Fan Fics - Pikachu and Friends Go To Alton Towers

At Tesco a young Pikachu was doing his daily shopping. “Yo dude, I need some Washing powder,” ordered Pikachu at a staff member. “Yes Sir, what kind?” asked the staff member. “A washing powder that cleans clothes please,” answered Pikachu. “I think Sir is a bit confused,” replied the man who was puzzled by Pikachu’s answer. “That makes two of us then,” answered Pikachu with a huge grin on his face. “Are you taking the Mick sir?” asked the staff member who was getting a bit annoyed. “Are you accusing me of shop lifting? I would never steal a Mick,” replied Pikachu in an angry voice. “All I want is some washing powder,” shouted Pikachu. “All I want is you to leave,” answered the staff member. “See, that’s two of us who aren’t getting what we want.” The staff member sighed and asked, “Do you want Daz?” “No thanks I’m asking you,” replied Pikachu. “Sir you are an idiot!” shouted the staff member. “No need to get “””Persil””” about it,” stated Pikachu. The staff member ran away from Pikachu and shouted, “I quit.” Pikachu found some Bold and noticed that he had some money left over. He spotted a special deal on Iron Bru win a trip to Alton Towers. Pikachu decided to get 2 litres and then walked to the check out. “ú3 please,” asked the check out women who then looked to her left to see a crazy staff member with a gun. Pikachu decided to run so grabbed the shopping and ran out of the exit. Pikachu smiled as two policemen ran into the shop and arrested the crazy staff member.
“Yo, good day, how do you do? I’m small 40cm tall; I’m a yellow Pikachu
Not very smart but I do have a brain, I’m particularly talented at making people go insane
Don’t insult me even if you know right, because if you do I can’t be sure you’ll last the night
I have some friends and some enemies, a powerful best friend and a girlfriend from across the seas
My best friend is an Umbreon her name is Ali, she’s very powerful and cute and also has children
Pipkin is a wimp, Hyzenthlay likes men, Gilliam’s sister is dead but Vantrase will rise again
Zapy is my mate, he’s real, real cool, if you ask nicely he’ll make a power cut in your school
Chikorita is my love, my girlfriend and my wife, but she is busy right now, soon be giving birth to new life
Yerta, Pallin and Abolin an evil bunch, Yerta is fried and Abolin was crunched.”
Meanwhile Ali was doing her shopping when she caught sight of Pikachu, rapping to himself. She watched in amassment wondering if he had gone insane.
“My rap will end soon, cos I need to change my tune
Dashing through the snow, kissing every girl as I go, Sick of critics suing
Ali: Pikachu, what are you doing?”
Pikachu stopped singing and looked at Ali. “What am I doing? Err,” answered a confused Pikachu. “I won’t even ask, how are you Pikachu?” replied Ali. Ali looked around but noticed Pikachu had already vanished, “I hate it when he does that,” stated Ali.
The next morning Pikachu walked down the stairs and shouted to Zapy, “Make us some muffins please.” Zapy nodded and rushed into the kitchen, leaving Pikachu to read the daily mail. Zapy was about to put 2 muffins in the toaster when Pikachu stated, “Most accidents in the house, occur in the kitchen it says here.” Zapy looked worried and decided to find a safer way to cook the muffins. Zapy put the muffins on the floor and used thunderbolt for 5 seconds. Zapy smiled as the muffins turned black. Zapy opened the fridge and found some butter. Zapy was about to get a knife to spread the butter but remembered what Pikachu had told him. An idea warped into Zapy’s mind as he put some butter on his tongue and used it to spread the butter on the muffins. Horror struck Zapy as a few ants walked over the muffins and died because of the heat. Zapy sighed and carried the muffins to Pikachu. “Guy gets an egg thrown at him, what a yolk,” joked Pikachu. Pikachu thanked Zapy and bit into one of the muffins, swirled it around for a few seconds then did a 20 metre run to the toilet. Zapy watched Pikachu run quicker then a Rapidash upstairs then started to read the daily mail. “Foot and mouth, no outbreaks for a 24 hour period,” read out aloud Zapy. Pikachu stormed down the stairs and stated, “My foot hurts when I tripped over and my mouth tastes horrible.” Pikachu walked in the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of Iron Bru. Pikachu looked at the bottle cap, “You have won 3 free tickets to go to Alton Towers in Alton.” Pikachu jumped up and down happily, he had never won a free thing in his whole life. Pikachu ran into the front room and jumped on the furniture and shouted with joy, “We’ve won 3 tickets to Alton Towers.” Zapy asked, “3? Lets take Chikorita.” Pikachu sighed and stated, “She’s pregnant, and she can’t go on fast roller coasters.” Pikachu and Zapy looked at each other and shouted, “ALI”
The next day a big red car stopped in front of Ali’s den. “Honk, Honk, come on Ali, get in,” shouted Pikachu while punching the horn. Ali whistled at the car and asked, “Where did you get this car?” “I found it on its own in a street,” replied Pikachu. Ali got in the car and sat in the front next to Pikachu while Zapy ripped the leather seats in the back. Kingler waved goodbye then watched the car speed of at 100KMPH while a angry man chased it, “Give me back my car you joy-riders!” Pikachu waved to the man and stated, “We’re just borrowing it.” Kingler sighed and wondered how Ali was going to manage the day with Zapy and Pikachu. Meanwhile at Chikorita’s sister’s house, Chikorita got a rude awakening. Chikorita screamed in pain as she thought her muscles were being ripped apart. Chikorita called for her sister who quickly tried to phone Pikachu. “Hello, no body is here, neither is me or Zapy so please leave a message after the explosion, BANG,” Chikorita’s sister sighed at Pikachu’s weird sense of humour then shouted “If you cared then you may like to know that Chikorita is in labour!” Chikorita’s sister put down the phone and entered 999, “yes I need Ambulance please, my sister is in labour and is expecting.” In a few mins an ambulance rushed to Chikorita’s house and put her in the back of the van with her sister. The ambulance rushed along countess road to the Countess of Chester’s Maternity unit.
It was about 10am and Pikachu and friends were driving along the M6 singing to some tunes on the radio. “Pikachu, turn on BBC radio 5,” asked Ali. Zapy laughed and shouted “BBC Radio 1 is the tops.” Pikachu sighed and stated, “BBC radio 2 is both educational and displays the standard culture of the British language.” Zapy looked at Pikachu and blinked, unable to say anything. Ali looked to her left and spotted a sign saying 10miles to Alton Towers. Pikachu looked at the sign and asked, “What’s that in Metric?” Ali growled and slapped Pikachu on the head, “16KM but why do you have to be different?” Pikachu decided not to argue with Ali, he knew that would be suicidal. At 10:30am they arrived in the car park and gazed at the monorail. “Is that the only ride?” asked Zapy. Pikachu laughed and answered “That takes you to the entrance.”
Pikachu: “Another day awaits us, but we must be back by five, can’t believe my luck that I’m here, makes me happy to be alive”
Ali: “A day with them should be fun but I have my doubts, though the sun is shining I’m not sure I’ll survive the day, I still have a right, I still have the chance to turn and run away”
Pikachu: “Come on get on the monorail and let out a smile, lets go before it gets dark, we’ll ride until we puke” Ali: “Just remember your manners when we get in the park”
Pikachu: “Don’t be boring, don’t be a drag, we’re here to enjoy the day” Ali: “No talking to strangers getting us in dangers that’s all I’m going to say”
Pikachu: “Ok I’ll behave, at least I’ll try, but can we please start this show? Come on Zapy and Ali” Zapy: “Err Pikachu where’s the toilet I need to go?”
Pikachu sighed and told Zapy to wait until they’re in the park. On the monorail Ali looked at the rides and spotted Nemesis, Alton Tower’s ultimate thrill. Ali gulped as riders are thrown upside down, around and back again. Pikachu jumped in thrill and stated, “That’s what we’re going on first!” Zapy shouted with joy and revealed what food he had brought. Ali quickly snarled as she was looking at 8 bottles of beer, she picked them up and threw them out of the window leaving two very upset PokÚmon.
At the park entrance Ali took the tickets to exchange them while Zapy visited the little Jolteon room. Pikachu whistled peacefully to himself until a 1.7 metre tall Pikachu towered him. Pikachu looked up at the goofy looking Pikachu and shouted, “Pika, Pi!” (Translation; Hello my brother) The goofy looking Pikachu looked down and talked back with out moving its lips. “Pika, ka, Chu,” which in Pika language meant, “I stink, you eat boots.” Pikachu growled angrily and shouted “Pika, Chu, Chu, Pi, Ka, Chu, Pika, Pi, Ka, Chu.” (Your mum is so ugly; she can’t even get a whistle from a kettle) The goofy Pikachu just kept its friendly voice and replied, “Pika, Chu.” (I ate your mum) Pikachu had sparks in his cheeks as he heard every word of this. He geared up and used a powerful thunder on the goofy Pikachu until it fell over. The head fell of the Pikachu and a new human head was revealed. Pikachu walked away from the hurt person and replied, in English, “My brother, you should watch what you eat, even I wouldn’t eat a human.”
Ali returned and stepped over the human in surprise. She looked at Pikachu who smiled back with an innocent expression that quickly told Ali he was guilty. Ali pointed at the entrance and Pikachu quickly queued while Ali went to find Zapy. Ali watched Zapy walk out of the men’s toilet followed by an angry caretaker. The caretaker shouted at Zapy “The soap is not to eat.” Ali looked at Zapy and asked, “You eat soap?” Zapy smiled and replied “Pikachu said to clean up my act.” Ali thought for a moment, wondering if Zapy was trying to be funny or if he was being serious. Zapy spotted Pikachu in the queue and pushed past everyone to get to Pikachu. The entrance guard stated “No pets!” Ali walked to the man and answered, “I’m Pikachu’s pet,” Pikachu replied, “I’m Zapy’s pet,” Zapy stated, “I’m Ali’s pet.” The man looked confused and couldn’t answer so the gang quickly ran through the gate. “Where first?” asked Zapy. Pikachu smiled and they could tell what his little yellow brain was thinking. Pikachu ran towards the Sky ride followed by Ali and Zapy. The trio spotted a cabin and quickly got in it and growled at anyone who tried to enter their cabin.
While they were travelling over the gardens Pikachu read out aloud, “No walking around while this ride is in motion.” Zapy smiled and started rocking the cabin. Pikachu couldn’t resist joining in and soon the cabin was swinging more then the Blade. Ali felt sea sick as she was hurtled to and fro. Ali slapped Pikachu and Zapy and told them to quit messing about. Pikachu sighed then watched some kids swinging their cabin because they were copying Zapy’s bad influence. Zapy fell over laughing as the cabin came of the cable and hurtled towards the ground. Ali sighed a breath of relief as the cabin fell into the water and the kids got out safely. Ali drew her claws and stated “No more bad behaviour, and no more bad influence or else!” Zapy settled down and whispered to Pikachu, “Is she always this grumpy?” Pikachu watched Ali’s face go sour and decided it would be much safer not to answer the question.
The cabin stopped at the Forbidden Valley station and an annoyed Umbreon, sulking Jolteon and an annoying Pikachu got of the ride. Taken from Pikachu’s view We looked around and spotted two mild rides and our destination, Nemesis. A scary background noise made our bodies shake as we closed in on our target. I had lost my cocky attitude and my palms were sweating, as we got closer. “Sorry, you must be over 1.4 metres to go on this ride,” stated a guy dressed as a devil. Ali smiled and replied “ah well we’ll have to go on something else.” I growled and jumped on Ali’s back, “If you look now, we are 1.4 metres, I’m 40cm and Ali is 1 metres from tail to head.” The man shook his head so Zapy, zapped him. After waiting for 30 mins in a queue we were ready to discover our fate. Ali smiled and softly said, “You two enjoy your ride, I’ll watch.” Zapy looked at me and grinned evilly, we picked up Ali, forced her into a front seat and put on her seat belt. The woman in charge of the ride looked confused to see two four legged animals sitting up like a human and a mouse who kept sliding out of his seat.
The floor lowed and the cart left the station with a very excited Pikachu and Jolteon. The cart went up the chain, turned left and down towards a corkscrew. The riders were turned upside down and then a flash followed by a helix. Going under a bridge the ride continued with a barrel role, another corkscrew and an inverted loop. The cart ended at the station with the brakes making a cool beat that finished my fave ride. We jumped of but Ali couldn’t undo the knot that I made with rope, to stop her running away. Ali shrieked as the floor lowed and the cart left the station again. Zapy looked at me and whimpered, “She is going to kill us.” I replied “Nope, I’m sure she’ll enjoy the ride and give us a hug for taking her on it.” Zapy looked amassed and asked, “You sure?” I sighed and answered, “Of course not, we’re doomed.”
After 90 seconds the cart entered the station and we quickly untied Ali before the ride started again. The good news is that she didn’t hurt us; the bad news is that she ran quickly to the loo. Ali re-joined us and stated, “I’m giving you one more chance, but after that, I’M LEAVING!!!!!!!!!!!.” We walked down to the camera booth and spotted our on ride photograph. Ali got angry when she saw her scared expression and decided not to let anyone else see it. She opened her mouth and shot a beam that destroyed the TV but to her surprise, the picture had already moved on to another TV. I quickly noted the number and watched Ali destroy all the TV’s and then walk of. “245 please, two copies,” I ordered. Zapy and me looked at the picture and couldn’t resist a little laugh. Meanwhile in Chester hospital, Chikorita was still in labour and getting more worried about Pikachu. “Ali, you’d feel better if you had something in your stomach,” ordered Zapy. I burst into fits of laughs as this reminded me of something. Ali sighed and wondered to herself, suicide is a quick thing. We walked towards oblivion and I began my fits of trembles again.
Ali looked around but couldn’t see Zapy anywhere, this worried her. “Pikachu, Zapy has gone missing,” she cried. “Who?” I asked. Ali looked in surprise and answered, “the Jolteon, spiky and yellow and has bad breath.” I wasn’t really taking notice of Ali, I was to excited about the ride. The queue was terrible, annoying person-throwing litter at the people below and queue jumping. Ali growled at me and said “your acting like a 2 year old.” I laughed and replied, “I’m sure a 2 year old behaviours better then me.” Ali reached into my bag and found a packet of headache tablets, “Just what I need.”
When we were safely strapped into our seats the cart moved and we began our climb to the drop. “Yo, Ali, Pikachu, what does this button do?” We looked back in horror to see Zapy, messing with the control pad. As we arrived at the top of the chain lift, Zapy pressed a button that released the seat belts. Screams of panic could be heard as we began to hold tightly to any available hold. I grasped Ali’s tail causing her to snarl evilly. I let go of her tail but I don’t think she was anymore impressed by me holding on to her ear. “Let go of my ear, you’re pulling it,” she growled. “Ere, ere I stated, I need something to hold,” I stated. “Hold onto your mouth,” she replied. We got to the vertical face and I wondered, is this the end? Zapy found a nice, large red button and decided to press it, we were thankful that this attached the seat belts again. Ali and I were very quick to put our belts back on but sadly, a few humans weren’t so quick. The cart leaned 50* and a few humans fell out, and made contact with the earth very quickly. I cried, “Don’t Look Down.”
The cart fell through the oblivion hole and re-surfaced at the other end near the Energizer and Enterprise. When we were safely of the ride, Ali spotted Zapy and charged at him. She knocked him to the ground and bared her Nails. I had no choice, I sent a blinding electric charge at her but to my surprise it hit her skin and bounced straight of. She turned around and grinned evilly, “Don’t worry Pikachu, your next.” I felt like running but what would that prove? Ali looked at the begging Zapy and just laughed, she had gone mental. I thought nothing would save Zapy, I could hear a beep in my mind. Ali turned and leapt at me as soon as I reached my hand in my bag. I revealed my mobile, and asked, “Can you keep it down please.” Ali snarled and turned towards the doomed Zapy when she heard me shout with joy. “Chikorita’s giving birth!” I shouted.
Ali lost her anger and produced a smile, picking me up by my neck with her teeth she rushed back to the monorail with Zapy trailing behind. Ali jumped on the monorail track and ran along the line to the car park. She jumped from the line into our car and turned on the ignition and zoomed of, leaving Zapy in the car park. Zapy looked back at Alton Towers and stated, “I wonder if I could set up home here?” Ali zoomed down the motorway at over 160KMPH, it was a miracle that the police didn’t arrest us. In about an hour we arrived in Chester and quickly made our way to the hospital. Ali picked me up by the neck again and rushed into the building and across a blue bridge to the expecting room. I heard screams that I recognised as Chikorita’s and burst through the doors to her. Ali followed and quickly shouted, “Black ears, a yellow head? I know, it’s a Pichu.” The midwife helped Chikorita and held a cute Pichu in her arms. She handed Pichu to me and all I could do was smile at the cute little thing. “Well done Mr Bate, your wife has given birth to a bouncing male Pichu,” the doctor stated to me. I touched his head and noticed how soft and fury it was and wondered if I was this cute when my mum had gave birth to me. Chikorita kept screaming and we noticed another baby was coming. Chikorita had tears on her face and screamed, “I can’t, I don’t have the strength.” I sat next to her and kissed her then replied, “I know you can do this. I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately for you but I promise I will be here for you now and forever. I’ll look after you and our children for now on, I promise.” Chikorita smiled at me then gave a huge push. Ali again got excited and spotted a long green leaf followed by a big lighter green head. After removing this baby from Chikorita, the midwife put the baby in Chikorita’s arms. “Your other child is a healthy male Chikorita, well done.”
After the doctors and nurses had cleaned and did a few tests on the babies, they were put in a cot and quickly went asleep watched carefully by their parents. The Pichu was about 30cm tall and weighed about 2kg, he was yellow and had blue eyes from his father. The Chikorita was about 40cm long and weighed about 3kg, he was green all over and had hazel eyes from his mother. I looked at my new family and felt proud inside, now I knew how Ali felt. Chikorita had fell asleep quickly, she was very tired after having our children. A few weeks later Kingler, Ali and her children, were invited to the local Church. Ali had wondered why we wanted them to come to the Church. She knew I wasn’t religious so why had we invited them to a building of worship?
“Welcome all guests here are witnesses to the Christening. Mr Andrew John Bate and Mr’s Chikorita Rebecca Bate we are here for the Christening of your children. Have you decided what your children are going to be called?” Chikorita bowed and moved forward and stated, “the Pichu is called Sujata James Bate and the Chikorita is called Zeakou June Bate.” The priest nodded and asked, “have you chose god parents?” I stepped forward and smiled, “Ali Umbreon Turrell and Kingler Barry Turrell.” Ali smiled and looked at Kingler who looked back and kissed her. The man poured water on their heads and stated, “With the power of god I christen your children.” Sujata woke up and began to cry making Zeakou wake up. Zeakou vine whipped Sujata, so he electrocuted Zeakou. Chikorita sighed and used Sleep powder on both children, quickly sending them asleep again. The man smiled and asked, “I wish I could do that to make my children behave.” Chikorita winked at me and I winked back, we were going to be great parents.
Meanwhile a spirit who was roaming the earth with his daughter smiled at the date. The spirit was Yerta and his daughter was Vantrase, it had been 6 months since they had died. Lugia meanwhile decided to swim to the bottom of the sea to rest.

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