Fan Fics - Umbreon and the Witches

It was a stormy winter night, the wind was howling through the cracks in the windows. The night seemed evil, the wind sounded like a shriek and the cold blistering air warped the life out of the town, of which I tell you about. The town people were having trouble with witches who would terrorise the town nightly. Legend had it that the two witches were led by a stray and powerful force who appeared in the dark minds of time.

The town's people knew of an evil fox that lived near to the town up near to an old and abandoned farm. They believed that she was causing problems for the worried town. So they decided to hunt down, and kill this evil fox in any way possible so they took torches and went in search of the evil force. Not far from the town about four kilometres out, they Came across a fox eating what seemed to be the bones of a once living chicken. They walked closer to this mysterious creature and suddenly it turned its head and looked at them with its dark red eyes.

Kill that fox came the screams that leapt from the fanatic lungs of the scared towns people, but then it did something they didn't expect, it talked. "I ask thy what terrible curse have I laid, to become something not living of which thee be paid" The town leader Alison spoke loudly and startled this confused creature. "If you are the living then why do you speak with the undead?" At this the creature leapt on a rock and howled at the sunken moon. "I speak of none to passed generations of which thy speak" Again the leader confronted the fox, "You created the pair of witches who cause us much stress and they do your bidding" The fox, who was getting quite annoyed by this woman and spoke in a agonised icy breath that was soft but firm. "These witches of who thy speak can show no gratitude to thee, as I have no credit for bring the stealth of night to your dazed town"

At this she ran away into the shrunken path of corpse crops to the lair of the two witches. Meanwhile in the cave the witches were concocting spells. "By the pricking of my thumb, something evil this way comes". The witch threw a blackened powder into their cauldron. Mist vaporised from the black soup and an image formed. The witches glazed at the black moving object. "Is it the moonlight playing on our minds tricks?" The witches seemed worried until a sudden reflection of a lamp highlighted the unknown creatures back. The light reflected from the silver colours on the moving objects back. "Be mistaken may I but who coloured silver and black do we know?" Evilly the witch sprinkled weird powders into the cauldron. "It seems Umbreon wants to visit us and the nature of her visit seems unknown." The witches started laughing and recited strange words not included by any English dictionary.

A silent bang uncovered an unearthly shape. The creature, which was the size of a human, left the witches cave, in search of his victims. Umbreon was getting near to the cave, she was very nervous and the rustle of every leaf attracted her attention. The monster hid behind a bush, waiting for her to come close, since he was not of anything that grows on this earth, Umbreon couldn't sense its presence.

Without any warning it jumped out of its hiding spot and leapt over Umbreon's back. Umbreon yelped mostly out of surprise and found herself defenceless. The monster grabbed her by her neck and lifted Umbreon above the ground. Now still in shock and suffocating Umbreon found it difficult to think of a way to save herself. She swung back and forth trying to kick the monster in the stomach but his chest was hard as rock. He let go of her neck but put his massive arm around her belly. The monster's hug got stronger and stronger as he squeezed all life out of her body. Umbreon eyes started closing as she fought just to stay alive. It squeezed tighter until she was gasping for air, she had only one chance. She wrapped her tail around an overhead electric wire. The electric sailed through Umbreon and into the monster. The electric didn't seem to affect Umbreon but the monster was in agony. It let go of Umbreon who quickly positioned herself and rapidly kicked the monster. The monster lost its balance and crashed into a leafless tree. Umbreon ripped the electric wire down and wrapped it around the monster's neck. The monster tried to run away but only succeeded in tightening the wire around its neck. It tripped and fell into a ditch, instantly hanging itself. Umbreon looked at the monster and walked away still gasping for air. The witches didn't seem to notice their monster was dead, so didn't see Umbreon entered the cave. As she softly, walked into the domain of evil she felt a cold breath of wind. She shuddered by marched forward to where the two witches feasted on their latest meal. With courage she leapt at a witch but with no prevail; the witch vanished into the cold gleam of the cave. The fox glowed red and released a thundering ball of light from her mouth.

The ball of light tracked and destroyed the first witch. The second, witch appeared as the lightning rattled the cave. "Umbreon a traitor to herself" These words shook her paralysed mind and she fought to control herself, for she had the power to turn evil. Umbreon battled and overcame the spell and at seeing this the witch sent a powerful fissure, hurtling towards Umbreon, of which she only just manage to dodge. The witch vanished and reappeared behind Umbreon. She kicked Umbreon in the side making the poor fox yelp with pain. Umbreon was lying on the floor, tired and still in pain from her battle with the monster. Umbreon needed time to charge up another ball of light.

She slowly got up and swiped her claws at the witch. The witch grabbed the paw and using her bare hands crushed Umbreon's paw. Umbreon jumped backwards and had trouble-staying balanced on 3 legs. The witch laughed at Umbreon, she froze Umbreon's body and suspended it, in mid air. Umbreon couldn't move and was in the mercy of the witch who approached her. She taunted Umbreon by spinning her upside down, and around. The witch laughed and patted Umbreon on the head. The witch put her hand and Umbreon's belly and teased her by tickling her stomach. Umbreon didn't laugh, she just got more and more angry. The witch ceased tickling Umbreon and dug her nails into the red stained fur. Umbreon growled and started glowing, the witch who was surprised and confused stood back. Umbreon could tell her full power had broken her invisible stocks. With an evil grin she released a more powerful beam of light at the second witch, which the witch couldn't dodge. The witch vaporised and the night had been saved by the night angel.

The townspeople cheered and celebrated the glory of their once stricken home. A little girl came along and picked the little fox up and hugged her. For Umbreon, she had earned her respect as a heroin of nature, but for the townspeople she was more. Alison was overcome and erected a statue in favour of the fox of hope. >This is my tale of the brave and loving Umbreon that proves any evil can be overcome by the heart.

By Andrew John Bate
Special thanks to Umbreon88

Umbreon88 is personally my best friend. She gave me the inspiration and courage to write this story. I wrote this story first, for her but when her and myself became members of poke dome and I read two of her stories and remember the story I had wrote for her. She reviewed my story and made a few changes, only a few though, so it makes better sense. So I'd like to thank her for the inspiration and taking the time to read and make my story easier to read, and being such a great friend. ^_^

Hope you liked it!

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Umbreon and the Witches