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I always knew I was different right from the start I could sense it right from being a cub before my eyes had even opened that I was different from my siblings and even from my parents. But just how different I was yet to find out! I remember the first time my eyes opened and I saw the world I knew I couldn't belong I wasn't the same. As I looked around I took in the dim surroundings of the den my mother had lain it to afford some security from dangerous Pokemon such as wild Pikachus but yet I saw my sister and brother cubs and my parents were a sandy brown colour and yet as I looked down I saw a small black paw which I realised belonged to me. What was I? Who was I? From whence did I come? I did not know but these were questions I needed answering to find out my destiny. Soon my mother decided it was time to let us venture from our den and to learn the way of the world but as yet I had no idea of what the world was. She led us out of the den encouraging us to stay close to her but the bright light in the sky that I later found out was called the sun hurt my eyes and I yelped with pain and had to retire to the den so as yet I had never seen the world but when the sun began to fade I once again ventured out the den and was finally liberated. But what was I? I knew I was not as my parents or siblings I looked different to them and felt different to them and although I understood what they said they spoke in accents quite different to mine. As I grew older the difference became quite profound and they would shudder as I walked past them although they could never guess why they did. I grew taller and more thickly set than even my father although I was as yet still only a cub and my dark fur became darker and yellow rings began to form on it. Soon it was time for my siblings and I to leave the den for the last time, to never return to become self-reliant. There was only one thing our mothers warned us when we left for the last time. She said stick together and be aware of humans. They are very clever and know everything. So we left and we separated in different directions. I was joined by one of my sister cubs. Who or what were humans and could they be of use in discovering who I was. There was only one way to find out to go and search for and human. I never mentioned this to my sister, as I knew this would frighten her but day-by-day we travelled northwards towards human habitations. One day we were continuing to travel when we scented a strange smell in the air we automatically dropped down to the ground making our bodies as close to the ground as possible then we saw him our very first human I leapt up so that he could plainly see me my sister copied my actions completely. The human turned and saw us and excitedly pulled a red instrument from his pocket and pointed it first at my sister and then me "Eevee" it said as it was pointed at my sister. "Umbreon" it said as it was pointed at me. So that's what I am a Umbreon finally I knew but a high price was to be paid for my information my sister Eevee was captured by the strange creature and taken away. I managed to escape but now I am alone I wander the earth causing destruction searching or my lost sister. I am the only truly dark Pokemon Umbreon!!!

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Umbreon's Story



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