Fan Fics - Zappy Is Zapped

Lugia walked into the shop, walked to the counter, and looked down at the shopkeeper who was small and plump.
“I want some chocolate please,” she said sweetly.
“What kind of chocolate?” boomed the shopkeeper.
“The sort you eat,” Lugia said puzzled.
“Wanna Twix?” The man yelled at her.
“No! I want chocolate,” she yelled back.
“Wanna Mars Bar then?” he said.
“No! I want some chocolate,” she screamed.
“ARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!”” yelled the man.
And ran off pulling his hair out.
“Was it something I said?” Lugia muttered.
Lugia turned and walked though the wall as the men in white jackets took the shopkeeper away. Lugia walked down the street singing to herself ‘walking down the road knock everyone over singing my song and telling people to go away lalala ow’
“Who threw that?”
Lugia looked down at the little Pikachu that threw it at her saw that it was not Andy it was another Pikachu.
“Who are you?” Lugia said as she wiped the blood from her eye.
“*Mon nom est Zappy,” It said in a strong French voice. (“*My name is Zappy”
“Your Zappy,” Lugia said.
“*L oui,” He said. (“*Yes”
“My name is Lugia AKA Amy,” Lugia said.
“*Lugia et Amy sont très beaux noms madame,” Zappy replied. (“*Lugia and Amy are very pretty names madam,”
Lugia quickly bent down, grabbed the little pikachu, and took him to the brainless pikachu she had met while on her adventure to America. Lugia landed in the grounds of Oxford University She looked around for Andy who can out yelling swear words.
“Err hi Andy,” Lugia muttered “I got you a teacher.”
“Hi,” Andy said,
“He’s French,” Lugia muttered
Lugia quickly used her power to make Zappy speak English. Then they quickly explained that Zappy had come to teach Andy how to be a gentleman. Lugia shoot a look at Andy.
“I have to go to lessons now see you later,” Lugia said.
As Lugia walked up to the door she turned into a human. It was true that over the years since their last adventure Lugia had grown mature and pretty she no longer looked like a young child but more like an adult. The same was true for Andy he now looked more his age and took his job seriously. Lugia walked into the school and left Andy and Zappy alone unknown to Lugia it would be Andy doing the teaching not Zappy.

Lugia's Second Lesson (10:30)

Lugia was sitting in her second lesson (DT) the first was ICT because Lugia was taking a doctorate in computers and mechanics. As Lugia gazed out of the window (it was a revision lesson) as she did she saw a black figure walk out from the bushes she raised her had and asked to be excused.


Back in the grounds Andy and Zappy were in the caretakers office watching horror movies. Outside the rain was pelting down and a storm was brewing suddenly a huge blast of thunder shook the little shack. Andy jumped up in shock and knocked Zappy down off the seat. Then a whip lash of lightning ripped though the sky and hit the ground near the shack Andy and Zappy ran to the window and looked out they started out though the window as they did they saw the figure of a young lady. Andy starred out and gasped. Zappy looked at Andy then looked back at the figure. Then another whiplash of lightning cut though the sky and hit the figure lighting up the grounds showing that the figure was no ordinary person but really Lugia.

From Lugia's Point of View

Rain pelted down on to my face so hard I couldn’t see I had to put my hands in front of my face. I walked forward with my head down every now and then I got blown back by the intense strength of the wind. The rain was now coming down in sheets I forced my way forward suddenly there was a huge crash and a claw of lightning rushed though my body, making me fall to the ground. I slowly got up blood running from a long cut that was across my face it ran down my face and mingle with the mud that was suddenly washed from my face by the rain as the cut healed. I wiped my face, looked at the blood on my hand, and felt the pain of my hand touching flesh but my cut was healing very slowly.

Back to Present

Andy and Zappy ran outside and looked at the injured person.
“What are you doing out here?” Andy questioned.
“I thought I saw something,” Lugia said as her cut finished healing.
Andy looked puzzled but asked nothing else, as he knew when Lugia saw something Lugia DID see something.

From Andy's Point of View

I looked at Lugia her face changed as her cut healed I questioned her but her answer puzzled me for I had not seen anyone else but us. Then I saw a dark image running though the trees I watched it for a while then It disappear.

Back to Present

Andy looked at Lugia as she got up.
“You better come with use till the storm has finished,” Andy said.
Lugia looked round then followed them to the shack.

A Few Minutes Later

Lugia started a fire for them a fire for them then. They all sat round the fire as it crackled and spat Lugia starred into the red and yellow flames suddenly there was a knock at the door Lugia looked up as Andy want to open it then a dripping wet Ali appeared at the door. Everyone said his or her hellos then Lugia walked out into the storm. The rain was still pelting down Lugia walked though the dark wood that was contained in the grounds.

At The End of the Woods

At the end of the woods Lugia stopped and looked round some trees and gasped.
“What’s her doing here,” she thought to herself.
In the clearing there was a huge male Lugia. Suddenly Lugia stepped on a twig, which made aloud crack the male Lugia swung, round and glared at Lugia. Lugia transformed into her normal form.
“You!” the male Lugia yelled.
“Hello Oblago nice to see you again,” Lugia replied.
“I wish I could say the same,” He said.
Lugia looked at him she knew she had more power then she could wish for (she had been training for along time) and she had grown very pretty but what did he mean. Oblago moved his hand away from his race revelling a huge scar that ran right along his face in a diagonal line.
“Unlike you I do not poses the power to heal myself,” Oblago snarled.
Lugia starred at the scar. She looked down at herself she was changing to her human form suddenly she shot at a tree and her hands were tied firmly with vines. Lugia struggled but the more she tried to free herself the tighter they became. Lugia closed her eyes and sent a psychic message to Ali.

Back at the Hut

Ali had just curled up by the fire when Andy kicked her in the back.
“What?” Ali moaned.
“Where’s Amy?” Andy replied.
Ali suddenly stood up.
“She needs help!” Ali yelled.
Ali ran out the hut Andy and Zappy shrugged and ran after her. They soon reached the wood and Ali ran ahead, Andy followed Ali and with an evil grin Zappy entered.


Lugia glowed red and hurled a huge beam of fire at him. Oblago just laughed. Lugia looked puzzled.
“Pitiful I am the strongest Pokémon on earth HAHAHAHAHA,” Oblago yelled.
Suddenly a blast of light hit Oblago but only stunned him. Oblago sent the beam back at Ali, which hit Ali and Andy.
”Leave them alone,” Lugia yelled.
Zappy appeared laughing.
“I have no further use for you,” Oblago said in a deep voice.
Fear filled Zappy’s eyes as a huge beam flew at his body. Zappy’s body exploded blood and guts and bits of body flew everywhere.
“You make Yerta and Pallin look like fluffy bunnies,” Lugia yelled, “you’re not my brother anymore,”
Lugia looked at Andy who looked amazed.
“Fry him,” Lugia said.
Oblago looked scared Andy nodded.
“Astalbester buddy,” Andy yelled.
A huge bolt of electricity ripped Oblago’s body apart.
“I’ll be back,” he said as he faded away.

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Zappy Is Zapped