PokeLyrics Archive - Marowak Mother's Poem (Poem)

My babies, they are born
Such happy smiling faces
Cuddly and warm,
Their names are Celia and Tases

Whats that? A man in a black suit!
Has he come to congratulate me?
He's looking mean, he's evil;
Hey, where are you going with my babies?!

What's going to happen to them
I've followed him to see
That evil cold stare
Her menicing glare
I got to get my babies!

Madame boss: They are worthless Pokemon, we have no use for them, take them away.
Rocket 1: What should we do with them?
Madame boss: Brutal extermination.
*Marowak Hiding inside a air vent*
Marowak: Mar maro wak wamaro! (d*mn those b*stards, i need to save my children!)
*Rockets Take the Cubones into a room, while the Cubone are whimpering, they are scared, mama Marowak follows them and watches*
Rocket 1: Get the gun
Rocket 2: *Takes gun and puts the cubone together as they start to cry while mama Marowak watches in horror, and breaks in*
*The baby Cubone fall over dead. Rocket 1 takes their Aerodactyl skulls and throws the bodies in body bags, blood stains the bags of each. While mama Marowak cries and attacks the Rockets, and several more Rockets come in, and sadly shoot her in the head. She is dead.*

I am with my innocent children now,
We are in peace away from the Rockets,
I hope that those poor people,
Will leave and throw away the guns in their pockets.

I am at rest
I tried my best
But my best wasn't good enough...

By: TotodileMew11