Fan Fics - Suicune's Journey: Chap. 1-3

Chapter 1

Suicune, was a beautiful pokemon. After a run in with Team Rocket, its fur was now pink. It heard rustling. " WE WILL GET YOU!" Oh no! It was team Rocket! Suicune let out a low growl. The meowth threw a net. Suicune barely dodged it. Next, it threw a tranquilizer. Suicune used mirror wall. The tranquilizer richocheted and hit meowth. "Well, Jesse said, Go everyone!" Wheezing,Victreebel,And wobuffet came out. Well, Suicune Used Hydro pump, And team rocket Blasted off " Were blasting off again!" "Grrrr" Suicune said. Suicune was in Ecruteak city. A trainer, named Juanita, Came into its veiw."This pokemon is beautiful.I think it is a shiny Suicune!" She said. She checked the pokedex. "Suicune: Attacks: Aurora Beam, Mirror Wall, Hydro Pump, and Bubblebeam." It said.But it did not list Suicunes secret ability: to switch with the opposing trainer,thus becoming the trainer and vice versa."Poke ball go!" Jaunita said. Suicunes eyes turned red. The poke ball was thrust back at Jaunita. Time seemed to stop. Jaunitas world was awhirl. Next thing she saw was herself. She looked down and she was the Suicune! "Now, Suicune said, Catch me, fool. You can only be yourself again if it is what I desire." Suicune walked off. She then beat Morty . Sure, a past pokemon could battle, and is not afraid to do so!

Chapter 2

Suicune, was working up the ranks on this quest. Soon, it had came to Blackthorn city. " What I did'nt tell Jaunita, was that I can keep switching. She may never be herself again! Suicune thought, after I beat Clair, I Shall go and beat the Elite 4! The girl Jaunita HAS'NT a Chance. In Kanto, She'll never ever find me!" So Suicune Beat Clair. It was traversing to the Elite Four. "I will be the pokemon master!!" Suicune said.

Chapter 3

Jaunita, well, now Suicune, was looking for herself. She wondered were Suicune was. She was bound and determined to switch back. She didnt know two things. That Suicune was in Kanto, and only the used-to-be Suicune could switch. "Well, Jaunita said, Ill find Suicune...soon...zzzz..." Jaunita was sleepy, she fell asleep in mid sentence. It was a good thing she had fur, and snow forms an insulative blanket, as a very thick blanket of snow fell, and fell....and fell... as Jaunita just had a much needed snooze.

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Suicune's Journey: Chap. 1-3