PokeLyrics Archive - The Legend of the Titans (Poem)

Upon the elements
The world was born.
Upon the elements
This world shall be torn.
The titans that were sent to save us
Will prove to be the fall of us all.
Their power, greed, and anger has awaken
Bringing havok to all the earth in which we stand.

The anger burning inside of the pheonix
Turns life and dreams into ashes.
The titan is impossible to tame
For Moltres is it's name.
The power of the lightning bird
Strikes its bolts across a sky of darkness.
This flying titan of thunder
Zapdos, the bird of wonder.
Nothing can satisfy the flying ice beast's greed
For every second it wants more and more.
Articuno, with it's heard of frozen stone.
Flies over its icy throne.

By: leadermarina