Fan Fics - Umbreon The Evil Encounter

This story features scenes of strong violence some ending in death. I’ve given this story a PG.

After the loss of her sister, Ali stared lonely into the never-ending horizon. Her encounter with a human had cost her the loss of her sister, Eevee. As the sun sank into the horizon, the sky changed its shade of blue. Ali lifted her head and watched a couple of Sandshrew building a nest. The Sandshrew seemed peaceful and worry free, not even caring about possible dangers. Ali for a few hours watched some more Pokemon in their natural habitat. They all looked and acted different from herself, she remembered what that trainer had called her, “an Umbreon.” Ali lazed in a tree branch, knowing now that she was an Umbreon had made the world clearer. She pocessed evil powers, but didn’t have an idea what to do with them. Her mind puzzled for ages, she was torn over two options, to lead a sheltered life, in the undomesticated world. Or to get even with the idiot who had caught her sister, but standing the chance of being caught and turned into a human slave. She tightly shut her paw and snarled.

Night had set and Ali was alone, free from the world but culpable in her knowledge that she had done nothing to save Eevee. She stood up, facing a boulder she shot a beam of light from her mouth. The beam smashed into the boulder moving and chipping it. Suddenly, from nowhere another stronger beam hit the boulder instantly shattering it. Ali looked around but saw no one. “W-whose there” she asked, shaken and scared. Another beam of light emerged from behind an arch. The beam seemed to be on a course to collide with Ali! She quickly moved out of its destructive way and sent a beam towards the arch. A figure emerged; using its tail it reflected the beam, which travelled harmlessly towards the sky. Ali bent her hind legs ready to battle the mysterious creature. The creature slowly revealed his face, which was dark except two golden coloured eyes. Leaping from its hiding place, the figure approached Ali. The moon’s light showed that it was black with golden hoops. For a long time Ali had wondered if there were more creatures that looked like her. Now she knew there was more of her kind but was she like other Umbreon’s? Umbreon was supposed to be an evil Pokémon, the only pure dark Pokémon. Ali didn’t seem to be evil, did that make her different? She just gazed at the Umbreon, without saying anything.

Ali looked at the figure and recognised that the figure looked like her, except the colour of the hoops. It opened its mouth and its deep male voice startled poor Ali. “My name is Yerta,” he quickly informed her. His voice was strong and clear. He spoke in a different accent from Ali but she could still understand him. Ali thought about the name Yerta, it was a name she never had heard before but was easy to pronoce. Yerta continued to walk closer to Ali but then walked around her in circles, inspecting all her body. Ali was confused why Yerta was inspecting her, was he looking for a mate or was he looking to see if she was strong? Ali opened her mouth to introduce herself but his voice masked her weak speech. “Your Ali I know about you, you’ve just lost your sister and you feel that it’s your fault.” Ali was amazed about how he knew her name and could tell her history. Ali watched as Yerta kept walking around her. Suddenly Yerta sent a small beam of light towards her, which she only just managed to reflect. Ali got in a skirmishing position to battle Yerta but he just stated “Reaction time 0.002 seconds, I’m impressed.” Ali stared at Yerta he was testing her but why? Why would Yerta want to know if she was strong and quick? Yerta ceased circling Ali and stood in front of her frightened face.

With a smile he carried on with his speech. “I’m a golden Pokemon that means I have strengths that normal Pokemon could only wish for.” Yerta then got closer to Ali, making her walk backwards. “Do not be terrified Ali, I can make you strong like myself.” Ali stopped retreating and looked at Yerta with amazement “what strengths do you seem to own that no other Pokemon can match?”

Yerta seemed to look like he’d been waiting for her to ask that question. He looked up and spotted an aeroplane, hovering in the moonlit sky. With an evil grin he sent a huge beam of light that hurtled towards the plane. The beam made contact and the plane disappeared into a huge ball of fire. The fireball lit the sky like a firework, and cascaded to the ground. The plane smashed into the forest ground, causing a second explosion. Faded cries could be heard from where the plane had crashed, they got louder but then, everything went quiet and no more screams could be heard. Ali watched in horror as the plane vanished into a huge cloud of smoke, suffocating any possible survivors. “That is my power,” boasted Yerta who seemed to be proud of himself. Ali looked at him angrily, “why did they deserve to die?”

“They are humans, humans are our enemies, as an Umbreon you are expected to terrorise humans” Replied Yerta in an angry voice which scared Ali. “You could have this kind of power, just trust me.” Yerta put his paw around Ali’s neck and kissed her. Ali quickly slapped Yerta and growled. Yerta snarled, in a terrorising voice he stated, “Don’t you feel it, you now have ˝ the power I own. As long as were both Alive, the power will make both of us very strong.” Ali lifted her paw, as she inspected it, a strange feeling gripped her body. All of Ali’s body began to glow and she could tell something was happening, revealing her nails she leaned forward and swiped a boulder, instantly slicing it.

Yerta smiled and asked “Don’t you have a score to settle with that trainer?” Ali looked at him, and nodded evilly.

5 weeks later

Ali had long ago given up looking for her sister. She had new attentions and a new mission. Ali wanted to share her powers with someone so that she’d have a friend. Yerta had appeared a few times to check on Ali, but he quickly vanished again. Ali was walking up a hill, admiring the scenery when she spotted a young trainer. He was in a fight with another trainer; Ali seemed interested so sat down to watch the outcome of the battle.

“I choose Rhydon,” Screamed a human, the other replied by shouting, “Go Chikorita!” Two red balls opened to reveal two Pokemon. One was grey and had a huge metal horn. The other was small, green and had a strange leaf on its head. The Rydon’s horn started spinning as it charged towards Chikorita. Chikorita dodged then released two vines, which shot out of her neck towards the Rydon’s body. The Rhydon fell over, but then a light emerged from its horn. “Lets see if your girl can dodge this,” shouted the big human. The Chikorita made an equally weird beam from her mouth, which Ali recognised as a solar beam. The two beams collided but the solar beam overpowered the hyper beam and carried on, towards Rhydon. The beam struck the Rhydon’s stomach, winding the oversized rhino. The Rhydon stood up, cuddling his stomach; he seemed to be in pain. The Rhydon with a tear in his eye fainted leaving Chikorita as the victor. Chikorita realised her victory and jumped up and down with joy.

The big human called his Rhydon back, a strange red beam shot from the centre of the ball and Rhydon disappeared, leaving the trainer alone. Ali impressed with Chikorita’s fighting skills declared her as a suitable partner. Ali watched the big human run of and thought, “These humans are only content with winning.” She decided to take over Chikorita’s body; running down the hill Ali body slammed Chikorita and knocked her to the ground. The small human, in the company of two other humans shouted at her. Ali looked at the humans, one looked different from the other two. Ali realised that must be a female human, she growled at them all. Chikorita got up and asked, “What have I done?” Ali looked at the Chikorita, grabbing Chikorita’s neck with her paw she leaned forward and kissed her, surprising the humans, and probably Chikorita herself.

Chikorita broke free from Ali’s grasp but with a struggle she felt something take over her body. As she struggled her eyes went red and her mind turned dark. When the trance was fully complete she laughed loudly and vanished with Ali. The smallest human, who was called Ash shouted come back, but no one returned. Meanwhile, in a cave, Ali started instructing Chikorita. “You now belong to me.” She didn’t seem content though, she knew Chikorita was only obeying because of the trance. Ali was wondering if this was the correct approach to take. She kept instructing Chikorita not knowing that Ash had followed her. Outside the cave the trio listened to Ali’s conversation. “If we keep taking over people’s bodies, then everyone will obey me.” “I don’t think so,” shouted Ash. He ran into the cave, releasing Bulbasaur. “Chikorita, fight Bulbasaur,” Ordered Ali

Rain started to pour as the battle commenced. Chikorita had the benefit, as Bulbasaur didn’t want to hurt her. She tackled Bulbasaur, knocking him to the ground. Bulbasaur leapt up and using vine whip held Chikorita in the air. Chikorita prepared her solar beam, which made Bulbasaur look nervous. She looked at Bulbasaur, but saw him defenceless and started to overcome her trance. She faced Ali and made her, her new target. The beam struck Ali who yelped in pain, knowing she was no match for Bulbasaur and Chikorita she turned and ran out of the cave. Yerta watched from the safety of the shadows as Ali climbed up huge baron rocks, trying to lose Ash. Yerta knew that she was no match for Ash’s Pokémon so decided to help her. One of the humans chasing Ali informed Ash “there’s a thick forest then a gauge, if we chase her there then we will have her trapped.” Yerta suddenly appeared and challenged Ash. Ash, wanting to stop these two evil creatures sent all his Pokemon to battle. Yerta was facing, Charizard, Heracross, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Chikorita and Pikachu. All together they sent a combined blast at Yerta who put his paw forward and grabbed the blast. The blast exploded but Yerta was still there nearly not scratched. Yerta opened his mouth and released a beam that struck Charzard’s wing, making a hole in it. Charizard growled in agony as blood trickled down his wing. Yerta smiled evilly at Charizard who out of fury sent a hyper beam. Yerta underestimating Charzard’s power tried to stop the beam but was back by its impact. Yerta had fire in his eyes and was about to send a light beam when all of Ash’s Pokemon did a group blast. This severely hurt Yerta who was now bleeding all over and unfit to fight. Ash’s Pokémon walked slowly towards Yerta leaving Yerta with only one option. With a sigh he abandoned the battlefield, leaving Ali. Ali now defenceless without Yerta so she turned around to run again. As Ash’s Pokémon chased Ali she knew that she couldn’t keep up her speed she needed to hide or lose them. Ali knew this area very well and knew of two cliffs nearly touching each other; if she could jump the gap then she might be able to lose them. Ali zoomed through a quiet forest hoping to lose the Pokémon in there but they were hot on her trail. As she left the forest Ali saw the two cliffs ahead and a ledge which if she could reach, she’d escape. Ali got ready to jump but Chikorita used vine whip to trip Ali. Ali fell on her face, and rolled of the cliff but quickly used her paw to grab a ledge. She looked down, a long drop. “Please, help me,” she begged to Chikorita who was watching her. Chikorita stared at Ali who again pleaded for help. “Give up your evil power,” Chikorita ordered. Ali thought to her, which was hard to do when you’re hanging of a cliff. “No!” she yelled at Chikorita.

Chikorita turned and began to walk away from Ali; meanwhile Yerta was watching from the other side of the cliff. “**** You!” screamed Ali, she rocked back and forward trying to get a foothold. Ali got her foot in a little crack, but lost her stability and let go of the ledge. Yerta stood up and screamed “Ali!” as Ali began her fall towards death. Without judgment Yerta used an evil power to change his stases with Ali stases, now he’s falling and she’s watching. With a thud, Yerta crashed into the earth, he bounced a few Cms and yelled in pain as a loud crack could be heard.

Ali ran down a safe path to where Yerta lied. The crack sound was his backbone; he looked into Ali’s sad eyes. He told her to meet him but couldn’t finish his sentence. His voiced sound drowned as blood drooled out of his mouth. She put a paw on his chest and looked up to see a startled Ash. “CURSE YOU SOUL!” she cried. She attempted to fire a beam but nothing, not only had she lost her golden power; she had lost her normal power. “Curse your soul,” she kept repeating. “You idiot,” she couldn’t shout any more, she was crying over Yerta’s body. She was not prepared for Ash’s next action, he threw a Pokeball at her, immediately catch Ali.

Ali was surprised when she learnt that Ash had left her in a Pokemon cerebral home. Over the next year tests and treatments were done on Ali. At first her tests went bad. “What do you see in this ink blot?” “I see your blood, as you lay all over the floor.” “Make a song that suits your character” “I’m a ticked up Umbreon whose getting ticked up by you, so idiot, do you think I give a tick, you don’t even have a clue.”

But as time went by Ali’s attitude changed. “What do you see in this picture?” “I see clouds.” “Make a song” “Life is a big test, freedom is such a wonderful thing, I love to breath fresh air, be free and to sing.”


“Dinner time,” Ali looked up from her basket and smiled at the lady. She had befriended the dinner lady a long time ago. The dinner lady was the only human who actually understood Ali’s feelings and emotions. The lady smiled and patted Ali on the head and tickled her behind her large, black, pointy ears. Ali watched as the lady put a bowl of meat in her cell, then left Ali in peace. She walked towards the food and eating it slowly wondered how long until she could leave. For one-year tests, surveys and treatments had been preformed on Ali who though changed was getting tired. As she walked outside for exercise she admired the scenery. Ali looked up at her master and asked, “when can I leave?” To Ali astonishment Her master laughed and replied never! Ali looked angry at her master and again asked, “When can I leave?”

Her master picked Ali up by her neck and answered “your in here forever.” Ali forgetting all her teaching slashed her master and growled. The frightened woman screamed “Guards!” Two big men ran to Ali and using a weird device sent thousands of electric vaults through Ali, paralysing her. When Ali woke up she was back in her cell, she got up and rattled the bars. Howling she shouted “Let me out, let me out!” with one more try, masked behind her crying she shouted let me out. 5 days later, Ali was aloud out of her cell, she was only thinking if one thing, escaping.

As she walked out side she ran to the fence, only to be threw back by the fence, which was electric. She was about to give up when she remembered something Yerta had told her; you must overcome pain to meet your destination. Ali again climbed the fence, even though the fence was cooking her paws she carried on. She jumped from the other side of the fence, and limping she ran into the forest. Now what, she was on the run and they would probably come looking for her. Ali discovered she was back where she first encounters Yerta and a cold feeling crept down her spine. “Ali.” She heard someone shout her name, but whom.

She looked behind rocks until a gas vapour formed. Ali watched the gas vapour mould into a familiar shape. Ali was amazed when the figure had finished moulding as the figure looked like Yerta. Ali was very scared was it her imagination? The vapour got nearer to her face, and got ready to kiss her. Instantly she leapt back, she now knew it was Yerta. “What are you doing stupid, you want your power back don’t you?” Ali asked herself this question in her mind and wondered did she need the power? She could easily just survive without the vigour but would have the guilt of knowing Yerta had died for her. The past year had taught Ali harmony and peace, Yerta’s power had a weird effect on her personality. If Ali could focus her power, then she’d have full control over it, but while Ali couldn’t focus, the power would turn her evil. Ali noticed Yerta was getting inpatient, looking straight into his eyes she replied no. “Don’t mark me off, I sacrificed my life for you.” Ali started running away, only to hear voices; the two guards were on her track. She turned and saw Yerta. “How would you like to be back there, suffering in their mental hospital, for the rest of your life?” Ali had no choice; she kissed the sprit that started forming into a solid object.

Good girl he told Ali as he flew of. Ali ran away from the humans to a safe spot and wondered what to do now she has her powers back. “Curse you soul,” she remembered saying that to Chikorita, a little payback time she grinned. Ali went in search of Ash who was now at his last gym. Ali grinned as she homed in on her target. Ali warped to where Ash was about to have his battle. Ali appeared starling Ash. Ash looked at her with a worried face and asked, “Aren’t you suppose to be in hospital?” Ali just laughed and pointed her paw towards Ash. Ash quickly told Pikachu to use thunder shock. The electric raced through Ali body and she quickly found herself unable to battle. What had happened, she had her power back so she should be able to take more then a little electric attack.

Yerta once again appeared but laughing at Ali. “Last time you wasted my power, so now I have all of it.” Ali couldn’t believe she had been tricked. She growled at Yerta and leapt forward only to be sent back with a powerful swipe of Yerta’s paw. Ash ran to Ali and asked if she was ok. Ali looked deep into Ash’s eyes. She had gone through life thinking humans are bad creatures, but now she realised that they care. She smiled at Ash and replied yes. Ash smiled back, Ali now removed of all evil, and having love for humans stared at Yerta.

Yerta advanced forward and tackled Ali. The great force of his body sent Ali flying into a nearby wall. Ash released his Pokemon but none were a match for Yerta. Yerta used his attacks to defeat all of Ash’s Pokemon. Ali got up and marched towards Yerta. Her body seemed to be glowing as she was focusing all her power. Ali jumped onto Yerta who was startled but quick to react. He leaned backwards-squashing Ali into the ground. Yerta got up and swiped at Ali, who started bleeding. Only wanting to rid the world of Yerta she stood up and bit into his neck. Yerta yelped and swayed his neck back and forth with Ali, still with her teeth in his neck hanging on. Yerta flew into the sky and used a hyper beam to get Ali of him. As she fell to the ground Ash sent Heracross, still injured to save her. Heracross leapt into the sky and caught Ali before she made contact with the earth.

She stood up and thanked Ash and Heracross then snarled up at Yerta. Yerta dived towards Ali and did a heavy body slam. Ali now very weak couldn’t continue to battle. He leapt up and body slammed her nearly killing her. Ali looked up and asked “why?”

Yerta ceased his attack and looked at Ali, what do you mean why?” “Is this the way to treat someone who loves you?” Ali asked him. “Why can’t you get on with humans?” Yerta just laughed and spotted a human watching their scuffle. He sent a fireball at the human who quickly jumped on the floor, rolled around and lay motionless. “Don’t you show any love or respect for humans, asked Ali?” Yerta relied with none. He looked at the human whose face didn’t look human anymore. Melted eyes and black burnt skin was all that could be seen. Yerta didn’t seem to mind but Ali got an idea. “At least, can I tell you I love you?” she asked Yerta. Yerta stared at Ali who laid, hurt and no longer black, but red all over.

Yerta crept down to her and asked, “Why did you never tell me this?” Ash could only watch in disgust, thinking Ali had given up. But as soon as Yerta was near her, she leaned forward and kissed him, sucking all the power. Ali got up and looked at the now weak Yerta. Yerta screamed, “You bitch, you fooled me!” Ali smiled and gathered all her power and sent it at Yerta, instantly killing him, and the evil power. Now Ali didn’t have any power but the world was free of evil. The men from the hospital suddenly appeared and told Ali she’s going back. Incapable to defend herself she asked if she could go free but they refused. “You’re a jeopardy when left alone,”

Ash quickly got an idea, “what if I become her trainer?” Ali looked at him; “it’s a choice between the hospital or me.” Ali with a sigh said, “I’ll go with you.” Ash threw a Pokeball, catching Ali. Later on in a forest Ash released Ali. Ali looked around, “where’s our battle?” she looked puzzled. Ash threw the Pokeball into a river and said “your free, just keep out of trouble,” Ali smiled and nodded to Ash, and ran quickly into the deep and dark forest. Ali will always remember her encounter with humans and evil, but mostly Ash. As Ali walked deep into the mountain she took a quick look to see if Ash had gone. Ali breathed deeply and ran into the dark forest, protected from humans.

I look back at my trainer, as he thinks I’ve vanished. He leaves me alone in the freedom, for me to find my own destiny and to find my own path. I still keep wondering what happened to Yerta, but I’m just glad this nightmare is over. There is still one thing that puzzles me, what ever happened to my sister?

Meanwhile in a forest clearing, a young spiky haired Pokémon trainer looked at his Pokeball. Throwing the ball in the air, the ball opened and a brownish coloured fox appeared. The sky was dark with a trace of evil in the air. The trainer looked down at his Eevee and nodded “It is time.” As Eevee howled at the dark filled sky, lightning ripped through the clouds nearly striking her. Eevee’s body changed colour as her voice began to change. Developing a few Cms hoops sprouted on her black coloured skin. After a few more seconds of lightning, the sky settled and the trainer opened his eyes. He smiled as he proudly gazed at the Umbreon in front of him.

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Umbreon The Evil Encounter