Fan Fics - Pikachu and Friends Saving the Neopets 2

Chapters 4 - 6

Chapter 4 - Meeting An Umbreon

At the end of the cycle path, I jumped of my bike and looked at Vantrase. She looked back at me and licked my face. This was the only annoying thing that Vantrase did that annoyed me, the other things she did were things I do. I wiped my face and wondered if she was being friendly or saying I need a bath. Vantrase had got her strength back now and was more excited and hyper then before. I was astonished how she had recovered in less then an hour, her heart and lungs must have been small since she was very small. She ran along a broken fence and her expressions stated that she wanted to race me. I pumped up my chest, did a few press ups, ran 500 meters and collapsed. Vantrase laughed at me and teased me by running around my weary body. Her ears suddenly twitched and her face turned still. I looked at her face and wondered what was upsetting her. A rustling sound alerted me to a nearby bush, someone one near. I was content to learn that it was only Ali. Ali emerged from the bush and looked towards Vantrase. Vantrase's eyes widened and her ears flopped as she started to walk backwards, away from Ali. Ali walked closer to Vantrase who jumped and hid behind me. "What's her problem?" asked Ali. I sighed and replied, "I'm still delving on her behaviour." ((Taken from Vantrase's point)) As I hid behind the yellow rodent that had recentually became my friend, I gazed at this unusual creature, which was black. Her eyes were a red colour and had an evil expression in them. She had a nose like mine, which was a dark blue colour. ((Taken from Ali's history)) Ali belonged to the breed of foxes, but was no normal fox. Ali was supposed to be evil, though she had long ago forgotten this. Ever since the adventure with Yerta and her encounter with a mental home, Ali had kept a red heart. It was inconsequential of her past now; all she ever cared about was the future. Her children, Pipkin, Vantrase, Hyzenthlay and Gilliam were all that mattered to her. She had become friends with Pikachu ever since their visit to America. Their friendship had grew with every new adventure, from her battle with her sister to all the trips out that Pikachu had took her on. Spy mission, Alton Towers, Brazil and even a visit from the Manchester United team were all happy memories. Ali was getting old though she never liked to admit it, she was 17 but in Umbreon years that was very old. She was getting weaker everyday and seemed to be more stressed every day, for she had a dead daughter, an ex husband who was also dead and she was on the run from the mental home. Ali was normally overt and someone would always have a shoulder for her to cry on, but now her heart was a lesion that couldn't be healed.

((Overall view)) Ali's face was pale and not her natural cheerful self, this worried Pikachu. "What's wrong?" Ali turned away from Pikachu and let out a little laugh, "I'm waking the dead today." Pikachu, being the slow-witted mouse that he is had no idea what that meant. "If they're departed, how can you wake them?" Ali sighed and asked, "What are you doing back? You said you'd be back tomorrow." Pikachu laughed and hugged Vantrase, "This is the reason why I'm back early." Vantrase stared at Ali and made no impulsive movements, she was waiting for something to happen though she had no idea what. Ali walked closer to Vantrase, causing her to walk backwards again. Suddenly Ali leapt at Vantrase and hugged her, keeping a tight lock so Vantrase couldn't run away. Vantrase began pushing Ali's stomach with her feet, trying to get out of Ali's hold. "Why are you so frisky? I don't want to hurt you." Ali loved children since she had 4 of her own and always could understand them better then some adults. Though Lugia, Pikachu, Ali and Kingler weren't adults in human years, they were all fully mature, well at least most of them. Ali hated people being scared of her, because she wasn't evil, even though she had a short temper with Pikachu she had a lot of love in her heart. Vantrase stopped pushing and looked up at Ali's friendly face. No evil or dark could be seen in Ali's face, she still had the same face as when she was a young cub. Pikachu meanwhile was trying to figure out what waking the dead meant. He spotted Ali hugging Vantrase and smiled, Vantrase was making new friends quickly. More footsteps could be heard as another creature appeared. The creature was Ali's daughter, Hyzenthlay an Umbreon with a craze for boys and Pikachu. A suitable adjective for her was "a flirt." She'd hang around with males and get personal with them until they fell under her spell. She loved to watch them go crazy for her but the only male she actually loved was Pikachu, the only problem was he didn't feel the same way. She'd flirt with him all the time but secretly did love him, as a child she'd love to lick his face whenever she saw him. Hyzenthlay always tried to make conversations with Pikachu but being the mouse that he is, you never could have a sensible conversation. Hyzenthlay looked at Vantrase and asked, "What's this cute little thing?" Ali shrugged her shoulders and replied, "Don't know, something Pikachu brought back with him." Hyzenthlay turned to Pikachu and licked his face and stated, "Bringing things back with you? Where are the flowers or chocolate for me?" Pikachu reached to the ground and picked some roses, handing them to Hyzenthlay he continued back to his deep thought. Hyzenthlay sniffed the flowers and put them in her mouth like a tango dancer. She tapped on Pikachu's shoulder and as he gazed at her, she took all his attention to the rose in her mouth. "Next time I will get you chocolates, flowers are for smelling, not eating." Hyzenthlay dropped the rose out of her mouth and caught sight of her mother laughing at her. The only other person who knew about Hyzenthlay secret desire was Ali. While Ali winked at Hyzenthlay, Vantrase had managed to squeeze out of Ali's hug and sat on a long pile of grass, watching the weird creatures. Hyzenthlay changed her expression and quickly questioned, "Mother, when are we bringing Yerta and Vantrase back?" Vantrase's ears shot up at this question. Pikachu jumped up and down and stated, "We're going to play music dead loud to wake the dead!" Hyzenthlay groaned and Ali swiped Pikachu with her paw. "We're going to bring Yerta and Vantrase back alive, I'll be bringing back Yerta, Hyzenthlay will revive Vantrase." Vantrase got up and asked, "Who is this Yerta you so speak of?" Pikachu looked at her and replied, "He's belligerent and the nastiest Umbreon in the world." Ali swiped Pikachu's head again and stated, "An Umbreon who in the past had made a few mistakes but now is a nice Umbreon. Vantrase is my daughter, she was killed by another Umbreon called Pallin." Pikachu stared at Ali in disgust, "If your bringing back Yerta, then you are in serious need of help." Ali snarled and walked close to Pikachu. She growled in a terrifying way that alerted everyone that she was ready to attack Pikachu. "Do you think I can't take care of myself? I bet you think because I'm getting old I'm becoming senile." Pikachu knew he had angered and upset Ali now; she didn't like any one telling her she needed help. Ali was still able to take care of herself even though she is very old. Ali's age didn't show in her appearance and that's why not many people could tell that underneath that beautiful skin was an old Umbreon who was ready to hang up her boots.

Pikachu backed away and smiled friendly, "Ali I never said you were senile, I just can't understand why you want Yerta back. Yerta tried to kill you, he flirts with impossible ideas which normally end with a fatal disaster." Ali stopped flashing her teeth and was nearly ready to cry, "Yerta is showing refinements in his behaviour and I think he can be trusted." Pikachu nodded and tried to hug Ali but she turned away from him. Ali lately had been reticent about her problems; she wouldn't ask anyone for advice or a favour, she kept herself to herself. There was a dark secret Ali knew; she knew that Umbreons normally live between 12-14 years. Ali could feel that her body was old and that she was near to the end of her life, and that brought her upset and depression. It was almost as if her heart had derelict and she was in a fatal act of survival, a game she was losing. Ali managed to splutter out "That's why I wanted you away, so Yerta could return in peace." Pikachu nodded in an understanding and shouted, "I'm going to search for another Acara, Vantrase can't be the last one, I'm sure there are more." Vantrase shook her head and sighed, "Never have I seen another Acara seen the fatal day of my parents." Pikachu wasn't listening to Vantrase though, he revealed a mobile phone (he stole of a human at Alton Towers) and phoned someone. A burst of light shown down from the sky as a huge bird was getting ready to land. It was Amy, or Lugia to her friends, a very good friend of Pikachu. They first met on the journey to America where she became part of the British Fan Fic Pokemon Team. She constantly helped Pikachu and friends whenever they needed help. Her long wings and graceful skills made her a unique creature. She was a rare Pokemon, number 249 and was suppose to sleep at the bottom of the sea but she was very energetic and was bored. So she had risen from the ocean bed and had started looking for friends. She first found Pikachu, hitching for a ride to Liverpool, Lugia had landed and greeted herself to Pikachu. They quickly made friends and soon she was included into his little gang, making her the youngest (except for Ali's children) member. Pikachu jumped on her back and stated, "Look at Vantrase, we need to find something that looks like that." Lugia moved her huge head up and down in an agreeing expression and flapped her big wings. They quickly rose into the air and zoomed out of sight, leaving Vantrase alone with Ali and Hyzenthlay. Vantrase shouted, "Come back," to Pikachu but he was already to far away. Vantrase ran away from Ali and sat next to a tree, gazing at the unfamiliar scenery. She was again lonely and afraid, now that her only friend had left her. Unknown to Vantrase, Parett was very near; he had lost her scent but was only 200 meters away from her.

Chapter 5 - Love Talks Without Words

Parett's nose couldn't pick up Vantrase's scent any more; he fell to the ground sighing. Had it been a dream or a sick joke that reality was playing? He shouted loudly, "Stop this hell that I'm living in!" Parett's scream for helps shot through the ears of anything nearby. It was normal for Parett to get upset everyday but some days he would become very depressed. As told earlier, Parett was a bit mental, but only because of his depression. His blood would boil and his face would turn a dark red as his emotions exploded. But there was no one to calm him down so every time he got severe depression, he'd only cool down once he had knocked himself out. Imagine being the only human on the planet but you were hunted everyday and you had to survive other wise the planet would cease to exist. There was no one to cry over, no one to pat you on your back and every thing you met was your enemy. This was like Parett's whole life, he could normally hold his emotion but sometimes it got the best of him. Parett got up and remembered to the last time he was depressed and quickly tried to cool down. He never wanted to do what he did the last time he was depressed. ((Taken from Parett's memory))

Parett had been chased and had no rest for over 32 hours. His body was skinny and empty from lack of food. His whole body was only muscles and bones, and yet the Growlithes wanted to kill him. They had lost his scent and he was resting on a cold grey coloured stone. He was tried and hungry but dared not to come out of hiding. The slightest noises would bring cold sweat run down Parett's body and he was so empty that he couldn't even cry. His fur was short and dirty from dust and mud that had stuck to it. Suddenly a flash of lightning ripped towards the ground and caused Parett to jump out of fright. His heart wouldn't slow down though; he began snarling and seeing mirages. A picture of his father and mother being killed shot through his mind and that was it. He couldn't go on, nothing was worth living in these conditions. Parett had spotted a cliff and knew that if he were to carry on with his depression, then in the morning he'd be at the bottom of that cliff. The only thing that would stop him jumping would to be to restrain himself. There was no one there to restrain him and nothing to tie himself to. Without thinking Parett ran full speed at a boulder and smacked his head into the solid boulder. The impact had knocked Parett out but had resulted in a cracked skull.

((Overall view)) Parett's cry for help was heard both by Ali and Vantrase. Ali turned away from where the noise had come from but Vantrase went of to explore. Vantrase looked across to the plains and caught sight of Parett. She couldn't move her mouth or any parts of her body. Was this true? She was looking straight towards a creature that looked like her. Not only this but she couldn't stop admiring his beauty, she often dreamed of a prince but never one as handsome as Parett. Parett hadn't noticed Vantrase, he was still trying to calm down and pick up the scent again. Vantrase wanted to talk to him but not a word could she speak. What could she say to a creature of her own kind that was supposed to be dead? Could she really love him, this question ran through her mind. She blushed at the thought of loving him but it all seemed to make sense. At that moment, what seemed right was wrong, and what was wrong seemed right. Her heart was pumping wildly and she was afraid that Parett would hear it. She never wanted this moment to end, but she also wanted him to notice her. To her shock Parett walked away and turned towards the route of which he had come from. Vantrase growled and stated, "He's not getting away from me that easily." Vantrase washed her face like a cat trying to make herself as beautiful as she could. She brushed her fur and practiced a smile but she could only grin. Parett was quickly leaving Vantrase's range and she knew the time was now. Vantrase ran parell to Parett, over taking him and climbing up a huge tree. She grabbed a twig and waited for Parett to come near. As Parett walked underneath the tree Vantrase extended the twig and tickled Parett's nose with it. Parett slapped his nose but Vantrase was to quick, she pulled the twig out of view. Parett looked up but couldn't see anything, now he was feeling things. Vantrase lowered the twig and again tickled his nose. She laughed slightly as he tried to grab the twig but she continued to tease his nose. Parett grabbed the twig and pulled on it, nearly pulling Vantrase down. Vantrase jumped down from the tree and at last, the two Acaras were looking eye to eye.

Nothing was said as the two Acaras of different genders stared at each other's eyes without blinking. Parett's mouth was opened wide and he was struggling just to stay focussed, he could have fainted. This was a huge shock to Parett and it was too much for him, he couldn't do anything. He was expecting the Acara to be male, but yet he was staring into the loving eyes of a female Acara. Vantrase's expression was very different; she was smiling sweetly and was amused by Parett's disability to say anything. She decided to speak first, since this helpless but handsome prince was unable to introduce himself. "My name is Vantrase," she stated in a loving manner. Vantrase tilted her head and waited for Parett's reply but nothing came out of his dry mouth. Vantrase questioned, "What would be your name?" Parett shut his mouth and cleared his throat, trying to sound as soft as he could he answered, "My name is Parett." Vantrase winked at Parett and ran around him, waiting for the perfect time to tick him. She leaned forward and ticked him then ran of laughing. Parett had already discovered the answer to her weird behaviour, she wanted to play. This was a new experience for Parett, since the death of his family he never had played with another animal. She watched Parett run towards him but noticed that he was extremely slow, she then caught site of his lesion. Vantrase grabbed a few berries and walked towards Parett's wounded chest. "This may hurt a bit but these bitter berries are great healers." With this statement she rubbed the berries into his bare flesh. Parett crunched his teeth together as a stinging pain entered and never left his wound. It was a torture but he trusted Vantrase so let her finish her weird treatment. It was over very quickly and after she pulled the berries from his skin, she wrapped a few leafs around his lesion. She smiled and told him, "My patient is very brave, I think he deserves a reward." Vantrase leaned forward and kissed Parett softly on his loving lips. She wouldn't release her grip; this was a new and fascinating experience for her. Parett was surprised at Vantrase's behaviour; it was easy to understand that she had never met another male before. She defiantly was a virgin and probably never had kissed a male before, yet he was not a virgin but it seemed new to him. The only Acara to break his virgin bond was his sister, so he never counted it as truly gone. Vantrase couldn't release him; she was enjoying the feeling of his lips touching hers. To feel his heart close to hers and to rub her head next to his head. Love had struck Vantrase, but did Parett feel the same way, this was the only question Vantrase had in her mind. She stopped kissing him and looked at his confused face. Could it be that he didn't feel the way she did? This doubt quickly left her as Parett leaned forward and carried on their kiss, indeed love was a part of them both. She whispered in his ear, "I love you." Parett smiled and asked, "Want to continue our game of tick?" Vantrase giggled and replied, "Ok but instead of tick, its kiss." Parett nodded and chased Vantrase around the field. They during the game would let themselves be caught, just to carry on their kisses. Unknown to them was Ali, who watched them and remembered when she was young with Kingler.

Chapter 6 - Dark Plans Are Revealed

Pikachu and Lugia scanned the local landscape in search of another Acara. Pikachu was looking for a friend for Vantrase but Lugia wasn't. As she had lifted of she spotted Ali wink at her, meaning to keep Pikachu out of her way. She sighed and wondered why she was always the baby sitter of this rodent? She didn't even like mice, except the ones that she eats but Pikachu wouldn't make a good meal. She knew that the colour yellow looked awful on her white and blue body, but yet she had to keep him on her back, out of trouble. They looked down every slope and dived through big caves in search of a friend but no luck. Pikachu walked closely to Lugia's head and stated, "We won't find another Acara, maybe Vantrase was right, she is the last Acara on earth." Lugia had already believed this but knew she had to keep him busy for a little longer. She asked him, "We shouldn't give up right now, lets keep looking." Pikachu shook his head and was about to order Lugia to go home when something interesting caught his eye. Pikachu whispered to Lugia, "Look down there, those are the Growlithe pack that tried to kill Vantrase this morning." Lugia stopped and with gentle movements of her wings, managed to hover in mid-air. She looked down and spotted about 15-20 Growlithes circling a dark creature. A closer inspection proved the dark creature, was an Umbreon.

"Did you kill Parett?" the Umbreon screamed at one of the Growlithes. The Growlithe walked towards the Umbreon and in a frightened voice replied, "No sir, he got away." The Umbreon tightened his fist and asked, "How much longer do I have to wait until you lot do your job?" The leader interrupted, "But sir," The Umbreon growled and using a blast from his hand threw a huge beam of light at the Growlithes heart. "Sir, master Pallin, don't!" The landscape lit up as the beam made contact and exploded. The sky turned back to its original colour as the light faded and nothing of him could be seen. Bits of his body sprayed down like rain, it was a gruesome sight. Pallin opened his mouth and ate a few of the falling bits of body to everyone's horror. Pikachu and Lugia looked at each other in fear, indeed the creature behind this was their worst nemesis, Pallin! Else you've read my other fan fic you may not have any ideas on who this Pallin guy is. Pallin is an Umbreon who is so evil, and I quote from Alison "that he makes Yerta look like a cute fluffy bunny." He used to be Ali's friend when they were cubs but was caught by a human and treated like a slave. He would often at night's dream of revenge and lived by the motto, "Revenge is Sweet." His idea of revenge got worse and soon he was picking on creatures that had never upset him. He was caught by Ali trying to kill Kelly but succeeded in taking over her mind, and using her for his wishes. She had killed Kelly for him by biting deeply into her neck and later led him to Yerta. Yerta stood no chance against Pallin and quickly fell to Pallin's power. That was the turning point of Yerta, that's when he discovered love and peace; it was just a bit too late though. Pallin also killed Vantrase, Ali's daughter and tortured the world with his evil power. He was insane and yet was able to out wit and beat enemies of any strength. He wasn't the brainiest Umbreon and he more lived along the line of fighting with brute strength instead of cunning. Since no one could match his power, he didn't have to use cunning. He had stopped bullying Ali and her family for over a year now and that made them wonder what he was up to. It seems Pikachu and Lugia are soon going to find out the answer to this question.

Pallin kept his eyes on the Growlithe pack but suddenly sent a strong beam towards Lugia. Lugia only just managed to dodge its destructive path but they had been caught. Pallin shouted at them, "Don't make me shoot you down, just land and we can discuss your death." Pikachu whispered to Lugia, "lets get out of here." Pallin yawned and carried on, "If you come down now I promise to give you a quick death, you won't feel no pain at all, BUT ONLY IF YOU COME DOWN NOW!" Lugia knew she would not escape Pallin so slowly hurtled towards the ground. Pallin smiled evilly at Pikachu and asked, "How's Ali, is she healthy?" Pikachu didn't say anything but watched in horror as Pallin aimed his paw at Pikachu's head. A Growlithe looked at Pikachu and screamed, "That's the idiot who defeated us earlier when we caught Parett." Pikachu now was confused; he hadn't protected an Acara called Parett. "Who is Parett, my friend was Vantrase." Pallin's face turned to terror, he grabbed the Growlithes neck and question, "Was this Acara female?" The Growlithe just shrugged its shoulders, which made Pallin angrier. "Dam can't you even tell a male between female, it's not very hard to do." Pikachu laughed and stated, "I don't think he can, he keeps thinking your male Pallin." The Growlithe started laughing at this remark but stopped laughing when Pallin kicked his head, straight of his body. The head rolled towards Pallin's paw, he smirked and stamped his paw, instantly squashing the head. "Does anyone know if it was a girl or boy, come on they look totally different." Pikachu shook his head and stated, "The artist who drew us never draw the genetics." Pallin sighed and slammed the ground with his fist. "Why do you care if she is female or male?" Pallin smiled at Pikachu as like normal, Pikachu had said too much, "So Vantrase is a girl, and I should have realised that, Ali's daughter, Vantrase was female." Pikachu began to back away but the Growlithes circled him and Lugia, stopping them going anywhere. Pikachu watched Pallin ponder and felt scared as he ordered, "You will tell me where Vantrase is, if you don't want to be tortured. I'm going to kill you anyway, but surely you don't want to feel pain?" Pikachu shook his head and refused to talk, he wasn't going to let his new friend get killed. "You don't care much about yourself, pain never bothers you. I know one pain you are weak to, a pain you can't resist," Pallin stated in an evil voice. Pikachu wasn't scared of pain; he had grown certain immunity to it. He was confused why Pallin had told him about a weakness, he had no weaknesses that he could think of. Pallin continued, "Your weakness is always the other sex, you can't stand to see females suffer." Pikachu looked at Lugia and then back to Pallin, "You leave her out of this, she has done nothing wrong." Pallin raised his paw towards a very frightened Lugia; she covered her face with her wings. Pikachu quickly shouted, "I'll tell you if you do me a favour." Pallin laughed and answered, "You are in no position to barging." Pikachu interrupted, "I'm curious, why are you processed about killing Acaras?" Pallin walked towards Pikachu and grabbing his head asked him, "What gives you success?" Pikachu scratched his head and answered, "Money?" Pallin punched Pikachu and carried on with his speech.

"Power, that is the key to success. We are judged about our strength, a weak person will not be successful, while a strong person will have a better chance. We seek power, to use it and to be a part of it. I'm the strongest Pokemon already, but Ali closes in and she could become a threat. Everyday she becomes more of a threat to me, a threat that must cease. Imagine what success I'd have, if I were so strong that no one could possibly match me? I know how I can achieve this. 300 years ago, a powerful Houou learned of a legend. Destroy thou planet of Neopets gleam, bring thus power of thou's wildest dream. This in modern English means, destroy the planet that Neopets live on and the creature that destroyed the planet would gain unbeatable power. The Neopets of Neopia learned of the Houou's plan and sent 100 of each race to earth, in case their planet was destroyed. The Acara race was strong though, they made a shield on the planet before leaving, "Until Acara cease to exist thou planet be safe." Houou set his heart on destroying the Acaras but he couldn't do it, so they bred and formed new generations. 5 years ago I learned of this legend, I sent a Nuo to investigate and she was able to inform me that over 26,000 Acaras lived. Since then Primeapes killed them, until only two were left. Parett and Vantrase are the only two Acaras stopping me from achieving me dream. The destruction of Neopia will be my zenith." Pikachu snarled and shouted, "You are really one sick bastard!" Pallin didn't seem to be bothered by Pikachu's outrage he just cracked his fingers and asked Pikachu, "I've kept to my part of the barging, you tell me where the little pests are." Pikachu's cheeks glared an angry red as sparks flew through the air. He used a massive Thunder attack on all of the Growlithes. The electric raced through their bodies and set every nerve alight. The charge quickly killed them and left Pallin, Pikachu and Lugia to finish their battle. Pallin sighed and asked, "Why do you always choose the hard way?" With this he leapt on Pikachu and forced his head into the ground. He pulled Pikachu out of the ground by his tail and punched his stomach like a punching bag. "Where are they?" Pallin boomed into Pikachu's ears. Pikachu began to speak, but it was muffled in the sound of blood, as he spoke blood drooled out of his mouth. "Yerta will take care of you," Pikachu managed to tell him. Pallin's eyes grew with fear, "What do you mean Yerta, he's dead!" Pikachu laughed slightly but couldn't move much. Pallin thought to himself and instantly clicked, "ALI!!!! She has the power to heal the dead, the bitch strikes back!" Pikachu nodded and closed his eyes, waiting for Pallin to deliver the final blow. Pallin shouted, "Vantrase will be with Ali, and they will be in Chester, and if I'm not mistaken, Parett will be there to. That little brat wouldn't miss on the chance of meeting another Acara. If Yerta is coming back, then so will Vantrase, both combined would over power me! The time is now, the destruction of Neopia will be tonight!" With this statement he zoomed of towards where Ali would be. Unknown to him, Ali was already to bring back Yerta, and Hyzenthlay was ready to bring back Vantrase.

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