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As Blackthorn and Seren where lying in the flower garden the elder walked in. Hello elder what are you doing here? I am going to give the flowers some more sweep seed so they will grow more healthy. Okay, as the elder was feeding the plants Seren saw a plant which was frozen in ice. Thorn come here quickly! Blackthorn ran over, what is it Seren, look the plant is frozen. Elder what has happened? Blackthorn asked. The elder was shocked no it has risen from its grave the qeuzel star and it will turn the world into ice if someone doesn't stop it. How do you stop it? proclaimed Blackthorn, you have to plant the kirby berry into its scar I gave it on its back. Okay but how do i find it? you just follow the ice trail into the centre of the forest and kill it very quickly. Have you got anymore advise about it? Yes its called Frenma and it moves very slow but its back is like a spiked ball it is very dangerous so take this. the elder hands 4 trent herbs, these will heal your wounds. Blackthorn tightened his bandana and ran off into the heart of the forest. Untame powerful pokemon where in the deep parts of the forest. Blackthorn battled the vileplooms, victreebells, paresects and over pokemon. Blackthorn climbed the tree and saw a field of ice. He ran and crawled on the floor untill he got to the beggining of the field. He cleared his head and ran across the path he slipped and fell and he slid for about 5 minutes untill he was under a big wall of spikes. He was facing the back of the creature. He was about to climb up when he saw a baby mareep about to be frozen by the ice creature. Blackthorn knowing he was one a mareep ran at the baby and got him to safety. Blackthorn reamerged and confronted the creature. Frenma started to talk, well aren't you brave but you are weak compared to me. Blackthorn instantly said you have made a prety big asumption of me Frenma but that will be your downfall. Frenma retaliated with a comment well aren't you a good commedein well enough talk I`ll get rid of you instantly, and as Frenma said that he hit Blackthorn with his huge hand and blackthorn flew into a frozen solid tree. Blackthorn bleeding slightly said the first one's free. Blackthorn thinking he should hurt him then insert the berry turned Jenta. With that he flew up into the air and started hitting Frenma in the face, but frenma just sat there and said i don`t have the time to waste on you and he hit Thorn into the ground and through a ball of ice at the ground. The ball hit Thorn and damaged his eye but Thorn ran behind a tree and ate a herb. He quickly recovered and heard a voice it was Seren and she was going to shoot at Frenma with a beam and and i could get the herb into his back. I ran out with Seren and gave her a herb. I said good luck and ran at Frenma. Frenma thinking I was going to attack laughed but Seren blasted a hole in his torso and he screamed in pain but regenarated his body back. He tried throwing ice balls at Seren but she was too fast and Blackthorn had gotten up to the scar. As Blackthorn was about to insert the berry Seren was frozen to a tree and Frenma was about to freeze her but Blackthorn Shouted eat this you freak and inserted the berry. In a loud scream by Frenma he faded away back to his grave and Blackthorn and Seren walked back to the forest shrine. The elder congradulated both of us as we went to are house which is a tree. We where about to go to sleep when Seren asked me a question which made me think. Seren told me if i wanted to have kids. After 1 hour I decided yes and mabye we will have kids but you will have to find out next time.

Blackthorn called his cubs over, cubs can you come here I want you to meet somebody, and saying that the cubs ran right over. Cubs I would like you to meet the owner of this forest he is the onerable elder. Elder I would like you to meet the 2 who are the same pokemon as me Omega and Gamma. The cubs said hi in a quiet tone, and elder the cubs that look like their mommy is Zeo and Teo the cubs say hi in a sensible manner okay you can play now. Okay daddy and the cubs go and ply hide and seak. So i see they have your colour they are like you are they not said the elder in a respectible way, yes they will possess more strength than normal pokemon like i and Seren did. As Blackthorn says that Seren apears. Hi Seren Blackthorn says and then kisses Seren on the lips, what have you been doing?. I have been for a walk and did some training and you won't guess what i can do, what? Seren instantly goes Jenta. Seren that`s amazing but the elder says you can go up in stages of Jenta isn't that right elder. The elder walks over and says yes but it requirsers full consentraison and anger emtion to go above the limits but the anger was when like Seren died and you changed that is what true anger is. The elder says to Blackthorn when you change you grow more fur on the back of the legs and elbows and I wonder why? Wait Seren can you please go Jenta? Sure, and Seren changed dark silver, her eyes went light silver and she was hit by blue lightning and her petals around her waist went spikey and the petals on top of her head went spikey. The elder made a record of his discovery and Seren and Thorn went back to normal. The elder then said if you go to the next stage you could change your appearence more hmmmmm I will have to study and with that sentance he went back to the shrine. Seren and Blackthorn suddenly wondered where the cubs where and went over to where they where playing last. They only found 2 of the cubs Gamma and Teo. What happened Seren said, the cubs then said we where playing by the river and Omega and Zeo fell in when we tried to come and get you we where hit by stun stem. Then out of nowhere 2 voices shouted help us help us! With that Blackthorn told Seren to look after the over 2 while he goes and gets the cubs in the water. Blackthorn tightened his bandana and ran right next to the river. Blackthorn saw Zeo and Omega in the river hanging onto a log. Blackthorn then jumped high in the sky and landed on the log. Blackthorn checked to see is they where hurt and then through them onto a soft patch of grass but as he did he fell down a waterfall. Blackthorn hit the water and the rocks below, he had cracked his right rib broken his left arm his right leg and was internally bleeding. The town of plant pokemon rushed him to the leaf hospital where Blackthorn rested for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks he didn't train or run around because the docter told him to take it easy for 4 days and then he could do his combat training. Everything turned out okay but I wish i didn't have to fall down a big drop like that well I have a family now and I will do anything to protect them even if it means killing myself well this is the end for now.

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Paradise On Ice



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Paradise On Ice