Fan Fics - To Mew Or Not To Mew?

How can I describe my first meeting with Mew? Well I suppose I best start at the beginning. It was a dreary November evening the storm clouds were gathering above my house and it was raining. I was sitting in my house playing with my Umbreon and she suddenly started sniffing the air and as I watched her, every hair on her body started to stand on end. I had a funny feeling that I was being watched. Suddenly flashes of lightening light up the room revealing a shadow on the wall. Who or what was the owner of that shadow I was yet to find out. A river of terror ran through my veins and my Umbreon sensing this started shaking and hid behind me. I felt a whisk of wind blow past my cheek and a warm glow spread through my body and at last I felt calm. A small pink light lit up in one corner of the room and started to float towards me I grabbed my pokedex from my pocket and pointed it towards the small glowing ball. Pokemon unknown it replied so what was I seeing? Was it just a figment of my imagination? It couldn't be it was too real to be wrong then the ball of light slowly changed shape into the figure of a pokemon never before discovered it was floating in the air and uttering soft mewing sounds and suddenly I understood it was talking to me and I even understood it. It was telling me that its name was Mew and that it had travelled many miles and was now tired and was looking for a place to rest and had seen that I would allow her to rest at my house this she explain was because she was a psychic pokemon and could read minds. She explained that she was searching for something that she had lost that was called Mewtwo I was not sure what Mewtwo was but I wished her well anyway. After a while when she had rested she said that she couldn't stay any longer and had to go. Suddenly a shaft of light lit up the room and I realised that I was lying on the floor in front of the window and I stood up. Was what I had seen false or wrong I was convinced but what do you think?

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To Mew Or Not to Mew