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Mewtwo was unconscious in his cave. Lasers have hurt him at the last time at the Pokémon League. Mew and some of the cave-dwelling Pokémon bathed his wounds and pasted herbal leaves for healing wounds onto the burns on Mewtwo‘s body. No Pokémon, any Pokémon trainer or master & every organism on this planet would foresee the extinction of Pokémon…

"Run!" Ash called out with his Pikachu was holding oxygen tank on his back and entrusting it to his dear life. "Spin!Nar!Rak!" Ash heard a Pokémon's cry for help. It was a small Spinarak, a spider Pokémon, being chased by a tanker. "Let the Pokémon goooo!!" Ash ran to stop the tanker but he was shot. The Spinarak looked in horror as Ash's lifeless body fell onto the charred grass. The Spinarak dug into the ground as tankers pounded the land with their titanium treads.

It was a catastrophic battle but anyone would call it a massacre. Pokémon of every species, every elemental kind have gone extinct. And eight months was all it took. Team Rocket now controls a mammoth empire that included all the continents on the planet. People were brainwashed and now they have sworn fealty to Giovanni.

Mewtwo was now a wanted criminal. While protecting him when his cave was under siege, Mew was killed. He felt guilty about it. He staggered like a drunkard in a wrecked Cerulean City. Then he felt someone tugging him. It was a miracle! It was Ash's Level 60 Pikachu but he was more like a friend then a servant to Ash. It followed the Mewtwo together with two other Pokémon, the Spinarak, Ash saved and a stray Rattata.

They mostly ate scraps of food from the bins of Team Rocket' s Military Headquarters. It was dangerous, especially when the General James was around. But things will start to change when they find courage to fight back against Giovanni and his Team Rocket soldiers.

This time, it wasn't time to go to the toilet when nature calls. It was a call to the disheartened Pokémon that they must recall their fighting spirit. Mewtwo was skeptical when he heard a mysterious voice. The "refugees" have no choice but to follow the sound. The voice led them to the once beautiful Mount Moon that was now empty except for some carrion birds feasting on dead Pokémon.It was a nauseating sight.

When they were searching the cavern for the mysterious voice, Pikachu fell into a bloody pond. Mewtwo tried to save him but he and the other Pokémon were dragged in. The "pond" was actually a gate to a mysterious place, a place beyond Man's wildest dreams. "Welcome to my temple, Mewtwo." The mysterious voice rang again .It was a golden bird speaking.

It had the features of every animal type on the planet. This bird was also possessed the powers of every Pokémon in existence. "Who are you?" asked a puzzled Mewtwo. "I am Mother Nature the creator of life in this universe." The Pokémon awoke from their slumber. "What do you want from us?" asked Mewtwo. "I have seen the atrocities done by Team Rocket and have heard your species cry." Mother Nature explained. "How are we going save our race? We can't beat Team Rocket." Mewtwo moaned in despair

"The only way is to make technology and organic life work together harmoniously. " Nature replied. Then she faded with the air. The temple started to glow with a glaring light. "Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" screamed Pikachu as a ray of energy pierced his rodent body.

That night, a bizarre reaction occurred..........

The strange lights at Mount Moon aroused the attention of Team Rocket. Giovanni sent out some troops to investigate this sighting.

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Pokemon Tech Organic 2

Torrence Tang


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