Fan Fics - Vantrase's Revenge

Ali watched Pallin run away in defeat. Though Pallin could easily have defeated Ali, he wanted to let the horror terrorise her. Ali didn’t feel any guilt for Yerta, as she hated him. Kellay didn’t deserve to die though, Ali thought of the moment she bit into her neck. Kellay was struggling but as she sank her teeth into her windpipe, Kellay’s head stopped jerking and blood had squirted out of the holes. Ali shuddered at the memory of her killing Kellay but nearly laughed at knowing Yerta had died to someone much stronger then him. Ali walked towards her family as they looked for a safe place to camp for the night.
*A few weeks later*
Ali was watching Kingler, Pipkin and Hyzenthlay play hide and seek. It was amusing to watch the cubs search for two over sized crabs. Kingler and Pipkin were too big and their colours clashed with the scenery making them lose all the time. Ali wondered where Gilliam and Vantrase were so went in search. Ali found Vantrase lying in the grass looking at the mountains. Ali sat down besides her and asked, “What are you looking at my dear?” Vantrase jumped in shock, as she hadn’t realised Ali’s presence. “Where is Dadda?” asked Vantrase. Ali smiled and replied, “He’s playing hide and seek with Hyzenthlay and Pipkin.” Vantrase sighed and stated, “He is not my Dadda, me talking about Dadda who look like Mumma.” Ali growled slightly, since birth Vantrase was her only child who wanted Yerta to be her father. Even though Gilliam shared Yerta’s genes he hated Yerta. Vantrase did share Yerta’s genes and also shared his personality. Vantrase always wanted to fight and had no respect for others and no manners. Ali knew Kingler was getting upset about Vantrase’s attitude towards him. Ali remembered back to the battle with Abolin, after Yerta learned to focus he was going to kill Ali. The only reason Yerta spared Ali’s life is because he didn’t want to upset Vantrase. Yerta didn’t care about Gilliam but he had a weakness for his daughter who when died gave Yerta the anger needed to be 100% focus.
Ali then remembered, like it or not Yerta was dead. Ali decided to tell Vantrase this as it may take her mind of Yerta. Ali put her arm around Vantrase’s small body. Vantrase was the slimmest of all Ali’s cubs since she was always training and not eating much. Several times Ali had complained about Vantrase’s diet but when consulted with Yerta he just said Ali was over worrying. Ali wondered how Vantrase could think of Yerta as a father, if Vantrase completed her training Yerta wouldn’t say well done, he would just set harder training. Ali had tried to stop Vantrase training but she refused, with a sigh she told Vantrase “Yerta was killed, by a nasty Umbreon who nearly made me kill your Dad, Kingler.” Vantrase broke free of Ali’s hug and looked at Ali’s face then turned away. Ali noticed that tears were sprouting from Vantrase’s eyes so kissed her on her head. “You still have me and Kingler,” stated Ali in a soft voice. Vantrase was getting sick of Ali keep stating that Kingler is her father. In an angry voice that startled Ali she shouted, “I don’t want Kingler as my father, he and Pipkin look nothing like the rest of us. Dadda was an Umbreon like the rest of us and is a great father. Stop telling me Kingler is my father, he is an useless, big, fat stupid crab.”
Ali leaned forward to smack Vantrase but knew that she was very upset. Vantrase looked at Ali’s face and during bursts of tears asked “Are you happy that Dadda is dead?” Ali knew the answer and was tempted to say yes but knew it would break Vantrase’s heart. Ali couldn’t replied, she was trying to think of a lie but nothing came to her head. Vantrase looked straight in Ali’s eyes and knew the answer. With a sigh she ran to a nearby tree and climbed to the top and lied down on a long thick branch. Ali looked up at the tree then walked away to find Gilliam leaving an upset Vantrase.
“Vantrase, Vantrase, its time for bed,” softly shouted Ali. Vantrase opened one eye and looked down at Ali. “I’m fine up here,” replied Vantrase. Ali decided not to argue, blowing a kiss she walked back to Kingler to go to sleep. Vantrase closed her eye but then heard a whistle. Vantrase quickly jumped up and looked around. The whistle got closer to Vantrase and suddenly an image appeared. Vantrase watched the image take the shape of Yerta. Ali noticed the presence of evil and got up to see Yerta’s sprit. Yerta looked at Vantrase and smiled “How are you Vantrase?” Vantrase was to scared to speak; she just stared at the image of her father. Yerta got closer to his daughter and looked at her body, “you seem to grow every time I see you.” Vantrase smiled and began to glow to Yerta’s surprise. “I’ve learnt how to focus Dadda,” she stated. With this her body glowed softly leaving a very proud Yerta. Yerta looked deep into Vantrase’s mind and began to laugh, “Your stronger then your mother!” Vantrase tried to hug the sprit but her paws just went through his body. She growled and asked, “Who killed you Dadda?”
Yerta snarled and replied “Pallin, and you are the one who will get revenge for my death.” Ali couldn’t believe what Yerta was saying, even if Vantrase was stronger then her she still was no match for Pallin. Ali couldn’t understand why he would want to send Vantrase to her death. Yerta kept on with his speech, “There is only one way you can beat Pallin, you must go elite. Elite is the last step after 100% focus; I nearly went elite when I was battling Pallin. It takes a little time to go elite but it gives you awesome power, I was killed before I reached it.” Vantrase nodded and asked if Yerta would show her how to become elite. Yerta shook his head and answered, “The only thing that scared me more then Pallin was becoming elite, the pain is incredible. I know I’ve always stated, you must overcome pain to meet your destination. But this power is so much it could easily destroy your whole body. I will not risk losing you until I know your stronger, train until your much stronger then you’ll be ready to go elite.” Yerta’s sprit began to fade leaving Vantrase, lonely of her father’s absence.
The next day Ali awoke to see all her cubs and Kingler playing in the water. Ali smiled and decided to join them, but she couldn’t see Vantrase. Vantrase meanwhile was in a clearing training intensely. Her training exceeded any intense training she had done in the past. She was smashing boulders with her paws and fracturing the earth. Vantrase, covered in sweat opened her mouth and shot a huge beam of light. Vantrase ran after the beam and got in its way, hoping her body was strong enough not to get injured by the blast. The beam struck Vantrase’s body and exploded into a massive ball of light. The explosion could be heard KM’s away and the impact made a huge crater. Ali heard the blast and decided to investigate, telling her cubs to stay where they are she ran to the baron crater. Ali spotted in the middle of the crater, Vantrase with blood and sweat covering her whole body. Ali was furious that Vantrase had put herself through this kind of training just to avenge her father’s death. Ali ran to Vantrase and growled harshly at her confused daughter. “No more training, I forbid you to train ever again without your father’s supervision, or mine” ordered Ali. The cubs appeared and looked at Vantrase who wasn’t taking any notice of Ali. “You listen Mumma, I’m 4 months old and can do what I want, and I will avenge my Dadda’s death,” shouted Vantrase.
Hyzenthlay walked closely to Vantrase and stated, “You’ve been asking for this for a long time.” Hyzenthlay leaned forward and smacked Vantrase in the face with her fist. Vantrase got up and tried to not let anyone know she wanted to cry. She inspected her jaw to see if it was broken then asked Gilliam “You surely want revenge for our Dadda’s death?” Gilliam shook his head and replied, “No, Daddy is an evil, nasty Umbreon and I wish he wasn’t my father. If Yerta wasn’t already dead, I’d assassinate him myself.” Vantrase began to glow at Gilliam’s reply but it wasn’t the normal glow of focusing, it was more. Vantrase screamed in pain as all her muscles tightened and her body exploded into yellow colours. Vantrase kept screaming as her body turned bright yellow and her muscles expanded. Vantrase quickly lost her mind and became unconscious.
As Vantrase opened her eyes she was looking at Ali who had been washing all the sweat and blood of her. Vantrase looked at her skin, it was black with golden hoops, her transformation had failed. Vantrase tried to get up but Ali pinned her to the ground, “You’re going no where.” Vantrase knew that if she battled her mum she would win, but even though she wanted revenge for Yerta’s death, she also wanted to be safe with her mum. That night Vantrase got up and walked into the forest. She knew how to become elite but she didn’t dare try it again as it nearly killed her the last time. Vantrase knew that before she fainted her level had increased from 400,000 base level, 1,000,000 focused power to over 2,000,000 with elite. Vantrase thought to herself, if she could learn to over come the death blowing elite transformation, her level would be twice as strong as Pallin. Vantrase screamed at the top of her lungs, “I WILL HAVE VENGENCE, YOUR SOUL DADDA WILL NOT DIE, IT WILL ASSIST ME IN MY STRUGGLE, YOUR DEATH WILL NOT BE IN VEIN.” A sudden yell came out of the forest grass. Vantrase spotted a Pikachu and a Jolteon looking angrily at her. “Keep it down, some people have work in the morning.” Jolteon looked at Pikachu and laughed, Pikachu watched Jolteon laughing widely and asked “what’s wrong with you?” Jolteon looked at Pikachu and stated, “Your funny.” Pikachu looked deep into Jolteon’s eyes and wondered, where did he come from?
Morning rose as Ali yawned and woke up. Her smile of good morning quickly changed to horror as she noticed Vantrase was missing. Ali ran to Vantrase’s training spot but couldn’t see her. Ali spotted bottles of beer lying on the floor and followed them to a big shrub. Ali looked inside to see her friend Pikachu and a Jolteon. “Wake up guys,” she said while nudging Pikachu. “Go zzzzz away, I paid my rent zzzzz you can’t zzzzz prove anything zzzzz yeah that’s my money and zzzzz this is my gun zzzzz.” Ali looked surprised at Pikachu who quickly woke up. Ali asked Pikachu what he was talking about and he stated, “Chikorita’s sister wanted us to pay rent to stay with her, I do regret what I did.” Ali looked horrified, “what did you do?” Pikachu looked sleepily at Ali and replied “Now Chikorita’s pregnant, she needs somewhere to stay and Becky wasn’t happy at the thought of having extra mouths to fill. I’ve paid Chikorita’s sister rent, but for only Chikorita, I’m living in the wild with my mate, Jolteon.” Jolteon woke up and barked happily at Ali. Ali smiled then asked, “Have you seen Vantrase?” Jolteon barked and shouted “Yeah she was da bomb last night, we had a friendly drink and she said somethin about liven away from home. She wanting to help her Dadda or something I don’t no but she seemed upset.” Ali snarled, “You gave a 4 month year old alcohol?” Pikachu looked at Ali, “I’m the most meatier here and I clearly asked how old she was and she stated, 18” Jolteon nodded and added “Pikachu be 15, so he oldest and most mer, mer, what ever Pikachu said.” Ali slapped Pikachu around the face and shouted, “You two are immature and you couldn’t find your brains even if you knew where they were.” Pikachu stood up and stated, “Of cause we know where our brains are, we allowed them to go out for lunch.” Jolteon again barked showing he agreed, Ali was fed up with them so decided to look for Vantrase. Pikachu looked at Jolteon and asked, “Are you a dog?” Jolteon looked confused and replied, “I’m a Pokémon.” Again Pikachu looked at Jolteon and asked, “Want to go and attract and get slapped by beautiful girls then arrested by the police?” Jolteon barked lively and followed Pikachu J.
Ali spotted Kingler and asked, “Have you seen Vantrase?” From the background Pikachu’s voice stated “Yeah she’s cute black and gets drunk very quickly.” Jolteon once again barked and Pikachu thought it was time to introduce him, “This is Zapy the Jolteon.” Ali wasn’t in the mood to listen to Pikachu or his strange friend, sending a beam of light at them they were flung back over the forest and landed in a lake. Ali was about to ask her cubs when a feeling came to her body. Ali remembered this feeling of super power. She had only felt it when near Yerta or Pallin but neither of them were around, she thought. From the clouds came a pink object that Ali recognised as, Abolin.
“I’m back,” she laughed evilly. She landed softly and looked at Ali, “Where’s Yerta? You are not who I want to battle.” Ali growled and boasted “Yerta was killed by someone much stronger then you.” Abolin laughed thinking no one could be stronger then her. A figure emerged from a nearby tree, Pallin was back. Ali sighed knowing that the two strongest Pokémon were sandwiching her in the middle of an awesome battle. Pallin snarled but stated “Abolin, do what you wish, I have nothing against you but don’t try battling me as it would be in vain.” Abolin checked the levels of her opponents, Pallin was 2,000,000, and Ali was 700,000. Abolin was frightened of Pallin but boasted to Ali, “I’m 1,000,000, you have no chance.” Ali leapt at Abolin’s body, slamming her to the ground. Abolin growled then attempted to body slam Ali but she was knocked back by a powerful punch. Abolin kicked Ali sending her flying but Ali quickly spun and dived towards Abolin. Abolin dodged the dive then sent a beam that pushed Ali quickly towards the ground. Ali smashed into the ground and was lost in a hole made by the beam. Abolin laughed until a beam emerged from the hole and made contact with her. The ball exploded losing Abolin in a thick surge of smoke.
The smoke cleared to reveal Abolin, puffing for air and injured. Abolin checked Ali’s level again, 700,000. Ali was 300,000 weaker then her but was better skilled. Abolin had never battled a Pokémon who came close to her level so she wasn’t experienced in combats. She was use to just killing opponents by sending beams of light at them. Abolin spotted Pallin laughing at her and began to lose her cool. “I guess its time to use my full power,” Abolin began to boast. “I will use my full power, a rare treat that I’ve never been forced to do before.” Ali decided not to let Abolin power up, she charged at Abolin but was stopped. Pallin had grabbed hold of her tail and then gently asked, “Do you have honour? If you do then you’d let Abolin get her full power so it would be a fair fight.” Ali grinned and stated, “I have no honour.” Pallin swung Ali by her tail and let go of her, throwing her towards her cubs. “I will let Abolin power up, I’m interested who will be the victor.”
Ali couldn’t believe Pallin was playing with her. Even if she beat Abolin she would still have to challenge Pallin. Abolin quickly stated “I’m now at full power, I’m a million plus a ˝.” It didn’t take Ali very long to work out her level, she was over times stronger then herself.” Abolin hurtled towards Ali and thumped her back with her elbow, sending her down into a deep crater. The crater erupted as Ali shot from the middle towards Abolin. Ali used all her strength to punch Abolin, but she just grabbed Ali’s paw and tossed her towards the ground again. Ali hit the ground and yelled as her back scraped the floor. Pallin decided Abolin had won; he walked slowly towards Ali and grinned. Abolin watched, not wanting to anger Pallin, as he got ready to swipe Ali’s neck. Pallin got her paw ready but was knocked back by someone with a powerful kick. Pallin crashed into a boulder and opened her eyes to see a fist punch his face. Pallin’s body went through the rock and emerged from the other side. With a scream Pallin stopped then looked at his foolish challenger. It was Vantrase, she had came back to save her mum.
Pallin smiled at Vantrase and asked, “I see you want to share the same fate as your father?” Vantrase screamed loudly and charged towards Abolin. Abolin smirked then stopped Vantrase with a blow to the stomach. “My you are a brave young fighter, it is a shame to destroy someone who shares beauty and courage.” Pallin was about to do a fatal tackle when a sprit formed again. Yerta quickly looked at Vantrase and told her to go elite. Pallin looked surprised at this remark but then knew what Yerta was talking about. Pallin had wanted to go Elite but didn’t know how to achieve this great step. Pallin looked at the sprit and asked “Yerta, how do you go elite?” The sprit laughed and relied “I’d never tell you, but I can guarantee you’ll get beaten by my daughter.” Before Vantrase could begin to go elite, Pallin put his paw on her throat. “Your daughter is very beautiful, it would be a shame to separate her body from her head.” Yerta growled in fury, knowing what Pallin was asking. He sighed and told Pallin “experience hate/love and anger at the same time to go elite. Vantrase nearly went elite because she was angry about my death, hate of you and love of Ali.” Pallin’s body quickly began to glow a fiery gold, it was strange that Pallin didn’t feel the tremendous pain that should had followed. Pallin was already strong enough to go elite, so he didn’t even feel any pain. His body turned complete yellow, quickly finishing his transformation.
Pallin thanked Yerta but then stuck his nails in Vantrase’s neck. Vantrase jumped up then made coughing noises as her windpipe had been destroyed. Pallin laughed as he pinned Vantrase to the ground, her arms were flying everywhere as she attempted to breath. Ali watched in horror and disgust as Vantrase slowly suffocated. Her arms slowly stopped moving and one more jump for help followed by her eyes shutting and her body resting. Ali charged towards Pallin and knocked her away from Vantrase. She was about to kiss her, to bring Vantrase back to life when Yerta shouted, “NO! If you bring her back she will just suffer the same death again. You can only revive Pokémon, you can’t heal missing body parts.” Ali agreed not to kiss Vantrase, she knew that Vantrase would just awaken then quickly die again.
The blood in Ali began to boil as her temper got out of control. She snarled in agony as Pallin just laughed, “Red, the blood of an angry Umbreon,” joked pallin. “Black, the evil that must end,” stated Ali as her body began to glow gold. Her body disappeared into smoke and golden coloured fireworks emerged from the smoke. Pallin knew what Ali was doing so launched himself towards her. Pallin kicked Ali, causing her to emerge from the smoke. Everyone looked in horror, as Ali was different, her body was gold! She tried to attack Pallin but her attack was easily dodged. Pallin was still stronger then her, but it was time to get revenge on Abolin. Ali aimed her punches for Abolin and every single one hit its target. Ali was surprised how strong she was, every punch and kick was injuring Abolin. Abolin tried to wrap her tail around Ali’s neck but with one hand Ali ripped her tail of her neck. Abolin screamed in pain as Ali showed her, her tail. Abolin looked at the sky and Ali could tell what she was thinking. She was thinking about running and returning again, well this time Abolin will die. Ali bit into Abolin’s arm making Abolin scream. Ali sent a beam of light down Abolin’s throat that exploded. Bits of Abolin went everywhere, leaving Pallin satisfied. Pallin seemed to enjoy this grisly scene and even ate a few parts that landed near him. Ali felt sick after watching this but decided it was time to destroy Pallin.
Pallin stated, “X2 will soon be reachable and I will reach it.” Ali stopped to figure what he was talking about but he was to quick to attack for her to think. Pallin jumped on Ali’s back and kicked her belly repeatedly while laughing. Ali jumped above him and body slammed him to the ground. Pallin growled and was about to attack when he began to feel pain. Ali was already feeling pain but she couldn’t tell if it was the blows from Pallin. Pallin clutched his stomach and suddenly he stopped glowing yellow. Ali knew that elite was too strong for anyone, but she seemed to have the upper hand. Ali could deaden pain, besides the pains felt the same as when she was pregnant so she was use to the feeling. Ali hurtled towards Pallin thinking she was invincible but he did something she didn’t expect. He was still equal to her; he could still block punches and could still deliver blows. Ali knew that in elite she was as strong as his 100% focus, this really annoyed her.
Ali sent a beam of light towards Pallin, it was huge and had been taught to her by Yerta. He had called it Haztre, and it normally was too strong for focus. Ali knew it was time to try out his evil beam, Yerta had only done it once and it had destroyed a whole forest. The beam hurtled towards an over confident Pallin. He grabbed the beam but to his surprise it didn’t stop. The beam pushed him back and he knew he needed to escape the blast. Pallin watched the beam get ready to explode so flew up into the sky. The explosion followed Pallin and scorched his sides. Ali was going to send another one when she noticed her elite glow had gone. The attack had used most of her energy and he was still alive, not good. Pallin fell to the ground and stated “I could kill you right now but I need to recover my injures, your spared for now, but I’ll be back.” With this Pallin disappeared leaving Ali and her cubs.
Ali decided to take her cubs to a new forest so they’d be safe from Pallin but as they left they spotted Yerta’s spirit. Yerta was smiling at them and Ali quickly discovered why. Vantrase appeared as a sprit and stood next to her father. “Bye Mumma I’ll always love you,” cried Vantrase as her sprit faded. Yerta whispered in Ali’s ear, “One year.” Ali looked puzzled but waved as Yerta faded with Vantrase. “X2 and one year, what are they talking about?” Ali puzzled to herself.

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Vantrase's Revenge