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In the gloom, the ruins of the Viridian City Gym lay wrecked, filling the air with the odours of rust, tar and the stench of rotting amino acids dripping from shattered giant glass cylinders. The Gym was actually halfly wrecked. Underneath the wreckage concealed a tunnel to another place, the three-storey Celadon Game Corner staff room or in other words Team Rocket's second secret hideout.

The reflection of the night sky fell onto Giovanni's evil eyes. He was the leader of Team Rocket, Pokémon thieves and evildoers. The steam of his breath tangled with the fog hanging in the night sky. Suddenly a meteor streaked across the sky as it were knife cutting the sky. James, one of his associates, came to report to his boss. "Sir, our scientists have discovered something beneficial to us," reported James. He turned his wheelchair around to face James. "Have all of the Pokémon of Team Rocket been executed?" asked he. "Yes! Including Meowth" came the reply. Giovanni smiled as he looked the shooting stars.

"These creatures are nothing than trouble to us. Because of Pokémon, we had failed our mission, to conquer the world, instead because of these disgusting creatures, we lost our wealth and some of our members, including your dear female partner, Jesse." Giovanni roared in a rage, thinking about the loss of his two legs. (Recently, a police helicopter pursued Giovanni. When his helicopter crashed the sea, a Gyarados, a dragon Pokémon crushed his legs. But fortunately some Team Rocket members found him so he‘s alive today)

"And by the way, what has our scientists discovered?" asked Giovanni. James was at a loss for words as he'd forgotten about what it was. "Err.I forgot what it was," stammered James. Giovanni then hit him with cup "You should improve your memory power!" scolded the wheelchair-bound man as he went to the underground lab. The entrance to the room was dark at first but then, "Zommmm! Boom!" Black smoke blew out from beneath the door and through the broken glass panel on the door and directly onto James' face. Turning him black like an Indian and his hairdo became like that of Albert Einstein "I need more hair gel." James looked at himself in his pocket mirror.

Giovanni entered the room, which was filled with carbon monoxide and ozone. Several scientists in the smoky room were opening the air valves, to let in oxygen so they won't suffocate. There was a small weapon with a tiny cannon at the end. Fumes were spewing from the cannon. "It's the Boss!" The head scientist was a bit surprised as the boss appeared without warning. "What is that cannon doing here. This isn't the Crusades!" asked Giovanni.

"Eh Boss we have got some invention created by us. We can call it the light of death or lasers which could cut through anything, not to mention diamonds." said the head scientist "But it is still to at its first stage as you can see when its fires, it produces a lot of toxic fumes and takes 10 seconds to recharge." That night was a night to be remembered, as that weapon became the key to world domination. It was the beginning of a Team Rocket empire …………

Several weeks later, in an uncharted island, Mewtwo, the world's most powerful Pokemon ever, was deep in meditation. When images of Giovanni and his conquest of the world flashed by in his mind, the Pokemon broke out in cold sweat and awoke. The cavern began to shake and Mewtwo flew out of the cave, leaving the cave inhabitants stunned in its wake. The creature was followed by Mew, the Pokémon who shared the same DNA with Mewtwo. They were heading for the Pokémon League as the images Mewtwo had showed that Giovanni was heading for the gigantic stadium.

"I must warn the boy before it's too late." Mewtwo told himself. Meanwhile Ash Ketchum was on the way to the Pokemon League to become a powerful Pokémon master. He, his level 60 Pikachu and five powerful Pokémon made a mighty team would battle opponents in the stadium. "I am the best Pokemon Master! right, everyone?!" the boy asked his Pokémon. His Pokémon cheered for their master.

But Ash's Heracross, a beetle-like Pokémon, looked a bit suspicious. "What's the matter Heracross?" asked Ash. Then a blue light streaked across the sky. Mew appeared in front of the boy. "Mew, how nice of you to come see me off to the Pokémon League." Ash told the psychic Pokémon.

" Ash, big brother Mewtwo told me to warn you that Team Rocket is about to siege the Pokémon League!" Mew told the 14 year old. Ash was shocked. The Team Rocket members, he had always encountered, were always big time losers.

"Come! Pikachu, we must warn the others and Gary too!" Ash called out to Pikachu and returned his other Pokémon to their Pokéballs except for his Golden Noctowl who gave him and Pikachu a lift to the stadium.

Crowds of people were cheering for the trainers battling to become Pokémon masters. Everything was fine for the time being. "Thank goodness everyone was OK." thought Ash.

"Ash the loser, how did you get here!" asked arrogant Gary Oak, grandson of the famous Prof Oak and Ash's archrival. Ash told Gary to evacuate the stadium but the stubborn lad thought that the boy was jesting. Then there was a huge shadow on the stadium ground where the Pokémon battles were held. A giant airship was hovering over the stadium.

"What was that?" asked a competitor in the battlegrounds. Then several miniature jet planes flew out like disturbed flies and began shooting beams of lasers at break neck speed. The people began to panic and started to flee. But the exit was blocked by dozen miniature tankers and bikes without pillions!

" Well, it's been a while, Ash Ketchum!" said a light blue jet plane to Ash. Then some of its parts began to change places and other parts opened and closed. The plane transformed to its robot mode. "I recognize your voice, James!" shouted Ash. Then James shot a beam of laser at Ash's left hand, causing giving it a second-degree burn. Ash yelled in pain. "Now face the facts, Twerp. You have been ruining our plans long enough. It is time for Team Rocket to show you what real power is like without Pokémon. " James sniggered as he pulled Ash by the collar and lift him up in the air! "Boys, give this stadium a nice whacking. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!" James ordered. With that order, the tankers, planes and bikes extended their weapons and shot aimlessly at the stadium.

The beams of scorching concentrated light began to slice, melt and batter the stadium. Ash was trying to escape James who transformed back into his plane mode to pursue him. Then a black ball of energy hit James head on with a big explosion, causing him to spin wildly in the air and nosedive to the concrete ground. Ash looked beside him. It was Mewtwo, the strongest Pokémon on the planet. "Ash, are you alright?" asked the Pokémon. "This scorch won't kill. I will be OK" replied Ash. Lasers were streaking across the stadium, destroying everything and everyone in their path. Mewtwo fought the vehicles whose weapons were 100% accurate at shooting teleporting objects. Mewtwo was hit many times. Mew teleported his mutant counterpart back home secretly.

Team Rocket was defeated with the help of Ash, Mewtwo, and other Pokémon trainers. But the stadium remained a mess after the battle. James swore to siege this stadium again after the first setback.

In a Healing Machine, James and other injured team members were dipped in a gallon of disinfectants with a variety of machines including a "body part resurrector", it took 1/2 hour for "healing".

A mechanical monster prowled over the deck of a new marine base in the Atlantic. It was Giovanni in disguise, a mechanical Charizard had the ability to transform (this suit is part of his body?). "Phewww! Yuk! My mouth is filled with disinfectants! Phuk!" James spat into the sea as he complained about the bitter taste of the disinfectant.

When James saw his superior, he saluted and greeted him. Giovanni was staring out at the constellations blinking in the night sky. "I have heard of your defeat in the Pokémon League because of that disgusting Mewtwo & the other Pokémon. I think the Homing Missiles aren't good enough. But a setback won't sway my ambition to control this planet! And by the where how do find the new Healing Machine?" asked Giovanni. James felt a bit uneasy and replied "I fe…el like…going to the…Gents". Giovanni reminded James before he rushed to the latrine "The disinfectant is also a laxative too." Just then, the Head Scientist came out with a bottle labeled "danger". The contents were an eerie green in color. "Sir, our plan will be a piece of cake now. We have created a Pokémon Killer Virus. Any Pokémon stupid enough to catch it, will die in seconds." the head scientist reported. And that's when the bad began to triumph over the good…

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Pokemon Tech Organic 1

Torrence Tang


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