," I started.
I adsorbed the last of his strength and life force.
"Good bye," I said.
As his eyes closed and his body turned to Ash. "I'll be back," a ghostly voice said.
I turned the Umbreon ran off Andy (very_cute_pikachu) walked up to me.
"You have done use proud," he said smiling.

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Never Say Never