Fan Fics - Yerta's Revenge

Alone in the dark jungle, Kingler and Umbreon rested their tired bodies. Kingler was healing from his injuries and Umbreon was training, to raise her strength. Pikachu had left ages ago, to go back to England and look after his trainer. Pikachu, after being revived by Ali, had took the parett leave back. His trainer Becky would by now be healed, and they would be back to their normal lives. Ali missed her friends in Britain; she missed Amy, Pikachu and Feraligator. Umbreon was now alone, in South America with Kingler, trying to escape her problems. "Ali", Ali looked at Kingler who was fishing in a nearby river. Ali rushed over to him, and watched as Kingler wrestled with a huge fish. The fish wiggled to get free from Kingler's grip but it had no chance. Kingler quickly squeezed his claw and chopped the fish's head of. With a licking of her lips Ali scorched the fish with her eye beam. Kingler and Ali sat down to eat the fish, it seems life for them was easy now in the jungle. Ali happily ate the fish, but looked at her belly, which lately had been growing in size very quickly.

Meanwhile back in England, a sprit still roamed free looking for its body. The sprit was Yerta, but his body had been destroyed by Ali. The sprit that was invisible and couldn't make any contact with anything living roamed the world. The sprit couldn't perish until his mistress, Ali died. He had foolishly given her some of his power, so she owned him still. With a sigh he fell asleep, trying to figure how he'd come back and what he'd do. In Yerta's sleep he got visions of the battle between him and Ali. With a growl he rembered back to when he was winning, he had body slammed Ali and she became no threat. He had believed Ali when she said she loved him, which was a trick. Ali had kissed him, and sucked all his power, then sent it back to him, instantly killing him. The vision of the beam coming towards him made him shake, the beam got closer and closer until it hit him! Yerta quickly woke up to find he was having a nightmare, with a cry he wished he were either living, or dead. "As long as this bitch lives, I remain half dead, half alive."

Yerta needed a body to over take, but being a sprit he had no chance, no one could see him or sense his presence. Yerta sighed and went back to sleep. Back in Brazil, Ali and Kingler had finished their meal. Ali burped softly then laid down her black and silver coated body. Kingler laid down next to her smiling and put his claw around her. Umbreon smiled then went to sleep; with Kingler near her she had no fear. As the moon raised and the sun fell, the jungle went pitch black, instantly hiding Umbreon's fur into darkness. Thinking of her problems in the past, being in a mental hospital, holding a dead Pikachu, getting caught by a human were all bad memories. Ali still had trouble forgetting these memories but she tried to hide them deep down, where she hoped they wouldn't return.

Ali dreamed of herself, resting in a field of flowers in peace. The flowers smell relaxed her; she didn't even feel any anger. The flowers started turning black, surprising Ali then out of one came a dark figure. It was Yerta; Ali leapt to her feet and walked backwards. Yerta leapt at her, pinning her to the ground. Ali couldn't move she looked at Yerta's evil face as he swiped his paw at her neck. Ali waking up jumped up waving her paws screaming. Kingler woke up and grabbed hold of Ali. "Wake up Ali, wake up. You're having a nightmare, wake up." Ali quickly opened her eyes to see Kingler looking at her. She burst into tears and leaned on Kingler telling him she saw Yerta. Kingler put his claw on Ali back and massaged her back, "Don't worry, it was just a dream, I won't let anyone get you." It took a little time for Ali to stop crying but then she looked in Kingler's loving eyes and kissed him.

Kingler was getting worried about Ali, the pass few weeks she had a few of these nightmares. He could tell that Yerta was still alive and knew that until Yerta died, Ali would keep having these nightmares. The problem was they couldn't find Yerta; if they could they would kill him straight away. In the morning Kingler woke up to find Ali, lying near the river and worked out that during the night she must had been ill. With a sigh he walked over to her, he gently touched her back to wake her up. As soon as he touched her she jumped up and shaking she looked at Kingler. "This is getting stupid Ali," he softly spoke to Ali. "You need to talk to someone about this problem of yours, a psychologist." Ali looked at Kingler and shouted, "No way am I going back to that mental hospital! I don't have a problem that I can't handle so leave me alone," Ali started crying again and through her tears looked away from Kingler. Kingler knew that she couldn't go on like this, calming her down he sat next to her and tried to help her but she didn't want his help. Kingler wondered if Ali's stress was making her over eat. He looked at her belly, it was defiantly growing. He was tempted to tell her to go on a diet, but he didn't want to cause her any more stress.

In England Yerta could tell that he needed to find a victim. He could only talk to dark and psychic Pokémon. He watched slowly the world turning when he caught sight of a bird in the sky. He looked up and recognised the bird as a Lugia! He smiled evilly and getting excited about the possibility of coming back alive chased the bird. He caught up with Lugia and was happy to discover she could hear him. "Who are you?" Lugia asked. Yerta smiled and quickly travelling up Lugia's mouth took over the unfortunate body. Amy screamed as her body was being over taken, she kept asking, "What's going on?" Yerta laughed and then Amy laughed to.

Yerta had finally taken over a body. He looked at himself and then sighed, he realised he had taken over a female body. From the ground an oversized Feraligator yelled up to him. He didn't want anyone to know he had taken over Amy's body so flew down to him. Feraligator looked at Yerta and asked, "How are you Amy?" Yerta trying to put on a female voice stated, "I'm great but I need to find Ali, have you seen her." Feraligator looked at Yerta surprised and told him "She went to Brazil remember, to forget about that stupid bastard, Yerta." Yerta was about to thump Feraligator when he remembered he was pretending to be Amy. He laughed then raised his wings. Feraligator pulled at Yerta's wing and asked does he get a kiss. Yerta took of at the fastest speed ever recorded leaving a very confused Feraligator.

I still don't know where in Brazil Yerta thought to himself but that won't be a problem. I must kill Ali if she dies then I will be able to keep this body as my own. Yerta left Britain and sailed SW to South America. Ali meanwhile while hunting with Kingler got a funny feeling in her stomach. Ali told Kingler this and he stated "If your going to be ill, don't do it in front of me." Ali laid her paw on his head, showing that she wanted him to stop talking. "I don't feel nauseas, I have a funny feeling, like something is coming this way." Kingler looked around but couldn't see or hear anything. He asked, could she hear something and she stated, "No, but I have a 6th sense." Kingler seemed interested and asked what could this extra sense do. "I can predict certain things happening in the near future," Ali answered. Kingler smiled and asked, "Can you tell the football results?" Ali growled at Kingler who replied, "I just want to know if Manchester united are winning."

Ali sighed as they carried on looking for food, not realising the upcoming danger. Yerta meanwhile had already reached Brazil but wasn't sure about the body he had over took. "I don't know the power that this body can store and use, I must not exceed its possibilities." Yerta raised his wing towards a small village and sent a beam of light, which instantly destroyed the whole settlement. Yerta laughed as he found that this body could take more power then he thought possible. He knew if he was still in his old body, his Umbreon body that he'd be even stronger but because of Ali he couldn't. Yerta thought of Ali and growled, tightening his wings he again thought of how she fooled him. He remembered how when the beam came towards his body, he had to leave it. Unknown to Ali, he had left his body before the beam destroyed it, he was watching from a nearby tree, as his body went up in smoke.

Ever since his body had been destroyed, he couldn't take over other bodies else they to shared the same powers that he did. It was lucky that Amy's body was psychic so was nearly the same as his old Umbreon body. With a grin he clapped his wings a huge tornado shot down and scoped up all the surrounding trees, as it grew bigger. Laughing to himself he thought it was time to meet Ali, for the last time!

It didn't take long for Yerta to find Ali. Yerta landed and walked towards her. Ali not knowing of the evil Yerta's return thought it was her friend Amy. With a smile she ran to Amy and hugged her. "How Britain?" she asked her old friend. Yerta, putting on a female voice replied, "Britain is fine, except for an out break of foot and mouth." Ali sighed but then asked how Pikachu was getting on with his trainer. Yerta didn't know who Pikachu was so answered; "He's getting on great with his trainer. I've met him, he's very nice human," Ali growled at Yerta and backed away from him. "You should know that Pikachu has a female trainer, your not Amy," Ali stated. A cold feeling rushed through her and she suddenly recognised him. "Yerta," she asked. Yerta nodded, making Ali hide behind Kingler. Kingler looked at Yerta."I don't know you personally but I've heard a lot of nasty things about you." "How ever shall I sleep?" asked Yerta in an evil laugh.

He shot a beam at Kingler but Ali jumped in the way. Yerta looked at Ali, "Who is he, your boyfriend?" Ali smiled at Kingler and replied yes. Yerta nodded and leapt towards her. Putting his hand on her head, he read her mind. "Let's see what you've done, since my defeat. You've killed three people and sent one person to jail." With a clapping on his wings, Ali was teleported to an isolated island. She looked around at the scenery to spot a beach, a cliff and a castle on top. With a sigh, knowing how Yerta's twisted mind worked, she had to get to the castle. When she walked along the beach a man started forming. She looked at the man, it was Michael. She thought to herself, pay back time for him killing my little friend Pikachu. He got a Pokeball, and Ali could tell who was going to come out. A Rhydon jumped out of the ball and looked at her. She remembered her previous battle, this Rhydon killed Pikachu. He ran towards Ali who jumped and smashed into his stomach. The collision caused it to go flying into the cliff. Ali looked at herself, she was much stronger now. 3 months of training in the jungle had really raised her strength. Ali jumped on Rhydon and stating, "This is for killing Pikachu." She shot a beam of light that shattered his head into a million pieces. She laughed and picked rydon's headless body and threw it at Michael. The weight of Rydon's body crushed every bone in Michael's body.

Ali looked at the cliff, sighing she climbed it. The cliff was tall maybe one KM tall; it took ages to climb up. At the top Ali gasped for air, looking back though she saw an extra ledge, it looked to be about 12 metres long. Ali spotted a dark creature hanging on by one paw. The creature was begging for mercy. Slowly Ali approached but then stopped. She looked at the ledge and threw her paw at it. Her paw just went through the rock, it was an illusion. Ali realised Yerta must be doing a memory trip. Ali thought to herself who else or what else was in her guilty memory. As she walked slowly towards the castle she had a feeling she was being watched. She heard a sound so looked back, nothing as she looked forward she was looking at the legs of a tall object. She looked up and instantly remembered the monster that the witches had created.

The monster picked Ali up by the neck, and looked at her. She kicked his head, which came of but didn't affect him. She bit into his hand, forcing him to release her. "That's not the way to catch a girl," Ali joked towards him. He picked up his head and to her amassment put it on. Ali knew this was going to be harder then she had thought. She remembered to how she beat him by hanging him, but there was no rope or anything that she could use. The monster picked her up and threw her towards the cliff. Ali rolled on the ground and caught on to a ledge. This brought back memories, but bad ones, Ali thought to herself this could be one big nightmare. Ali pinched herself, but realised that this was really happening. The monster walked towards her, she grabbed his foot and tried to trip him. The monster fell forward and lost his balance.

He fell but grabbed her tail, Ali screamed as the monster ripped her hail of her tail. Umbreon kicked at him trying to knock him but it didn't work. Then she remembered how her nails were very sharp; she dug her toenails into the monsters hands, making him let go. As he yelled he fell to another horrible death. Ali sighed in relief. She remembered how a few weeks ago Kingler had insisted that she should cut her nails. She had refused so he had grabbed her arms and using his claws, had cut her front paw nails. The fuss she had caused though as he attempted to cut her nails on her feet had caused him to cut her leg. He had apologised but Ali was just glad that she had a full set of nails.

Ali now knew that the only foes left would be the two witches and Yerta himself. Unknown to Yerta she was much stronger then before, when he had battled her in the past she must had been over 20 levels behind him, but she was confident that she was stronger now. A witch appeared but didn't scare Ali. Ali was finally starting not to fear her past; she had got over her emotions. Ali looked at the witch who crackled, "Thy remember of an Umbreon who killed sister and me." She smiled and opened her mouth. The witch remembered what had happened when she opened her mouth the last time so quickly sent a spell that shut her mouth. "Children should be seen and not heard," she joked towards Umbreon. Ali went to dig her nails into the witch but was halted. The stupid stock trick, Ali was caught in the invisible bonds. With a laugh Ali clapped her paws and she was out.

The witch looked scared at Ali. "I see you approve of thy strength is amazing but can thee still be a threat." Ali kicked the witch, ending her shut up spell. Ali bit into the witch's throat, quickly ending her life. Looking at herself Ali thought, "Up to now, all these battles have gone well, my level must be very high." Ali boast was caught short when she felt a movement in her stomach; ignoring it she walked towards the castle. In the castle Yerta appeared, "Nice to see you Ali." With a jump he flew through the air and shot a tornado at Ali. Ali dodged it and jumped up, punched Yerta and brought him to the ground. He was shocked that Ali may be the same strength as him. He nodded and a witch appeared. She healed Yerta and Ali knew that she had to destroy the last witch. She leapt at the witch, who dodged her. "Leave the witch alone," Yerta screamed, sending an ice beam at Ali.

Ali dodged the beam but it hit the witch, turning her into an icicle. Ali gently knocked the ice, shattering it. "One bad piece of history to get out of my body," she shouted to Yerta. Yerta, knowing he had no chance sent a huge beam of light towards the ground. "We fight on a volcano, it will soon erupt, killing you." Ali rolled on the ground towards Yerta and kicked him. She jumped on his wings and bit into his neck. Yerta screamed but rolled over, dodging a body slam. Yerta knew then that he was finished. He jumped on top of Ali, pinning her to the ground. "We die together," he yelled into her frightened face. Yerta jumped and landed again on Ali's body, hurting her. Ali punched Yerta then leapt onto his back. She was about to use a beam of light when she got another funny feeling, in her belly. It felt like she was being kicked from the inside, Ali looked at Yerta thinking he was using some psychic attack. Yerta spotted Ali holding her belly and sent an ice beam towards her. She dodged and sent a beam of light to him.

He got hit but smoke rose from his body, she couldn't see where he was. A huge object jumped from the cloud and pinned Ali to the ground. "Die bitch, at last you meet your death." Yerta laughed but a sudden fountain on water knocked him in the wall. Ali looked to her left to see Kingler. Yerta felt the earth tremble and knew the volcano was going to erupt. "We shall meet again, Ali," he yelled to her. Ali didn't want him to leave, he was her last problem and she needed to get rid of him. She launched a beam of light to him, but then turned the beam. To Kingler's amassment the beam hit something but not Lugia. When the dust settled, Ali could see an almost dead Umbreon on the ground. She walked to Yerta and teasing him, kissed him on the cheek. "You're British Umbreon, in England they show mercy," Yerta begged. Ali agreed, "We have another saying in Britain, you are the weakest link." Ali sent a beam of light at Yerta, instantly killing him. "Goodbye," she joked; Ali looked at Kingler and kissed him. Kingler was about to kiss her when the ground gave way.

Ali and Kingler ran out of the castle and looked at the cliff. They couldn't climb down fast enough, so they jumped. As they fell down a volcano appeared and sprayed a fountain of lava towards them. They were just rescued in time by Lugia who was back. Ali patted Amy on the head as she flew away from the sinking island. Ali knew her problems were over, after Amy dropped them off in Brazil she told Amy. "We will be back in Britain, in about a month," Amy nodded then took of heading back to England. Ali and Kingler were left alone again in the peaceful jungle. As Ali laid next to Kingler, looking at the stars she thought to herself how lucky she was.

Kingler looked at Ali's stomach and asked if she was eating too much. Ali looked at her stomach and replied, "Maybe, but there's nothing wrong with having a little puppy fat." Kingler smiled, he kissed Ali then went asleep. Ali did the same but was sure she felt a little kick in her belly.

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Yerta's Revenge