Fan Fics - New Kid In a New Region: Chapter 1

A new kid in a new region. First, I'll explain the region. The name of the region is Banto. It is a fairly large J-shaped island. Some people aren't sure that it is an island because it has no volcano. Some think it is a seperate continent. Scientists study this there to find out. Now, on to the story.

"Mom, why are we moving to Banto anyway?" said Jeff. "I told you, your dad got a good job there.Deal with it," his mom answered. " Did you pack up your things yet? We'll be at our new home in a couple of hours." "Uhhhhh..." Jeff ran off to his room on the boat. "I'll put this here, that righ in there gameboy! I think I'll just play this for a while and..." Jeff played his gameboy. (140 minutes later) "Jeff, are you all packed up?" his mom yelled. "Yes!" Jeff blurted, excited about something on his game. "I mean no! Uh oh!" he turned his game off and frantically put away his clothes and other possesions. Nine minutes later, he collapsed on the sofa in his room. "We're here!" his mom announced. Jeff groaned. "Well, what do you want to do in Fallabor town while we're here?" his mom asked. "Lie down. Can we please find a furnature store?" Jeff asked. His mom rolled his eyes. Later that day, they were at their new home. "Jeff, do you want to meet the professer? His name is Pr.Saj...? Whoops, the card is upside-down. His real name is Pr.Jas. Hey, if your lucky, he might have a pokemon to give you. Isn't that cool?" his mom announced. "All go there!" Jeff replied. (at the lab) "Hi professer, I'm Jeff. I was hoping that I could get a pokemon." Jeff poked the proffeser, who was examining something. "Oh! Sorry, I was doing something. That's see, do i have any pokemon left? Let's check. Only one left. This unusually colored Torchic. Want it? the professer asked. "Can I see it?" asked Jeff. Pr.Jas took the only pokeball on the table. He released the Torchic. It had gold color where its orange color should be. "Cheep cheep!" the Torchic cheeped, glad it was out of the little pokeball. "Cool! A gold Torchic! Can I have it?" Jeff pleaded. "Sure you can! Here is 5 pokeballs, a pokedex, and some birdseed." said Pr.Jas. "Alright! Thanks!" Jeff said excitedly. "Now, let's check your attacks on this pokedex. Tackle, growl, and shiny attack? Pokedex, check information on shiny attack." Jack told the pokedex, puzzled. "Shiny attack. Learned only by shiny pokemon. It is a beutifully colored beam that sparkles in the sun." the pokedex said in a mechanical voice. "Well, that's find someone to battle." Jeff said. He saw someone with a Zigzagoon by his side walkin around. Jeff ran up to him. "Hey, want to battle?" Jeff asked him. "Sure. I haven't battled all day!" the trainer responded. "Zigzagoon, go!" "Torchic, go!" Jeff yelled. "Cheep cheep!" cheeped Torchic. "Zigzagoon, use quick attack!" yelled the other trainer. "Zig!"the pokemon responded. It rushed toward Torchic with a powerful rush. "Torrrr!" it yelled. "Use growl!" Jeff commanded. "Trrrrrrrr." Torchic growled. "This stinks." Jeff sighed. "Zigzagoon, headbutt!" yelled the trainer. The Zigzagoon hit Torchic hard, and was weak. Torchic breathed hard. "Nooooo! Torchic! Time to try... shiny attack!" exclaimed Jeff with a rush of hope. "Torrrrrrr!" Torchic releasedan enormous blast of color, sparkling in the light. "Zigzagooooooo!" it collapsed. "What? How could I lose? I've been training all week! Well, good job. See ya!" the trainer congratulated him. "I can't believe it! Well, I guess I have a lot to learn about you Torchic. Want some birdseed?" Jeff asked. "Cheep cheep!" replied Torchic.

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New Kid In a New Region: Chapter 1



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