Fan Fics - New Kid In a New Region: Chapter 2

"Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz," snored Jeff. "CHEEP CHEEP!" Torchic cheeped loudly. "What?! What?! Who's there? What...hey, it's only you Torchic. Why'd you wake me up? Were you hungry?" Jeff asked. "Cheep cheep!" Torchic replied enthusiastically. "Well, I'll go get you some food." Jeff went over to where the birdseed was and filled Torchic's bowl. Torchic cheeped and then started eating. "Man, Torchic, you must have been really hungry to wake me up like that. You know, I think I'll get my own breakfast." Jeff walked downstairs and toasted a waffle.

"See ya mom! I'll come and visit you every once in a while! And I'll call you! I'll miss you!" yelled Jeff. "C'mon Torchic, lets go. We have a long journey ahead. " "Cheep!" Torchic replied enthusiastically. "We are off to Static City. I'm gonna have to train you more. Let's go." explained Jeff. Jeff walked, and walked, and walked... "Where are the pokemon?! I want to catch a couple!" complained Jeff. He looked another way. "Maybe it has to do with the fact that there is a giant vacuum cleaner over there with a giant T on it!" Two people stepped out of the machine. "You think you can stop us little boy?" said the teenanger with the black spiked hair. "You'll never stop us! That is, if you try." said the other person, a female about the same age as the guy, with long blonde hair. "Who are you?" asked Jeff. "You haven't heard of us? We're part of Team Rocket! Our names are Leslie and Zack! And we're sucking up all of those pokemon, and there's nothing you can do about it!" they both said. "Grrrrr. Let's battle!" Jeff yelled angrily. "Ok. Poochyena, go!" exclaimed Zack. "Carvanha, go!" exclaimed Leslie. "Torchic, go! Tackle that Carvanha!" shouted Jeff. "Torrrr!" Torchic rammed Carvanha, who crashed into the machine, being sucked in. "What??!!??!!" yelled Leslie in disgust. "Guess I'll have to do it. Poochyena, bite!" demanded Zack. Poochyena ran to Torchic, biting him. "Trrrrrr!" Torchic growled angrily. It then released a ball of fire from its mouth, hitting both Poochyena and Team Rocket and they all got sucked in. "All right! You learned ember! Do it again on that machine!" Jeff happily yelled. "Torrrrrrrrr!" Torchic released another ball of fire, scorching the machine, making it explode, which made Team Rocket go flying. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!" Team Rocket yelled. "All right! But, I never did catch a pokemon..." Jeff sighed. A Wingull landed on him. "Wing wing wingull!" The Wingull yelled. "Huh? You want to come with me because I saved you? Alright!" Jeff yelled joyfully. He got out a pokeball, and threw it up to Wingull, who got sucked inside. "Alright! I caught my first pokemon!" exclaimed Jeff. "Cheep cheep!" Torchic cheeped happily.

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New Kid In a New Region: Chapter 2



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