Fan Fics - Pikachu and Friends Go To America

(The people in this story have been referred to as their nicknames they use on #Pokemoncrater chat room. The real names of the people in this story will not be revealed, to offer them privacy)

It was just a normal day on Pokemoncrater chat room. The daily arguments, battles and kicks were expected. I, very_cute_Pikachu was talking to some of my British friends, Umbreon88, Lugia_2, Feraligator, TR^Kingler. We were chatting, having fun in each other's company. It was about 8pm; the Americans were here now, showering us with their presence. I usually didn't like the Americans, but the past few weeks I've got a different look at them, and realised there quite fun and friendly.

Then the moment I had been waiting for arrived, "Surfing_Chikorita has joined #Pokemoncrater". I instantly welcomed her with a kiss and a friendly pika. She smiled and I knew that I was in heaven for the rest of the night. How I'd love to see her, how I'd love to talk to her with my own voice, and not electronically. The night went smooth, Umbreon88 and TR^Kingler were swapping each other's love comments. Lugia_2 and Feraligator were in endless love. I was in heaven with Surfing_Chikorita, as we declared our love.

Then the truth of reality hit, it was 10pm, and my bedtime and I had to say my goodbyes to everyone. I kissed Surfing_Chikorita goodnight, hugged Umbreon88 goodnight and hi-fi TR^Kingler goodnight. As I crept to my bed I thought, how lovely it would be to meet Surfing_Chikorita in Pokemon. I looked at myself in the mirror, 40cm tall, yellow all over, large brown stripes. Pointy ears, red cheeks, 5kg, big pointy tail. I wonder what Surfing_Chikorita would look like?

That night I kept dreaming about Surfing_Chikorita what does she look like, would she like me? I woke suddenly and glazed out of the dark window and then to my watch. 6AM, time to get up I thought to myself. I jumped out of bed and did my normal chores, washing/dressing. I climbed onto my small bike and pedalled to the newsagent. For the next hour I did my paper round, still thinking and getting more determined to see Surfing_Chikorita. When I got home I couldn't stand it any longer, I loaded the Internet, waited for the long annoying connecting sound. I clicked on mail, and talk21.

I entered my password and user name and I was welcomed with three unread messages. The 1st was from Mewtwo, "Thank you for your FAQ." 2nd was some junk, with an attachment, I instantly deleted the message. 3rd was from Surfing_Chikorita! It was a love letter; I smiled and knew what I wanted to do. I clicked on write, and sending an e-mail to Umbreon88, TR^Kingler, Lugia_2 and Feraligator, I asked them to meet me in London. Though confused, everyone agreed and I instructed them to bring suitable clothes, about £500 spending money, food and some batteries.

I jumped on my bike again, giving it a puncture which I quickly fixed, and cycled down the M6 to London. I stood next to the London eye, waiting for my friends. In the sky a huge bird could be spotted and I brought out some birdseeds only to realise that it was Lugia. She landed safely, well knocking over a few buses but no ones perfect. She walked up to meet and gobbled up all the birdseed and then replied "Hi Pikachu, why did you ask us to come to London?"

I stated, "All will be revealed soon, where's the others?" My question was cut short as I saw three objects having a race to the meeting spot. There was a dark coloured object, a huge something hiding under a shell, and a big ugly looking crocodile. The dark coloured object was trailing behind the thing in a shell and the crocodile was the farthest away. The shell creature skidded and came to a halt, cms from the worried traffic. The dark object which I recognised as Umbreon leapt over the busses and landed on the other side of the street.

The crocodile crashed into the bus and ripped a hole in it and came 2nd with the shell creature who was Kingler coming last. Umbreon looked at me with an evil stare and breathed slowly. Maybe inviting her was a mistake, but she seemed friendly enough. She shot her paw and my paw, but shaked it, I was relieved to see that she was just welcoming me. The Feraligator walked up to me and shook my hand, pleased to meet you Pikachu, he commented in a friendly voice. I walked over to the Kingler who was out of breath and shook his claw, nice to meet you Kingler.

Now we were all aquatinted, we went to the underground where I told them my idea. "America!" they all screamed out at once. Feraligator asked, "Why would you want to go there?" I started to blush and Kingler got the idea, he nudged me and relied, "You want to see your girlfriend, don't you?" I nodded my head and looked at the London map. "It's a pity, Lugia couldn't fit in these trains, I feel guilty making her have to follow us by flying to Heathrow". Meanwhile Lugia was flying over 10 Downing Street, with a laugh she stopped for a toilet break and then carried on, leaving a very angry Tony Blair.

At Heathrow we walked into the main terminal. Flights to California will be departing at noon. Umbreon, looking the most human like stood up on her two legs, not easily but she managed. Though she kept swaying she was able to look like a human. Umbra, umbra, umbra she softly said to the man, trying to sound human like, but no success. "You and you stupid tourists, can't you ever learn to speak English?" the man shouted. Umbreon got angry and put her paw on the man's head. Colours shot from her paw to the man's baldhead and he relied "Yes, Mrs. Umbreon, you and your friend's plane is ready and booked." Umbreon smiled, released her grasp and bowed her head. At the waiting termal Feraligator spotted a food stand, licking his lips he walked slowly to the wagon. Lugia flew up in the sky and picked Feraligator up and stated NO. Feraligator started to cry loudly, so Kingler quickly ran to the stand. Since Kingler, Lugia and me were the only three who could speak English, it wasn't very hard for the man to understand. "I'm sorry sir, but we only serve humans". Kingler raised his claw and the man quickly gave a pathetic smile, we now serve crabs. Kingler smiled and pointed at some Scones. The man nodded and gave Kingler two packets of Scones. "That will be £1.25p please". Kingler reached under his shell and revieveled a pound, twenty pence and five pence. As soon as Kingler left, the man away from the stand shouting, "I quit!"

After a long wait, it was time to board the plane, we waved good bye to Lugia who had to fly over the ocean since she's to big to fit in the plane. We sat in tightly packed seats and I was having problems hiding my excitement. Umbreon looked at me and I instantly settled down, (Note to people reading story, never argue with a female Umbreon). From the sky Lugia could see all the beauty of her Ariel view, she waved goodbye to Britain and flapping her long wings, sailed towards America. During the long flight we saw many sights, the statue of liberty, big cities that you would never find in little Britain.

"We will be landing in California very soon". I looked at Umbreon, "Can you ask Lugia to send a psychic message to Chikorita, saying we'll meet her in San Francisco". Umbreon nodded and closed her eyes. Lugia who was getting very tired picked up the message and sent it towards Chikorita. Meanwhile in Chikorita hometown, she was having her breakfast of vegetables when she picked up the message. Though confused she put on a cap and ran out of her house, heading towards San Francisco.

The plane landed for a safe journey complete, we walked of the plane and walked out of the airport. "Stick close together, California is a big place and is easy to get lost". Lugia landed like a helicopter only causing one car accident, "She's getting better," Feraligator stated. Kingler looked to his right and started to cross a road. "Stop!" we all shouted as a car, travelling towards him, on his left nearly ran Kingler over. Umbreon ran to him and shouted, "In America they drive on the right hand side of the road!"

The owner of the car that nearly ran over Kingler put down his window and revealed two fingers. "Hmmmm, must be the American way to say hello," Feraligator stated. Feraligator pulled two of his fingers at the driver who screamed and opened his door. The driver towered Feraligator who had to look straight up. Feraligator smiled and the driver picked him up by Feraligator's neck. Lugia instantly got angry and landed in front of the driver who now had to look up at her. The driver released Feraligator and got his fist ready to punch Lugia. Lugia spotted his intentions and growled at the driver. The driver turned pale and ran back to his car and drove of in a hurry.

"Lets just go and look for Chikorita," I stated still confused by the man's approach to Feraligator. "Over there is the Golden Gate Bridge," I quickly boasted. All our responses were WOW, until we were interrupted by an earth movement. Being British we've never experienced an earthquake so we had no clue what it was. "Umbreon, if your hungry why didn't you just ask?" I quickly replied to Umbreon. She looked at me angrily and shouted, "It wasn't me, I had the on board plane meal." I looked at her worried, "You actually ate that junk?". She blushed and answered, "I was prepared to try anything". It did seem Umbreon did have a bit of stomach pains but I realised it wasn't Umbreon making the earth move.

"Hello Pikachu". I looked behind me and was started to see such beauty. Eyes of love were looking into my eyes. The voice was like a melody, her green body reminded me of peace and nature. The gentle swaying aroma emerging from her Leaf settled my excited heart. I looked at her for ages, speechless and defenceless. She smiled and welcomed me with a kiss. I couldn't think straight, all my emotions were showing, all I could do was kiss back, hoping this kiss would never end.

For the next hour we got known to each other, I went through any subject I could think of just to keep talking to her forever. Lugia and Feraligator had gone to look at the landmarks. Me and Chikorita, Umbreon and Kingler were in a small café next to the bridge, learning even more about each other then what we only reviled on the Internet. For the whole day I was shown around San Fransco by Chikorita learning all the history and culture. The day was very hot, nothing like what we've experienced back at home. The was no point asking people in shops how much for a certain length/weight of food since all responses were in Imperial, a measurement I've never understood.

The moment I was dreading had arrived though, it was time to go home. We walked slowly to the airport when the ground started to move again. I looked at Umbreon who looked back with an angry face. I knew I better not ask in case she did something she might regret. Chikorita looked scared and said we should get under some protection. I had no idea what she was talking about but then Lugia and Feraligator appeared. "Lets hide under Lugia's wings," Chikorita instructed us. Though confused we did as we were told, and half a min later a huge shake ripped through the city. Chikorita informed us that it was an earthquake and we all looked scared. The earthquake lasted for about 20 seconds and when we crept from under Lugia's wings we were amazed that most of the buildings were untouched.

After this new experience I was half glad to get to the airport. In the airport I said my goodbyes to Chikorita, with a tear in my eye I kissed her, and boarded the plane. Umbreon could see I was upset so tried to comfort me. "You can chat with her in the chartroom" This cheered me up a little and I smiled. We waved to Chikorita and I blew her a love heart before taking of. I looked at my watch, Hmmmm its 4pm, so in Britain it will be midnight. I nearly swore, the only thing I had forgot during the whole journey was California is 8 hours behind Britain.

At Heathrow I waved goodbye as Umbreon, Lugia, Kingler and Feraligator travelled back to their homes. I went to the London eye, only to find my bike had been stolen! With a sigh I travelled up the M6 back to Chester on foot. But the journey gave me the chance to think about today. I realised today has been brilliant and now I'm not a stranger to America.

A few nights later I'm on the chartroom, talking to friends from America when JC enters. He recognises me and starts to tell me about Australia, and for a moment I wonder, Do you think my friends would like to go to Australia?

Author's Note

I'd like to thank TR^Kingler, Feraligator, Umbreon88 and Lugia_2 for being great British friends. I'd like to thank Surfing_Chikorita since she is my American girlfriend and gave me some knowledge of California I'd like to thank #Pokemoncrater chat room since that is where I met everyone above, and got hired. The people in my story are real people, but I have referred to them as their nicknames Please note, since I'm British this story is written from my knowledge of America, as I've never been there before.

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