Fan Fics - Year Of Darkness

The universe was silent. There was nothing there, not a living thing nor a dead thing. It was a just space, no stars, no asteroids, no nothing, except for a ball of energy that was in the center of the universe. This ball had been growing for the last twenty years, and was about to explode. This ball held the future of the universe, and the planets in which the future would take place. If there was somebody there to see it, they would however see thin stringy lines made up of thousand of tiny brilliant colors that lead into the ball. Finally, after much anticipation by the society of nobody, the ball exploded. From it came several planets pre-formed by trillions of stars. There were five in all, none of them had names. This was happening in other galaxies too, planets were popping up out of nowhere. In different galaxies more or less than this one, some had one, some had three, some had six, some had seven, but they all had planets. One of the planets, it was completely endowed with trees. Trees covered almost all of the land. About 10% of this planet was water, and the rest was land. But there were no living things on this planet, nor any of the other ones. But on all of the planets in this galaxy, there was a central source of energy, like the ball in the galaxy. From it, came two things. A boy and a being. The boy looked like a regular human boy, about the age of 12. The being was a hunched up form of what looked like clay. It moved, and it could fly, but didn't do so just yet. When the two forms came out of the energy source, a low drone voice said, "Yukinari" when the boy came out, and "Serebii" when the hunched form popped out. These were there names. The boy seemed to be programmed with information on his purpose, while he was standing there a voice went through his head.

"Yukinari," it said, "You are the first being in this galaxy. Your purpose is to protect Serebii over there. Throughout this planet's existence, their will be many troubles that Serebii will need protection from. But don't think that Serebii is defenseless, it balances time and space together. Without it, we wouldn't be floating through space at an alarmingly fast pace. This Serebii is the only one of its kind, but it has the power to produce different beings that are completely different from it, except for one similarity. Do you want to know, what it is?" The voice said, pausing. Yukinari nodded. "They are all what is known as Pokemon. The Pokemon are from a long line of evolutionary creatures, and they are currently in their around 12 million years of existence. These Pokemon lived in another galaxy, and were all killed off, except for one. Serebii. Yes, and Serebii can re-produce these Pokemon. Without the re-production of Pokemon, creatures will no longer roam these galaxies. So you Yukinari, will have to protect Serebii from the predators that have come and wish to kill Serebii, to have the world all for themselves. Serebii can only produce these Pokemon and have its full power and strength in the surrounding forest. You'll be able to tell where the forest begins and ends. You will decide on the name, it's your choice, Yukinari. You will protect Serebii inside the forest. So you have been granted what we like to call, the pergutory of mortality. You aren't immortal, and will live until you are killed by someone else, you will never die nor age from natural causes. So you may you live a long and successful life, Yukinari. Animal existence depends on you." And the voice went away.

Yukinari didn't know what to think. He was up for the challenge, he knew that he had to. So he decided to follow the voice's command, and protect Serebii. He and Serebii walked into the forest for hopefully the first and last time.

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Years of Darkness