Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - Competitive Battling Guide

            PPPPPP  OOOO  K  K EEEEE  M     M   OOOO  N    N            
            P    P O    O K K  E      MM   MM  O    O NN   N         
            PPPPP  O    O KK   EEEEE  M M M M  O    O N N  N          
            P      O    O KK   E      M  M  M  O    O N  N N            
            P      O    O K K  E      M     M  O    O N   NN            
            P       OOOO  K  K EEEEE  M     M   OOOO  N    N          
                     DDD    // PPPP
                     D  D  //  P  P
                     D  D //   PPP
                     DDD //    P
              |                                       | 
              |                                       | 
          I.  Intro/About Me.
          II. Training Your Pokemon.
          III.Pokemon Terms.
          IV. The Actual Guide.
           V. The Technical Stuff.

DISCLAIMER:  I did not come up with these movesets.  They were suggested by 
people from the various Message Boards I frequent.  The reason I wrote them 
all down in a FAQ like this was because I wanted to have ALL the Diamond and
Pearl movesets gathered in one easy to find place.  Do NOT assume that any 
one moveset is the best, because there is no such thing as a "One Moveset to 
rule them all."


-Version 0:  Got the basic guide up, movesets for Torterra-Luxray.
-Version 0.1:  Movesets for Roserade-Pachirisu.
-Version 0.2:  Added Movesets for Floatzel-Mismagus, got a better
               IV chart up.
-Version 0.3:  Added Movesets for Honchkrow-Garchomp.

Section I: Intro/About me.

First off, I am NOT good at battling.  I just made this Guide because so far 
nobody else has, so enjoy it!
My name here is Parrot_Lover.  As you can figure out from my name, I like 
birds.  This is my first FAQ and I've been playing since the old days of Blue.
And one final thing about me, I am a girl.  
Yes, that's right. I am A GIRL.  And I don't play with those sickeningly cute
Pikachus.  I prefer a Metagross or a Tyranitar any day!

Anyway, to the Pokemon stuff.  The whole "Battle your friends" thing has been
around right from the start, but until the fourth generation, Pokemon Diamond 
and Pearl, came out, battling over the internet was only possible with fanmade
programs like Netbattle.  Now all your DS needs is an internet access point 
and a fellow battler's Friend Code to get started.

Section II:  Training Your Pokemon

"So what do I do," you ask.  The first thing you do is you pick your Pokemon.
A good team of Pokemon is balanced to make up for any weakness.  Going out 
with six Gyarados is NOT a good idea, especially if your opponent has at 
least one electric Pokemon!

Which Pokemon you decide to use also depends on what you want them to do.  
Here are some of the ways that Pokemon can be trained.

Sweeper-A Pokemon who's mostly meant to attack.  Depending on which stat is 
better, you can either have a Physical Sweeper or a Special Sweeper. 
Sometimes, the Physical and Special Stats are close enough that you can make
the Pokemon a Mixed Sweeper, with both Physical AND Special attacks.  
Sweepers in general also have a lot of speed on them, so they can get their 
hits in before the other guy does.

Hazer-Haze is a move that makes ALL Stats go back to normal.  For instance,
if your opponent has used Swords Dance to increase their Attack a lot, 
Haze will make sure that all that Sword-dancing was for nothing.  Hazers
tend to have high Defense, in case the opponent has already used Swords 
dance a couple of times.  

Tank-Usually a Pokemon with good Defense, Tanks are MADE to take hits.  Tanks
have recovering moves, like Rest, and items that recover hit points.  There 
are a couple of variations of this.  The Wall is meant to take any kind of hit,
while the Sponge is meant to take all kinds of Special Attacks.

Choice Bander/CB-er:  A Pokemon holding the item Choice Band.  Choice Band
increases the power of your moves, but you can only use one move...Until 
you switch out, at least!

Stallers-Stallers are like the Tanks, but they have moves that are meant to
s-l-o-wly kill the opponent, like Toxic and Will-o-Wisp.

Annoyer-Annoyers are the ones with the irritating moves, like Confuse Ray, 
or Attract. 

Baton Passers are Pokemon with the move Baton Pass.  Baton Pass is a move that
lets your first Pokemon pass any Stat-Boosting moves, like Sword Dance or 
moves that will keep your opponent from getting away, like Mean Look, to the 
next Pokemon who might need them.  

Spiker-Spiker is a Pokemon who has either the move Spikes or Toxic Spikes.

Healer/Cleric-These Pokemon are for healing others.  They have moves like
Aromatherapy and Wish.

SunnyBeamer-A Pokemon that uses Sunny Day to get some one-shot Solar Beams.

Shuffler-A Shuffler (Also known as a Toxi/Pyro/Parashuffler, depending on what
you use) is a Pokemon with some kind of move to make your opponent burned, 
poisoned, or paralyzed.  They also have a move that forces the opponent to 
switch out, like Roar or Whirlwind.  When that is done, they move on to the
next Pokemon the opponent brings out  If it's done correctly, the opponent's 
entire team could end up burned, poisoned, or paralyzed.

Trappers-Trappers are Pokemon with either the moves Mean Look or Fire spin,
or the abilities Shadow Tag or Arena Trap.  They're made to keep the 
opponent from switching out.  They usually have either a Poisoning or a 
Burning move.

I think I'm going to stop here (For now, anyway), but you get the idea. the
game is a LOT more complicated than it looks.

NOTE: If you see an unfamiliar term on the Boards, don't be afraid to ask 
about it.  The Boards tend to use short-hand and abbreviations to get their 
meaning across quicker.


Once you've figured out what you're going to use and what its' role is going 
to be, the next thing you must do is get the Pokemon itself.  Each Pokemon 
comes with a "Personality" or "Nature" on it.  These natures affect how the 
Pokemon's stats grow.  Here's what each personality does.  The Plus sign means
that Stat grows quicker, the Minus sign means that stat grows slower.

-Lonely:  +Attack, -Defense 
-Brave:   +Attack, -Speed
-Adamant: +Attack, -Special Attack
-Naughty: +Attack, -Special Defense 

-Bold:    +Defense, -Attack
-Relaxed: +Defense, -Speed 
-Impish:  +Defense, -Special Attack 
-Lax:     +Defense, -Special Defense 

-Timid:  +Speed, -Attack
-Hasty:  +Speed, -Defense 
-Jolly:  +Speed, -Special Attack 
 Naive:  +Speed, -Special Defense 

-Modest: +Special Attack, -Attack
-Mild:   +Special Attack, -Defense 
-Quiet:  +Special Attack, -Speed 
-Rash:   +Special Attack, -Special Defense

-Calm:    +Special Defense, -Attack 
-Gentle:  +Special Defense, -Defense
-Sassy:   +Special Defense, -Speed
-Careful: +Special Defense, -Special Attack 

There are also some Natures that DON'T affect any Stat.  They are Hardy, 
Docile, Serious, Bashful, and Quirky.

When you've figured out what Nature will affect your Pokemon's stats in the 
best way, the next thing to do is get a Pokemon with that Nature.  It's harder
than it looks. The easiest way is to find one in the wild and catch it, but 
there are times when you can't do it that way.  If the Pokemon you want can't
be found in the wild, or if the Pokemon can only learn the moves you want by

The Day Care center in Solaceon Town has an option where you can raise two
Pokemon at a time.  If those two Pokemon are in the same breeding group, and 
if they're different genders, they'll make a Pokemon egg.  The baby Pokemon is
the same species as its' mother, and if it can learn the TMs that its' father 
has, it will have those TMs.

Base Stats are more or less the numbers used to calculate the stats for each 
species of Pokemon.  The Base Stats change when the Pokemon Evolves.  In other 
words, they're a quick way to see what each Pokemon's strongest and weakest 
stats are.  A good way to see which Pokemon is more suited for combat is to
add all its' Base Stats together.  That Palkia has a MUCH higher total than a
Pachirisu.  Experienced Battlers like to rank Pokemon by how much their total
Base Stats are.  The larger the total is, the higher it's ranked.  Each rank
is called a Tier, so when people use the phrase "High tier," that's what 
they mean.

Individual Values, or IVs for short are numbers, from 0 to 31, given to each 
and every Pokemon when you first encounter it.  This determines what your 
Pokemon's stats are.  For instance you see how two Pokemon, even if they have
the same Nature, have some different stats?  That's IVs.  I am NOT good at 
calculating them, so please don't ask.  there is another way, though.  In 
Diamond and Pearl, you can tell what stat has the highest IV on each Pokemon
by looking at its' Summary  See the line at the bottom of the screen where 
its' Nature is shown?  the "Loves to Eat," "Somewhat vain" "Likes to thrash 
about." That's the Stat with the highest IV.  Here is the chart, from highest
to lowest, of all the sayings.

HP: Loves to eat, often dozes off, often scatters things, scatters things 
    often, likes to relax
ATK: Proud of its power, likes to thrash about, a little quick tempered, likes
     to fight, quick tempered
DEF: Sturdy body, capable of taking hits, highly persistent, good endurance, 
     good perseverance
S. ATK: Highly curious, mischievous, thoroughly cunning, often lost in 
        thought, very finicky
S. DEF: Strong willed, somewhat vain, strongly defiant, hates to lose, 
        somewhat stubborn
SPEED: Likes to run, alert to sounds, impetuous and silly, somewhat of a 
       clown, quick to flee 

It is possible to breed IVs, when your Pokemon make an egg that egg gets 
the IVs from three different stats from its parents.  The other three are 
put on randomly.

IVs also affect a move called Hidden Power.  They affect what type it is, and
how powerful it is.  If you want your Pokemon to have a particular type, it 
may take a while to get the right one.


Effort Values are points your pokemon can get from fighting other Pokemon.  
For instance, if you spend a lot of time fighting wild Gastly in the Old 
Chateau, and you notice that your Pokemon's Special Attack is going up a bit 
faster than normal, that's because Gastly carries a Effort Value for Special 
Attack.  Four Effort Values for one stat means that when your Pokemon levels 
up, it will gain one more point than normal for that stat.  Since lower level 
Pokemon grow quicker than higher  level ones, the increase in stats isn't very
obvious.  On the other hand, if you train a Pokemon that starts at level 50 or
more, you'll see their EV trained stats grow a LOT!

The item Macho Brace makes the Effort Values, or EVs for short, double, so 
instead of getting one EV Point from fighting a Gastly, you get two.

On very rare occasions, the lady at any Pokemon Center will tell you that your
Pokemon has a disease called Pokerus.  Unlike real life, it's a very good 
thing to get Pokerus.  Pokerus does the same thing that Macho Brace does, it 
doubles the EVs you get from fighting Pokemon.  If your Pokemon has Pokerus, 
you'll see it in the Pokemon's summary.  It's a purple square that says "PKRS"
under your Pokemon's name.

After a few days outside the storage box, your Pokemon will lose the purple 
box and gain a smiley face in the lower right corner of its picture.  This 
DOES NOT mean your Pokemon has lost the EV gain.  It means that your 
Pokemon won't be able to spread it to any other Pokemon.  Keep the 
infected Pokemon in the Storage Box if you don't want that to happen.  If 
you want another Pokemon to get Pokerus, just keep it in the same party 
as an infected one and fight some battles.  After a while, check the 
new Pokemon's summary to see if it has Pokerus.  If not, keep on 

So back to Effort Values.  If your Pokemon has had Pokerus and if you put a 
Macho Brace on it, then your EV's will be quadrupled, So, that 1-Point Gastly 
will now be worth FOUR points.
The sad thing is, you can only gain so many Effort Values.  Each stat can only
take 255 Effort Values (Although it's more usual to give your Pokemon 252 EVs,
because it's easier to divide by 4.)  In all your Pokemon will gain a total of
510 EVs.  If you think you have all your EVs in place, you can make sure of it
by going to Sunnyshore city, go to the sticker shop and talk to the lady 
there.  If your EVs are full, she'll give your Pokemon a ribbon.

Sometimes when I see a Moveset, it won't have the EVs attatched, or the EVs 
are all over the place.  I try to keep it simple by making the EVs round 

To get a Macho Brace you must have three Burmy in your Party.  Make each one
of them a different type by making one fight in a building, another fight in
grass, and the third one fight in a cave.   Then take all three of them to 
Pastoria City.  See that house just above the Pokemart?  If you talk to him 
with all three different kinds of Burmy he will give you the Macho Brace.

You can also gain Effort Values by feeding your Pokemon "Vitamins."  These are
"Nutritious Drinks" which give you 10 EVs in one Stat.  You can only feed your
Pokemon 10 of these per stat, and I don't think they are affected by Pokerus 
or Macho Brace.  

HP Up-Hit Points
Calcium-Special Attack
Zinc-Special Defense

I have also heard of other EV increasing items.  They are prizes in the Battle
tower.  I haven't gotten as far as fighting in the Tower (My team still needs 
work)  but what these items do is when you finish a fight they will add 4 EVs 
to a certain stat along with your normal EVs.  This is the list of what 
affects what.

Power Weight-Hit Points
Power Bracer-Attack
Power Belt-Defense
Power Lens-Special Attack
Power Band-Special Defense
Power Ankle-Speed

If you made a mistake and accidentally put the wrong kind of EVs on your 
Pokemon, there is a way to fix that.  Certain Berries will lower the EVs on 
one Stat.  They are:

-Hit Point Evs:  Pomeg Berry
-Attack EVs:  Kelpsy Berry
-Defense EVs:  Qualot Berry 
-Special Attack EVs:  Hondew berry
-Special Defense EVs:  Grepa berry
-Speed Evs:  Tamato Berry.

Each Berry will take off 10 EVs, and they will make your Pokemon like you 
more.  The only downside is finding enough of the right berry.

This is a list of some easy places to train each Stat.  These aren't the only
places, but they're the best I can think of.

At the beginning of the game, wild Bidoofs are worth 1 EV in Hit Points.  
Another good place is the Valley Windworks.  You'll find wild Shellos, worth
1 EV Point each.  Also if you come back later on Fridays in the game there 
will be a wild Drifblim there, it's also worth 1 Point.

Wild Shinx are worth 1 EV each.  They're found in Route 202, 203, and 204.  
Wild Machop are also worth 1 EV.  They can be found on Route 207.

If you go into almost any cave in Sinnoh, you'll find wild Geodudes and Onix.
They're both worth 1 Point each.  Their Evolved forms, Graveler and Steelix, 
are 2 Points.

As you could tell from the earlier example I used, Gastly is worth 1 EV  of 
Special Attack.  The Old Chateau is a very good place to fight them.  

Special Defense
The most common Pokemon with Special Defense EVs are Tentacool (Worth 1 Point)
and Tentacruel (Worth 2 Points.)  If you haven't gotten Surf yet, you can 
find Mime Jr. (1 Point) and Mr. Mime (2 Points in Diamond) and Cleffa in the 
first floor of Mt. Coronet.

Wild Starly have 1 Point of Speed EVs.  They are pretty common in the 
beginning of the game.   Zubat are also 1 Point and found in almost every 
cave.  Their Evolved forms, Staravia and Golbat, are worth 2 Points.  
Later in the Game, a good place is Route 218.  There are Floatzel (Worth 2 
Points) Wingull (1 Point) as well as Glameow, (Worth 1 Point) if you have 

Now you have to make the tough choice of choosing your Pokemon's attacks.  
It all depends on several things.  

A Pokemon's Type affects the power of its' attacks.  If the attack is the 
same type as the Pokemon that's using it, it gets multiplied by 1.5.   In 
other words, it's the Same Type Attack Bonus, or STAB for short.

Some attacks are very powerful, but have you checked out their accuracy stats?
Imagine this totally hypothetical battle.  
You have a Weavile versus your friend and their Salamence.  "Well", you say 
"Salamence is double weak versus Ice, no problem.  I'll use Blizzard to beat
The Blizzard misses.
The Salamence then uses Flamethrower, which gets a critical hit and your 
Weavile is knocked out.  Too bad.  In the world of Pokemon Battling, 
sometimes even the smallest mistake can cost you the battle.

You have to be ready to take on all kinds of other Pokemon in battles.  
Therefore it's usually NOT a good idea to put more than one of the same type 
of damaging attack on your Pokemon.  Two Electric moves or two Normal moves 
would mean that your Pokemon wouldn't be able to do half its' moves against 
Ground types or Ghost types.

With the new generation of Pokemon games came a change to which attacks are 
Physical and which are special. Now anything with "Direct contact" is Physical
and everything else is either Special or Status.  This means that Physical 
Sweepers won't be able to use Surf quite as well as they used to.  It's 
another thing a potential battler must consider.

Items are another vital part of battling.  It's very difficult to choose just
one to use, but I'll give some recommendations.

-Leftovers:  A VERY good item.  It restores a bit of Hit Points at the end of 
every turn.  Shell Bell does the same thing, but you need to actually attack 
to use it, which is kinda hard sometimes.  So Leftovers are better than Shell

-Chesto Berry:  This is mostly good if your Pokemon has the move Rest.  After 
it's done healing, the berry will wake up your Pokemon, leaving it ready to do
some more fighting.

-Lum Berry:  This berry will cure ANY sort of stat ailment.  Poison, 
Paralysis, Sleep, Confusion.  You name it, a Lum will cure it.  The only 
thing it does NOT cure is fainting.

-Choice Band-Increases the power of a move by half, but the Pokemon can ONLY
 use that move...Until it switches out at least.

-Life Orb:  It increases your Pokemon's attack, but when you attack it takes 
10 Percent of your Pokemon's Hit Points away.

-The "Pinch" Berries:  These each raise the power of one Stat "In a Pinch,"
or when your Hit points are in the red.  They can only be traded over from 
one of the third-generation games (Like Ruby or Emerald.)  They are Salac
Berry (Speed), Petaya Berry (Special Attack), Liechi Berry (Attack),Ganlon 
Berry (Defense) and Apicot Berry (Special Defense)

III. Pokemon Terms.
Here are some of the abbreviations you'll see on the Pokemon Message Boards.

AA-Aerial Ace
DD/DDance-Dragon Dance
STAB-Same Type Attack Bonus.
OU-Overused (Meaning very popular)
UU-Underused (Not so popular)
CB-Choice Band
HP-Hidden Power
Uber-Pokemon with VERY powerful stats.  These tend to be Legendaries.
Hax-a slang term meaning "Luck."  If your Pokemon manages to pull off three
Fissures in a row, or to hit the opponent with a Zap Cannon in an actual 
battle, that's some good Hax.

IV. The Actual Guide.
I'm sure you're tired of me going on and on about training by now, so here's 
the stuff you want.  

#3 (389) TORTERRA
        Types:  Grass/Ground
        Ability:  Overgrow Increases the power of Grass-type attacks when 
                  Hit Points are below 1/3.
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-75    
  Special Defense-85

It's double weak against ice, which is not a good thing.  Torterra is best 
used as a Tank or a Physical Sweeper.

Physical Sweeper

Torterra @ Choice Band/Leftovers
Impish / Adamant Ė 252 Atk, 252 Def, 6 HP
~ Wood Hammer
~ Stone Edge
~ Earthquake
~ Superpower/Crunch/Stealth Rock

Another Physical Sweeper.

Torterra@Life Orb/Leftovers
Nature: Adamant/Jolly.
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
- Swords Dance/Rock Polish
- Earthquake
- Wood Hammer
- Stone Edge/Crunch/Superpower

Torterra's not much of a speed demon, even Rock Polish might not be of much 
help.  It might be a good idea to drop the Swords Dance/Rock Polish in favor
of Crunch or Super Power and use a Choice band instead.


Nature: Adamant/Impish.
EVs: 252 HP, 129 Spec. Def, 129 Atk/Def.
- Curse
- Earthquake
- Wood Hammer/Stone Edge
- Stealth Rock/Leech Seed

The problem with Curse is that it essentially gives the opponent a chance to
switch out to a Pokemon with an Ice attack, something you DON'T want to see 
around a Torterra.


Nature: Impish/Careful.
EVs: 252 HP, 129 Def, 129 Spec. Def.
- Toxic
- Leech Seed
- Earthquake/Wood Hammer
- Substitute/Stealth Rock/Synthesis

Just keep it away from any Special Sweepers.

Here's a Defensive Torterra.

Torterra@Light Clay/Leftovers
Nature: Adamant.
EVs: 252 HP, 129 Atk, 129 Def
- Light Screen
- Reflect
- Earthquake
- Wood Hammer/Stone Edge

Light Screen and Reflect stay up, even after Torterra is switched out or 
fainted.  That could make a difference between a win and a loss.  Light Clay
is there to keep the Screens up even longer.  It's not exactly a GOOD set, 
but it's there.

Torterra learns Curse, Earthquake, Leech Seed, Synthesis, and Crunch 
naturally.  Toxic, Light Screen, Earthquake, Reflect, Rock Polish, Stone 
Edge, Substitute, and Swords Dance are all TMs.  Superpower is an Egg Move,
and Wood Hammer can be learned by taking your Torterra to the Move Tutor in 
Pastoria City with a Heart Scale.

#6 (392) INFERNAPE
         Types:  Fire/Fighting
         Ability:  Blaze Increases the power of fire-type attacks when Hit 
                   Points are below 1/3.
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-104    
  Special Defense-71
Like Torterra, Infernape is best at attacking, both physically and with 
special attacks.  Unlike Torterra, it's got the speed to REALLY sweep the 
opponents. It's main weaknesses are ground, water, flying, and psychic.  
While its' defenses aren't too great, it makes up for it with a good 
movepool to choose from.

Physical Sweeper

Infernape@Muscle Band/Salac Berry
Nature: Jolly.
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 6 HP.
- Swords Dance
- Flare Blitz
- Close Combat
- Stone Edge

Salac Berry to raise Speed, everything else is the same.
Choice Bander

Infernape@Choice Band
Nature: Jolly.
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 6 HP.
- Flare Blitz
- Close Combat
- Stone Edge
- U-Turn/Thunderpunch/Mach Punch

Pick your move and start the pounding.  In case the opponent decides to 
switch to something resistant, like a ghost type, you can use U-turn to get
Infernape out of there while getting in some last licks.

Special Sweeper

Infernape@Wisdom Glasses/Salac Berry
Nature: Timid.
EVs: 252 Spec. Atk, 252 Speed, 6 HP.
- Nasty Plot
- Flamethrower
- Grass Knot
- Focus Blast/HP Ice

Ah, Nasty Plot.  The Special equivalent of Swords Dance.  Back when I was 
starting the game, Azelf always used it to KO my Pokemon...In one hit!  It 
was a pain, but I'm getting off topic.  Anyway, this one's just like the 
Physical ones.  Use Nasty Plot at least once, then start pounding.  Wisdom
Glasses increases the power of special attacks, so there you go.

A Special "Choice-Band-er"

Infernape@Choice Specs
Nature: Timid
EVs: 252 Spec. Atk, 252 Speed, 6 HP.
- Flamethrower
- Grass Knot
- Focus Blast/HP Ice/Overheat
- Focus Blast/HP Ice/Overheat
Focus Blast is NOT the most accurate attack in the world.  If you want a 
fighting attack, you might be better off using Close Combat.


Infernape@Wisdom Glasses/Muscle Band
Nature: Hasty/Naive/Timid.
EVs: Choose a set. 
Either: 252 Speed, 129 Atk, 129 Spec. Atk.
    Or: 252 Speed, 252 Spec. Atk, 6 HP.
- Sunny Day
- Solarbeam
- Flamethrower/Flare Blitz
- Close Combat/Focus Blast
I guess it depends on how much you want a Physical attack.  If you're dead-set
on having ALL special attacks, go with Flamethrower and Focus Blast.  If 
you're feeling a little more "Mixed" go with Flare Blitz and Close Combat.

A true Mixed Sweeper.

Infernape @ Life Orb 
Nature:  Naive/Hasty 
EVs:  252 Speed, 132 Atk, 124 SpAtk
~ Fire Blast
~ Close Combat
~ Hidden Power Ice / Stone Edge
~ Grass Knot

You might want to take out Fire Blast and replace it with the more 
accurate Flamethrower.

Infernape learns Mach Punch, Close Combat, and Flare Blitz naturally.  Hidden
Power, Solarbeam, Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Overheat, Focus Blast,
Stone Edge, Swords Dance, Grass Knot, and U-turn are all TMS.  Thunderpunch 
is an Egg Move.

#9 (395)  EMPOLEON
          Types: Water/Steel
          Ability:  Torrent Increases the power of water-type attacks when 
                    Hit Points are below 1/3.  
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-111    
  Special Defense-101
Empoleon, being part Steel, has a LOT of resistances.  The problem is, its' 
few weaknesses (Ground, Fighting, and Electric) are VERY common.  Empie's 
Speed isn't too good, either, which is a bad thing for a Sweeper.

Physical Sweeper.

Empoleon@Life Orb/Muscle Band
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
- Swords Dance
- Waterfall
- Earthquake
- Drill Peck/Steel Wing/Avalanche

This set would probably work best with a Baton Passer to get some Speed on it.

Choice Specsmon.

Empoleon@Choice Specs
Nature: Modest
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Spec. Atk, 4 Spec. Def.
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Grass Knot
- Flash Cannon/HP Flying

Again, it's too slow to really pull this off.  It's best for a hit-and-runner.

Special Wall/Support.

Nature: Calm
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Spec. Def, 6 Spec. Atk.
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Stealth Rock
- Yawn/Roar
Don't expect it to be able to take EVERYTHING your opponent can throw at you,
and keep your eye out for Magnezones.

Special Sweeper.

Empoleon@Life Orb/Wisdom Glasses
Nature: Modest.
EVs: 252 Spec. Atk, 185 Spd, 73 HP.
- Agility
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Grass Knot

Agility to get some speed on it, then keep pounding your opponents.  If you 
use Life Orb, just watch your Hit Points.

Empoleon learns Swords Dance and Drill Peck naturally.  Roar, Hidden Power, 
Earthquake, Ice Beam, Steel Wing, Avalanche, Stealth Rock, and Grass Knot are
TMs.  Surf and Waterfall are HMs.  Yawn and Agility are Egg Moves.

#12 (398) STARAPTOR
          Types:  Normal/Flying
          Ability:  Intimidate:  When entering in the battle, this Pokemon 
                                 lowers the foe's attack.
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-50  
  Special Defense-50
Whoa, look at that attack!  It's speed isn't too shabby, either.  With those 
stats, it's definitely best as a Physical Sweeper.  The problem is, Steel 
Types like Skarmory, Jirachi, Metagross and Bronzong all resist Flying and 
Normal attacks.  Even Close Combat only does normal damage against them.  When
this happens it's a good idea to use the move U-turn to get Staraptor out of 

A Choice Bander

Staraptor@Choice Band
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 16 HP, 252 Atk, 240 Spd
Brave Bird
Close Combat
Quick Attack/Double-Edge/Return

When using Double Edge and Brave Bird, be careful of the recoil.  With Brave 
Bird, the harder you hit the enemy, the more damage you take.  This set works
well with a Wish-er to heal it.

A Variation on a Choice Bander

Staraptor@Choice Scarf/Life Orb
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 60 HP, 252 Atk, 196 Spd
Brave Bird
Close Combat

Choice Scarf is like the Choice Band, but it doesn't raise attack, it raises 
Speed. Between Staraptor's already high speed and the Choice Scarf, you'll 
make every move into a stronger version of Quick Attack.  Once again, keep an
eye on your Hit Points.  You DON'T want to lose a Pokemon if you can avoid it.

Staraptor@Life Orb
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 16 HP, 252 Atk, 240 Spd
Brave Bird
Close Combat
Return/Double Edge/Roost

Another Hit-And-Run Staraptor.  It's a bit risky, but if you want to make use 
of the Brave Bird recoil, try using Endeavor.  Like the other sets, this 
moveset would benefit greatly with a Pokemon using Wish on your team.

Staraptor can learn Quick Attack, Close Combat, Brave Bird, and Endeavor 
naturally.  U-Turn, Return, and Roost are all TMs.  Pursuit and Double Edge
are all Egg Moves.

#14 (400) BIBAREL
          Types:  Normal/Water
          Abilities:  Simple:  Doubles stat changes from held items and 
                      Unaware:  The opponent's stat changes are ignored.
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-55  
  Special Defense-60
Bibarel is usually used as an HM Pokemon.  It's also used for really bad puns
("Do a Bibarel Roll!")  Needless to say, I couldn't find much for Bibarel 

A Choice Bander

Bibarel@Choice Band
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 Hit Points
Aqua Tail/Waterfall
Superpower/Focus Punch
Quick Attack/Thunder/Pluck

Unaware is definitely the better Ability, because it'll let Bibarel ignore 
any Pokemon who have been beefing up their Defense.  Return and whatever 
Water attack you pick are for STAB, Superpower and Focus Punch are to get rid
of any Steel types.  The other attack is mostly a filler.  Pick whatever 
one suits you best.

Physical Sweeper

Bibarel@Liechi Berry
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 Hit Points 
Thunder Wave

T-wave is there to slow the opponent down.  If you don't think you'll make it
through the turn, use Endure.  That will activate the Liechi Berry and 
increase your Attack.

Special Sweeper

Bibarel@Leftovers/Expert Belt/Life Orb
Nature: Modest
EVs: 252 Sp.Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.

Charge Beam
Ice Beam
Grass Knot/Superpower

Charge Beam, and to a point Grass Knot, both take advantage of Simple.  
Superpower is not a Special Attack.  It's there for taking the Steel Types 
down, but that's all.  So if you don't want to waste your EVs, don't use it.


EVs:  252 Def, 252 Spd, 6 Atk.
Thunder Wave

This last one isn't much.  This moveset DEPENDS on Hax.  Get them Paralyzed, 
then Attracted (If possible!) and try to get as many Flinches as you can.  

Bibarel learns Superpower and Headbutt naturally.  Quick Attack and Aqua Tail
are all Egg moves.  The rest of them are all TMs, except for Surf and 
Waterfall, which are HMs.

#16 (402)  KRICKETUNE
           Type:  Bug
           Ability:  Swarm: Increases the power of Bug-type attacks when Hit
                            Points are below 1/3.
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-55    
  Special Defense-51
This underused Bug with the low Stats and the small movepool is best used as
a Physical Sweeper.  Preferably with a Baton Passer to get some defenses 
on it.

Physical Sweeper

Kricketune@Salac Berry
Nature:  Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
Swords Dance
Brick Break

This moveset's pretty easy.  Use Swords Dance or Substitute, then start 
pounding away at the opponent.  If your Hit Points get low, the Salac berry
will up your Speed.

An Annoyer

Kricketune @ Leftovers
Nature:  Adamant/Hasty
EVs:  252 HP, 252 Atk, 6 Spd.
Perish Song

Use it with a good Spiker and keep it well away from any soundproof Pokes.

Kricketune learns Sing, X-Scissor, and Perish Song naturally.  X-Scissor, 
Substitute, Endure, and Brick Break are all TMs.  It does not seem to have 
any Egg Moves.

#19 (405)  LUXRAY
           Type:  Electric
           Abilities:  Intimidate:  When entering in the battle, this Pokemon
                                    lowers the foe's attack.
                       Rivalry:  If this Pokemon and its' opponent are the 
                                 same gender, this Pokemon's attack goes up.
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-95    
  Special Defense-79
Sadly, Luxray doesn't have that good a movepool.  It's got some good attack,
though.  The problem is that the most powerful Electric attack, Thunder,is 
a Special Attack, so you wouldn't be able to use that good Attack Stat.  
Luxray is best described as an Underused Pokemon.

Physical Sweeper

Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
Crunch/Iron Tail
Thunder Fang/Spark
Fire Fang/Ice Fang
Charge/Thunder Wave

Thunder Fang has more power, but less of a chance of paralyzing.  Charge is 
there to boost up whatever electric attack you go with, Crunch is to take out
any ghosts or Psychics, and as the other two, pick whatever sounds better.

Another Physical Sweeper

Nature: Adamant/Brave
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Def, 6 Spd.
Thunder Wave
Thunder Fang
Ice Fang

Paralyze them with Thunder Wave, then since being Paralyzed slows down your 
opponent, either go for Bite (And hope they flinch) or one of the Fangs.

A "HAX"-Ray

Luxray @ Lefties
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
-Thunder Fang/Spark
-Thunder Wave
-Ice Fang
Rivalry to help if the opponent is the same gender, Attract if it's not.  

Luxray learns Spark, Bite, Crunch, Thunder Fang, and Charge naturally.  Iron
Tail, Attract, and Thunder Wave are all TMs, Fire Fang and Ice Fang are all 
Egg moves.

#27 (407) ROSERADE
         Types:  Grass/Poison
         Abilities:  Natural Cure : Status conditions are cured when this 
                                    Pokemon is withdrawn from battle.
                     Poison Point : When a direct attack makes contact with
                                    Roserade, the opposing Pokemon has a 
                                    30% chance of being poisoned. 
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-125   
  Special Defense-105
Roseliaís Evolved form, Roserade is a bit of an improvement.   The Special 
Attack is very good.  However, low speed and defenses donít help very much 
against fast Physical Sweepers, making Roserade an excellent example of an 
Underused Pokemon.

Choice Scarf-er

Roserade@Choice Scarf
Nature: Timid
Evs: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
Natural Cure
-Sleep Powder
-Leaf Storm
-Sludge Bomb/Shadow Ball/Weather Ball
-Hidden Power Ice

With the Speed Boost from Choice Scarf, Roserade should be able to move faster
than anything thatís not a Sweeper.  Donít use Sleep Powder unless youĎre 
desperate.  If it misses, or if the opponent switches out, or even if the 
opposing Pokemon wakes up before itís knocked out, Roserade could be in VERY 
big trouble.

A Choice Specs user
Roserade@Choice Specs
Nature: Timid
EVs: 252Sp. Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
Natural Cure
-Leaf Storm
-Sludge Bomb
-Shadow Ball/Energy Ball/Weather Ball
-Hidden Power Fire

Leaf Storm and Sludge Bomb are good Stab attacks.  Hidden Power Fire is there
for the Steel Types, Shadow Ball will take out the Ghost types.  Energy Ball 
is a STAB attack that wonít make your Stats fall, and  Weather Ball is for 
being versatile.  

A Weather Wizard

Roserade@Heat Rock/Damp Rock/Life Orb
Nature:  Timid
Evs:  252 Sp. Atk 252 Spd, 6 HP
Natural Cure
-Sunny Day/Rain Dance
-Energy Ball
-Weather Ball
-Hidden Power Ice
Takes advantage of Weather Ball.  Itís a good set to build a team around, just
 donít make Roserade your only Weather Wizard.  Anyway,  you can choose from 
either Sunny Day or Rain Dance.  The first one will give you a better chance 
to beat Steel Types, but Rain Dance is the one NOBODY expects.  Energy Ball is 
there for the STAB, while Hidden Power is for those dragons.


Nature:  Timid
Evs:  252 HP, 252 Spd, 6 Sp. Atk.
Natural Cure
-Leech Seed
-Energy Ball

Use Substitute first, then if your opponent can be Leech Seeded, use that.  
If the Substitute is broken, do it again.  When you have a chance, use Growth
to get the extra power and Energy Ball for a STAB-ed attack.   If  you know 
your opponent has another Grass type, switch out Leech Seed for a good Hidden
Power or Sludge Bomb.
Roserade learns Aromatherapy, Growth,  and Leech Seed as Roselia. It learns 
Weather Ball naturally,.  Hidden Power, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Sunny Day, 
Rain Dance, Energy Ball are all TMs, and Sleep Powder, Synthesis, and 
Leaf Storm are Egg Moves.  

#37 (409) RAMPARDOS
       Type:  Rock
        Ability:  Mold Breaker (Any ability that would prevent an attack is
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-65   
  Special Defense-50
Itsí fossil can only be found in Diamond.  Rampardos has VERY good attack, and
an interesting ability (Thatíll take care of any Levitators!) but it makes up 
for that VERY bad defenses.  

Physical Sweeper

Nature: Adamant 
Mold Breaker
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd 6 HP
-Stone Edge
-Rock Polish
This set doesnít need much explanation.  Rock Polish is to get Rampardosí 
speed up.  Just watch out for faster hard hitters.

Another Physical Sweeper

Rampardos@Life Orb
Nature: Adamant 
EVs: 252 Atk, 129 HP, 129 Spd
Mold Breaker
-Head Smash
-Zen Headbutt
-Focus Punch
Be careful, Head Smash, in my opinion, is low on accuracy.  Anyway, Focus 
Punch is there for when you think your opponent will switch out.  

Choice Band-er

Rampardos@Choice Band
Nature: Jolly 
EVs: 252 Atk, 129 HP, 129 Spd. 
Mold Breaker
-Stone Edge
-Hammer Arm

This set is best used with a Baton Passer of some kind.  Rampardos could use 
the speed.

Choice Scarf-er

Rampardos@Choice Scarf
Nature: Adamant 
EVs: 252 Atk, 129 Spd, 129 HP
Mold Breaker
-Stone Edge
-Hammer Arm
Choice Scarf for making you fast enough to get the first hit, Stone Edge for
STAB, even though the accuracyís a bit low.  Earthquake for taking out 
everything except Fliers, Pursuit for the Ghost Types and Hit-and-Runners, and
Hammer arm for the Normals.  

Rampardos learns Head Smash, Pursuit, and Zen Headbutt naturally.  Focus 
Punch, Earthquake, Rock Polish, and Stone Edge are all Tms.  Crunch and Hammer
 Arm are Egg Moves.

#39 (411) BASTIODON
         Types:  Rock/Steel
         Ability:  Sturdy. (If the opponent uses a 1-Hit KO attack, like 
                   Fissure or Sheer Cold, it will not work.)
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-47  
  Special Defense-138
Bastiodon comes from the Pearl-Exclusive Fossil.   Stat-wise, itís also the 
opposite of Rampardos.  Bastiodon has spectacular defenses (Which it needs, 
being weak against several common types!), but very little Attack and Special
Attack.   Itís best off as a Wall or a Tank.

A Tank-ish Moveset

Nature:  Impish/Careful
Evs:  252 Def, 252 Sp. Def, 6 HP.
-Rock Slide
-Stealth Rock
-Iron Head/Rest/Earthquake/Roar
If you go with Rest, you can switch Lefties for a Chesto Berry.  Roar is to 
get rid of anything that can hurt Bastiodon. 

Hereís Another One.

Bastiodon @Leftovers
Nature:  Impish/Careful
Evs:  252 HP, 129 Def, 129 Sp. Def.
-Stealth Rock
-Metal Burst

Fairly simple, Substitute, then start Stealth Rocking.  

Bastiodon can learn Protect from the Move Tutor.  It learns Iron Head, and 
Metal Burst naturally.  Roar, Rest, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Stealth Rock, 
and Substitute are all Tms.  Curse is an Egg Move.

#46 (413) WORMADAM
         Types:  Bug/Grass, Bug/Ground, Bug/Steel
         Ability:  Anticipation (If the opponent has any moves that are Super
                   Effective against this Pokemon, or 1-Hit KO moves, the 
                   screen will tell you when that Pokemon appears in battle.)

Wormadam is an odd Pokemon.  First, it only comes from female Burmy.  Second, 
itsí type depends on where the Burmy it Evolved from fought last.  If it was 
fighting in a forest, it will become a Bug/Grass type.  If it was fighting in 
a Cave, it becomes a Bug/Rock type.  If it was fighting in a building, it 
becomes a Bug/Steel type.  All three types have different Base Stats, so Iíll 
list them all here.

Base Stats (Bug/Grass):
   Special Attack-79   
  Special Defense-105

Base Stats (Bug/Ground):
   Special Attack-59   
  Special Defense-85

Base Stats (Bug/Steel):
   Special Attack-69   
  Special Defense-95
Sadly, all three of them have rather low Stats, so theyĎre hardly ever used.  
Wormadam in general has a lousy move pool.  The only Type Iíve been able to 
find Movesets for is the Bug/Steel one.

A Tank

Wormadam (Steel form)@Leftovers
Nature:  Modest/Bold/Calm
EVs: 252 Def, 252 Sp Def, (Or Sp. Atk) 6 HP.
-Stealth Rock/Metal Sound 
-Substitute/Flash Cannon

Flash Cannon and Metal Sound go together.  If you take out the one, itís 
probably not worth keeping the other.

Special Sweeper-ish

Wormadam (Steel Form)@Leftovers
Nature: Modest 
Evs:  252 HP, 252 Sp. Atk, 6 Def.
-Stealth Rock
-Metal Sound
-Shadow Ball/Flash Cannon
-Hidden Power (Fighting/Bug)

Most of Wormadamís moves are Special, so this fits her a bit better than the
last one.

Wormadam learns Protect, Hidden Power, and Metal Sound naturally.  Stealth 
Rock, Toxic, Shadow Ball, Substitute, and Flash Cannon are all Tms.

#47 (414) MOTHIM
        Type:  Bug/Flying
        Ability:  Swarm (When this Pokemonís Hit Points drop below 1/3, 
                   Swarm increases the power of itsí Bug-type attacks.)
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-94   
  Special Defense-50
Mothim is the male equivalent of Wormadam.  Unfortunately, itís got almost 
the same Base Stats, except better Speed.   You probably wonít find many of 
these in competitive battles.

A Choice Scarf-er

Mothim @Choice Scarf/Wiseglasses
Nature:  Modest/Timid
Evs:  252 Sp. Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
-Air Slash
-Bug Buzz
-Hidden Power-Ground/Rock
-Shadow Ball/Psychic/Energy Ball/Substitute

I couldnít find that many Movesets for Mothim.  Anyway, this oneís a typical
Special Sweeper.  Air Slash and Bug Buzz for STAB.  Hidden Power for taking 
out Rock-Types or Fliers.  The last move is whatever you feel like using.

Mothim learns Hidden Power, Air Slash, Psychic, and Bug Buzz naturally.
Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, and Substitute are all Tms.

#49 (416) VESPIQUEN
         Types:  Bug/Flying
         Ability:  Pressure (Any moves used by the opponent count as 2 PP
                   not 1.)
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-80  
  Special Defense-102
Hmm, I think Game Freak likes Bug/Flying types, it keeps making more of them!
Anyway, Vespiquen is mostly average stat-wise.  It has several signature moves
which at least makes it stand out a little.  The problem is itsí speed!  Itís
almost as slow as Wormadam.  It makes up for that with a good Ability, but I 
think that Vespiquen is going to stay in the Under-Used category.

A Toxi-Staller/Annoyer

Vespiquen @Leftovers
Evs:  252 HP, 129 Def, 129 Spd.
-Defend Order
-Heal Order
-Destiny Bond/Aerial Ace

This set makes use of a couple of Vespiquenís Signature Moves.  Toxic first, 
if you can, then build up your defenses.  Heal when your Hit Points are 
getting low, and either Destiny Bond when it looks like Vespiquenís about to
get KOíed, or if you want an actual attack, use Aerial Ace.

Vespiquen learns Defend Order, Heal Order, Toxic, and Destiny Bond naturally.
Aerial Ace is a TM.

#55 (417) PACHIRISU
         Type:  Electric
         Abilities:  Pickup (If this Pokemon isnít holding anything at the 
                            end of a battle, it will sometimes pick up items
                      Run Away:  If this Pokemon is in a battle with a wild
                                 Pokemon, it can flee easily.
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-45  
  Special Defense-90
Iíll admit that they need to make more Electric Pokemon, but they can 
certainly do better than this!  Itís horribly weak, it doesnĎt evolve, and 
the abilities are useless in a competitive battle.  Not to mention that itís
disgustingly cuteÖAnd Iím not talking about real cute, I mean sickeningly 
sweet!  Anyway, I may as well include some sets for it.


Nature:  Hasty/NaÔve/Jolly
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Spd, 6 whatever you want.
-Super Fang
-Thunder Wave

Super Fang ALWAYS takes out half of the opponentís Hit Points.  Itís a good 
move, even if itís on a Pachirisu.  Just be careful because it does 
occasionally miss.

A Special Sweeper

Pachirisu@Wisdom Glasses
Nature:  Modest/Timid
Evs: 252 Spd, 252 Sp. Atk. 6 HP.
-Super Fang
-Fake tears
-Grass Knot

Substitute and Super fang are always good on Pachirisu.  Fake Tears to lower
the opponentís Special Defense and Grass Knot for an actual attack. 

Pachirisu learns Super Fang naturally.  Attract, Thunder Wave, Substitute, and
Grass Knot are all Tms.  Flatter and Fake Tears are all Egg Moves.

#57 (419) FLOATZEL
         Type: Water 
         Ability: Swift Swim (If the in-game weather is raining, this 
                  Pokemon's speed is doubled)
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-85  
  Special Defense-50
With that attack and that speed, Floatzel would work best as a Physical 
Sweeper or a Choice Band-er.  It also learns Baton Pass, which is always good.

Baton Passer

Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 HP, 129 Atk, 129 Spd/Def.
Swift Swim 
-Baton Pass
-Bulk Up/Agility

Fairly easy.  Use Bulk Up and/or Taunt, then Baton Pass if things get too 

Choice Band-er

Floatzel@Choice Band
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
Swift Swim
-Ice Fang
-Aqua Jet/Pursuit/Agility

Aqua Jet's the water version of Quick Attack, but it's not as powerful as 

Floatzel learns Ice Fang from the Move Tutor in Pastoria City.  Aqua Jet, 
Crunch, and Agility are all learned naturally as Floatzel levels up.  Bulk
Up, Taunt, and Substitute are all TMs, and Waterfall is an HM.

#59 (421) CHERRIM
         Type: Grass 
         Ability: Flower Gift (If the In-Game weather is Sunny, this Pokemon
                  and its' ally's Attack and Special Attack is multiplied by
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-87  
  Special Defense-78
Cherrim isn't much to look at in normal cometitive play, but when it comes to
two on two, it really helps!  Its' Ability is best with any team based on 
Sunny Day, especially one with a Groudon on it, will really do good with 
this Pokemon.

A Two-on-Two Cherrim

Cherrim@Focus Sash
Nature:  Timid/Modest/Bold 
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Sp. Atk/Sp. Def, 6 Spd. 
Flower Gift
-Helping Hand
-Worry Seed
-Grass Knot/Grasswhistle/Aromatherapy

This set is for a team with Groudon or something with Sunny Day.  Focus Sash 
is to keep Cherrim into more than one round.  Protect is for the Earthquakes
(Something you're bound to see with Groudon) Worry Seed will get rid of any 
resters, and when used with something with a bad ability, (Sadly, it doesn't
work for Slaking) will replace that Ability with Insomnia.  If you don't want 
an attacking move, replace the Special Attack EVs with Special Defense or 
regular Defense.

Another Two-on-Two Cherrim (SunnyBeamer)

Cherim@Heat Rock
Nature: Timid
EVs:  252 Sp. Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
-Sunny Day
-Helping Hand

For the team that doesn't have Groudon.  It's mostly a Support Pokemon. 

A Cherim for One-on-One battles

Nature:  Modest/Timid
EVs:  252 HP, 252 Sp. Atk, 6 Spd.
-Leech Seed
-HP Fire/HP Ice/Grasswhistle/Sunny Day

It's pretty much a standard Grass-Type without the Ability.  Hidden Power is
just in case Cherrim runs into another Grass.

Cherrim can learn Leech Seed, Helping Hand, Sunny Day, Worry Seed, and 
Solarbeam naturally.  Hidden Power, Protect, Grass Knot, and Substitute are 
all TMs.  Grasswhistle and Aromatherapy are Egg Moves.

#61 (423) GASTRODON
         Type: Water 
         Abilities: Sticky Hold:  This Pokemon's item cannot be taken from it.
                  Storm Drain:  In a Two-on-Two battle, any Water attacks
                                will be drawn to this Pokemon.
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-92  
  Special Defense-92
Ah, Gastrodon.  It's a bit like Quagsire, but without Water Absorb.  
Unfortunately, attacks drawn by Storm Drain hit just as hard as anything,
Storm Drain is only useful in a Two-on-Two battle, however Sticky Hold will
stop any Thieves in their tracks.

A VERY slow Special Sweeper

Nature: Bold 
EVs: 252 Def, 129 HP, 129 Sp. Atk
Sticky Hold
-Ice Beam
-HP Electric

The Ability can be changed if you're a Two-on-Two player.  Just watch out for
faster sweepers, especially those with Grass-Type Attacks.  HP Electric is in
case you run into another Water-Type (Gyarados!)

Another Special Sweeper

Nature: Calm
EVs: 252 Sp. Def, 129 HP, 125 Sp. Atk.
Sticky Hold
-Mud Bomb/HP Ground/Earthquake
-Ice Beam

It's pretty much the same thing, but with a Ground type attack for STAB and
to take out any Steel and Rock types, the only thing that might just move 

A Counter-er
Gastrodon @ Leftovers
Nature: Bold/Modest/Calm
EVs: 252 HP, 129 Def, 129 Sp. Def
Sticky Hold
-Mirror Coat

This one was meant to take hits and dish them right back.  Recover is a 
lifesaver here.  Once again, if you're going to use Gastro in a Double
Battle, you might want to give it Storm Drain.

A Tank-ish Gastrodon

EVs:  252 Def, 129 Sp. Def, 129 Sp. Atk.
Sticky Hold
-Ice Beam

Stockpile to increase the defenses, Swallow and Recover are to keep 
Gastrodon in battle as long as it can.  Keep an eye out for anything with
Energy Ball or any other Water Types.

Gastrodon learns Mud Bomb, Hidden Power, and Recover naturally.  Ice Beam and
Earthquake are Tms.  Surf is an HM.  Counter and Mirror Coat are Egg Moves.

#64 (424) AMBIPOM
         Type: Normal 
         Abilities: Technician (Any move with a power under 60 that this 
                             Pokemon uses is strengthened by half.)
                  Pickup (If this Pokemon isnít holding anything at the 
                         end of a battle, it will sometimes pick up items
Base Stats:
   Special Attack-60  
  Special Defense-66
Ambipom has a VERY wide Movepool and an ability that's useful in Competitive
Battle.  Its' stats are pretty good, and it learns Baton Pass too!

Baton Passer

Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Atk, 6 Spd.
-Baton Pass
-Thunder Wave/Agility

This moveset is for making Substitutes and then Baton Passing them.  You can
also Pass Agility, if you include that move. Return is a good Normal attack.

A Choice Bander

Ambipom@Choice Band
Nature: Adamant/Jolly/Careful
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
-Focus Punch
-Shadow Claw

This move would go best with a Rain Dancer to improve Thunder's accuracy,
although you should probably make sure the opponent doesn't have another
"Thunder-Dancer" in their team.

Ambipom learns Baton Pass, and Agility naturally.  Thunder, Focus Punch, 
Substitute, Thunder Wave, Return, and Shadow Calw are all TMs.

#66 (426) DRIFBLIM
         Type: Ghost/Flying 
         Abilities: Unburden (If this Pokemon uses a once-only item in this 
                           battle, this Pokemon's speed is doubled)
                  Aftermath (When this Pokemon faints, the opponent loses
                             1/4 of their Hit Points)
   Special Attack-90  
  Special Defense-54

It may not be in the same league as Blissey, but that's still a lot of Hit
Points.  Too bad its defenses aren't so hot. 

Special Sweeper

Drifblim @Petaya Berry
Nature: Modest/Timid
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Sp. Atk, 6 Spd.
-Shadow Ball
-Hp-Flying/Baton Pass

Hidden Power is for STAB, Baton Pass is if you want to Pass the Special Attack
from the Petaya berry

Another Special Sweeper

Drifblim @Petaya Berry
Nature:  Timid
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Spd, 6 Sp. Atk. 
-Baton Pass
-Haze/Shadow Ball/ Thunderbolt/Will-O-Wisp

Petaya Berry can be replaced with any of the other "Pinch" Berries.  

A Baton Passer

Drifblim@Chesto Berry
Nature: Timid/Modest/Calm
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Spd, 6 Atk.
-Shadow Ball/Ominous Wind
-Baton Pass

Stockpile increases the user's Defenses, which can be Baton Passed.  Ominous
Wind has a chance of raising ALL of Drifblim's stats, which is good for a 
Baton Passer.  

Drifblim learns Stockpile, Ominous Wind, Baton Pass, and Shadow Ball 
naturally.  Hidden Power, Thunderbolt, Rest, Will-o-Wisp, and Substitute 
are all TMs.  Haze and Hypnosis are Egg Moves.

#68 (428) LOPUNNY
         Type: Normal
         Abilities: Cute Charm (If a Pokemon of the opposite gender hits this
                               Pokemon with a Direct Attack, there is a 30%
                               chance that that Pokemon will be infatuated.)
                    Klutz:  This Pokemon cannot use any held items.
   Special Attack-54  
  Special Defense-96

I won't comment on Lopunny's looks. I will however say that it has a very 
nice movepool.  It can be a Baton Passer, or even a "Trick-Bander" (Which is
helped by the Ability Klutz!)

Baton Passer

Nature: Timid/Modest/Calm
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Spd, 6 Sp. Atk.
Cute Charm
-Baton Pass
-Healing Wish/Charge Beam

Baton Pass Agilities and Substitutes.  If it looks like Lopunny's about to be
KO'ed, use Healing Wish to get your next fighter ready...Or if you want an 
actual attack, use Charge Beam.

Item Switcher (I can't say "Trick-Bander" anymore!)

Lopunny@Flame Orb/Iron Ball
Nature: Bold
EVs: 252 HP, 129 Def, 129 Spd.

Klutz won't let Lopunny use any items, right?  So that means Lopunny can hold
any sort of bad item without putting up with the bad stuff.  Switcheroo gives
your opponent that bad stuff.  Flame Orb burns any (Non-Klutzy) Pokemon that
holds it, and even if it heals it'll just start again.  As for the rest of 
the moves...they're all there to (Hopefully) keep the opponent busy until 
it's too late.

Another Switcher/Baton Passer

Lopunny@Flame Orb
Nature: Timid
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Spd, 6 Def.
-Baton Pass/Charge Beam.

Pretty much the same.  Be aware that Charge Beam can sometimes miss.

Lopunny can learn Baton Pass, Agility, and Healing Wish naturally.  Rest, 
Substitute, and Charge Beam are all TMs.  Switcheroo, Swagger, and Encore
are all Egg Moves.

#73 (429) MISMAGUS
         Type: Ghost
         Ability: Levitate (Ground attacks will not affect this Pokemon.)
   Special Attack-105
  Special Defense-105
At least its' numbers are mostly the same.  Either decent or fairly bad.
Anyway, it's got a good Ability and it can move faster than some Overused
Pokemon.  So, what can it do?

Special Sweeper

Nature: Modest 
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Spd, 6 Def.
-Calm Mind
-Shadow Ball
-Thunderbolt/Psychic/Energy Ball/Ominous Wind
-Thunderbolt/Psychic/Energy Ball/Ominous Wind

Keep it away from Physical Pokemon.  Other than that, it's pretty easy.

And another one.

Nature: Timid/Bold
EVs:  252 Spd, 129 HP, 129 Def. 
-Calm Mind
-Hidden Power Ice/Hidden Power Fire/Shadow Ball/Energy Ball/Hidden 
 Power Fighting

Calm Mind once or twice, then Sweep away.  If you have a Rain Dancer on your
team, go with Thunder.  If not, stick with Thunderbolt.  The last move depends
on what you think you'll be facing.  Hidden Power Ice is for the Dragons, Fire
is for Steel Types, Fighting is for any Tyrannitars, Shadow Ball is if you 
want a STAB-ed attack, and Energy Ball is for Ground or Water Pokemon. 

A "Perish-Trapper"

Nature: Bold 
EV's:252 Def, 129 HP, 129 Sp. Def.
-Mean Look
-Perish Song
-Destiny Bond/Rest

Mean Look is there to keep your opponent from getting out of there in time.
Perish Song will take down any Pokemon in the area when the three-turn 
countdown ends.  Rest and Protect are to keep Mismagus alive until Perish
Song strikes.  If you're not sure that it'll last the whole time, go for
Destiny Bond and take your opponent down that way.

Mismagus learns Mean Look, Shadow Ball and Perish Song as Misdreavus.  Calm
Mind, Hidden Power, Taunt, Protect, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Psychic, Energy 
Ball, Substitute, Will-o-Wisp, Destiny Bond, and Ominous Wind are Egg Moves.

#75 (430) HONCHKROW 
         Types: Dark/Flying
         Abilities: Insomnia (This Pokemon cannot have the condition Sleep.)
                    Super Luck (Increases the chances of getting a critical
   Special Attack-105  
  Special Defense-52
Murkrow's Evolution has lost some speed and gained some attacking power.  
It also has a fairly nifty Ability that increases the chances of getting a
Critical.  The only downside is the speed, and that it has a very small 
Movepool for Special Attacks.

A "Hax"-Krow

Honchkrow@Scope Lens
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
Super Luck
-Sucker Punch
-Night Slash
-Drill Peck

This Moveset is for getting as many Criticals as you can.  Sucker Punch is for
when the opponent goes "A Honchkrow?! That thing has such low defense, I'm 
gonna knock it out right now!" Night Slash is for STAB, and MORE critical
Hax.  Drill Peck is just for STAB ans Substitute is for keeping Honchkrow out
for as long as it can.

A Special Sweeper

Honchkrow@Salac Berry
Nature: Modest/Timid
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
Super Luck
-Nasty Plot
-Dark Pulse
-Shadow Ball

Nasty Plot to raise the Special Attack, and the rest of them to Sweep.  This 
set would do better with a Baton Passer to raise Honchkrow's speed.

Another Special Sweeper

Honchkrow@Salac Berry
Nature: Modest/Timid
EVs:  252 Sp. Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
Super Luck
-Drill Peck/Psychic/Shadow Ball
-Dark Pulse
-Icy Wind
-Confuse Ray/Mirror Move/Thunder Wave

Icy Wind comes from a Move Tutor in Emerald.  If you breed your Murkrow there
and move it to Diamond or Pearl, you'll have to take your chances on which
Ability it has.  Icy Wind is there for two reasons.  First, to slow your
opponent down.  Second, to take on any Dragons you might encounter.

Choice Scarf-er

Honchkrow@Choice Scarf
Nature: Lonely
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
Super Luck
-Drill Peck
-Night Slash
-Pursuit/Thunder Wave/Roost
-Hidden power Fire/Water/Fighting/rock

Physical Sweeper

Honchkrow@Life Orb
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
EVs:  252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
Super Luck
-Sucker Punch
-Drill Peck

sucker Punch to take on any Physical Pokemon, Substitute and Roost to keep 
Honchkrow in battle, and Drill Peck for a regular attack.  

Choice Scarf to increase Honchkrow's less-than-average speed, and the others
are mostly there for STAB.  Hidden Power is there for anything that's not weak
against Dark or Flying.

Honchkrow learns Icy Wind from the Move Tutor in Emerald as a Murkrow.  
Pursuit comes from the Move Tutor in Pastoria City.  Sucker Punch 
is learned as a Murkrow.  Nasty Plot, Night Slash, and Dark Pulse are all 
learned naturally.  Hidden Power, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Roost, Thunder Wave,
and Substitute are all TMs.  Drill Peck, Confuse Ray, and Mirror Move are 
Egg Moves.

#77 (432) PURUGLY 
         Type: Normal
         Abilities: Own Tempo (This Pokemon cannot be Confused.)
                    Thick Fat (Any Fire and Ice damage this Pokemon takes is
   Special Attack-64  
  Special Defense-59
When my younger sister first saw Purugly, the first words out of her mouth
were "Eww!"  It's a LOT like Persian, but not so pretty.  The Stats are almost
the same, too.  The Abilities are a bit different, though.  Purugly can only 
be found in Pearl.

Physical Sweeper

Nature: Adamant
EVs:  252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
-Hypnosis/Quick Attack
-Shadow Claw

Hypnosis to make sure the opponent can't touch you (Although it's not very 
accurate.) Shadow Claw to deal with any Ghosts, Return for a nice STAB-ed 
attack and U-Turn to get Purugly away from something it can't take on.
If you can't take Hypnosis's lack of accuracy, go for Quick Attack.

A Choice Bander

Purugly@Choice Band
Nature:  Adamant
EVs:  252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
-Shadow Claw
-Hidden Power Fire 

Pretty much the same.  Pick an attack and go with it.  U-Turn is for hitting
and running, Hidden Power is for dealing with Steels.

Purugly learns Hypnosis naturally.  Hidden Power, Return, Shadow Claw, and 
U-Turn are all TMs.  Quick Attack is an Egg Move.

#85 (435) SKUNTANK 
         Types: Dark/Poison
         Abilities: Stench (If this Pokemon is in the first slot of your 
                             party, wild encounters decrease.)
                    Aftermath (When this Pokemon is fainted, the opponent
                              takes damage)
   Special Attack-71  
  Special Defense-61
Skuntank is a very odd type.  Because it's a Dark type, Skuntank doesn't have
to worry about one of Poison's biggest weaknesses, Psychic Types.  It still 
has to keep a lookout for any Ground or Fighting Types.  Only one of its' 
Abilities is useful in Cometitive Battling and that's Aftermath.  It's got a
rather bad Movepool and its' Defenses aren't too good, but Skuntank is a 
excellent Underused Pokemon.

Choice Bander/Exploder

Skuntank@ChoiceBand/Choice Scarf
Nature:  Adamant/Jolly
EVs:  252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
-Dark Slash 
-Poison Jab
-Pursuit/Iron Tail

I do NOT like Explosion.  I do NOT like the idea of losing a good Pokemon, 
even if it does take out the opponent.  But it's a Moveset, so it's here.  
Anyways, Explosion's there as a last resort.  Dark Slash and Poison Jab are 
for STAB, and Pusuit's for any Hit-and-Runners.


Nature: Jolly
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Spd, 6 Atk.

Substitute and Protect to keep Skuntank in the battle, Protect is also to see
what moves the opponent has.  Dig is another move to avoid hits (Just make 
sure the opponent doesn't have Earthquake.  That hits a Pokemon while it's
Digging) and Toxic is to make your opponent poisoned.

Skuntank learns Toxic, Night Slash, and Explosion naturally.  Protect, Dig,
Poison Jab, Substitute, and Swagger are all TMs.

89 (437) BRONZONG 
         Type: Psychic/Steel
         Abilities: Levitate (Ground attacks will not affect this Pokemon.)
                    Heatproof (Fire-Type attacks will do less damage to this
   Special Attack-79
  Special Defense-116
Bronzong has some good defenses, and its' Abilites each help with one of its'
major weaknesses.  On the other hand, it's not good on Hit Points, and that 
speed!  It's SLOW! In spite of the fact that it makes a good Tank, I could
only find a couple of movesets for Bronzong.

Tankish Bronzong

Nature: Impish 
EVs: 252 HP, 129 Def, 129 Atk.
-Stealth Rock/Reflect
-Gyro Ball/Earthquake

Hypnosis to buy some time while you Stealth Rock/Reflect.  Gyro Ball and
Earthquake for an attack you can use, and Explosion for a last resort.

And another Tank

Nature: Impish
EVs:  252 HP, 129 Def, 129 Atk.
Trick Room
Stealth Rock/Reflect/Light Screen

Trick Room to boost up its' Speed for five turns.  While that's going on, use
Hypnosis, then whatever status-boosing move you have.  When that's done, you
can start on the Earthquakes.

A Third Tank

Bronzong@Leftovers/Lum Berry
Nature: Bold
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Def, 6 Sp. Def
-Calm Mind

This one's got Calm Mind to increase its' Special Defense as well as Rest to
Heal.  The other two moves are Psychic for an attack, and Hypnosis, to buy 
time while you Calm Mind.

Bronzong learns Hypnosis and Gyro Ball naturally.  Calm Mind, Earthquake, 
Psychic, Reflect, Light Screen, Explosion, Stealth Rock and Trick Room are 
all Tms.

#202 (441) CHATOT 
         Types: Normal/Flying
         Abilities: Keen Eye (This Pokemon's accuracy cannot be reduced)
                    Tangled Feet (When this Pokemon is confused, its' Evasion
                                 goes up)
   Special Attack-92
  Special Defense-42
Ah, Chatot.  The Parrot Pokemon.  If it had better stats, I'd use it.  Still, 
Chatot learns a rather cool Signature move, Chatter.  This is the move where 
you record a phrase on the DS's mircophone and when Chatot uses the move, it
says a mixed-up version of what you recorded.  Too bad, It would be funny to
have your Pokemon tell your opponent what you REALLY think of them.  

A Choice Spec-er

Chatot@Choice Specs
Nature: Timid/Modest 
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP.
Keen Eye
-Hyper Voice
-HP Fighting

A Special Sweeper

Nature: Timid 
EVs: 252 Sp. Atk/252 Spd/6 HP
Keen Eye
-Hyper Voice
-Nasty Plot

Sing is NOT accurate, but it'll make your opponent fall asleep.  Just keep an
eye out for any Soundproof Pokemon.  Nasty Plot to get the Special Attack up,
and Chatter and Hyper Voice for some STAB-ed Special Attacks.

And Another Special Sweeper

Chatot@Life Orb
Nature: Timid/Modest
EVs: 252 Spd, 252 Sp. Atk, 6 HP. 
Keen Eye
-Nasty Plot
-Hyper Voice
-Hidden Power (Fighting/Ghost/Ground)

Like the last set, Encore is to keep your opponent busy, Nasty Plot for 
setting up a Sweep, Hyper Voice for STAB, and Hidden Power to cover anything
that Hyper Voice won't hit.

Chatot learns Chatter, Roost, Sing, Mimic, and Hyper Voice naturally.  Hidden
Power and U-Turn are TMs.  Nasty Plot and Encore are Egg Moves.

#108 (442) SPIRITOMB 
         Types: Ghost/Dark
         Ability: Pressure (Any moves used by the opponent count as 2 PP
                           not 1.) 
   Special Attack-92
  Special Defense-108
Spiritomb is one of only two pokemon that is not weak against ANY type.  
That's right, it has NO weaknesses!  It also has better stats than the only
other Pokemon that's Ghost/Dark, Sableye.  Its' defenses are better than 
average, so when you think about it, Spiritomb would make an excellent Tank.
Too bad it's so slow...and such a pain to get!

Anti-Blissey Spiritomb

Nature: Modest/Mild/Calm
EVs: 252 HP, 129 Sp. Atk, 129 Def.
-Calm Mind/Nasty Plot
-Dark Pulse

The first attack (Whichever one you want to go for) is to increase your Stats,
Hypnosis and Will-o-Wisp are to either stall, or to start hurting your 
opponent.  Dark Pulse is to make use of the Stat boosts with STAB, and Rest
is to keep Spiritomb going.

A Tank-ish Set

Nature: Calm
EVs: 252 hp, 129 Sp Atk, 129 Sp Def
-Pain Split
-Calm Mind
-Dark Pulse

It's almost the same as the last set, but this time Pain Split is there as
a (Sort-of) recovering move.


Nature: Careful
EVs: 252 HP, 129 Atk, 129 Sp. Def.
-Sucker Punch/Taunt 
-Pain Split

Switch Spiritomb in on a Psychic Pokemon, then use Sucker Punch or Taunt.
Pain Split for when it takes damage, and Will-o-Wisp to keep the opponent

A Staller

Nature: Careful
EVs: 252 HP, 129 Def, 129 Sp. Def.
-Sleep Talk

This set was made to wear opponents out quickly.  Between Spite and 
Spiritomb's Pressure Ability, this set should have the opponent losing around
6 PP per attack.  Pursuit is for the Hit-and-Runners, Rest is there to keep
Spiritomb in the battle, and Sleep Talk is there to make sure Spiritomb is 
still wasting the opponent's PP even while it sleeps.

Spiritomb learns Pursuit and Spite from the Move Tutor in Pastoria City.  It
learns Hypnosis, Sucker Punch, Nasty Plot, and Dark Pulse naturally.  Calm 
Mind, Taunt, Rest, and Will-o-Wisp are all TMs, and Pain Split is an Egg Move.

#111 (445) GARCHOMP
         Types: Dragon/Ground
         Ability: Sand Veil (This Pokemon's Evasion increases during an 
                             in-game Sandstorm.)
   Special Attack-80  
  Special Defense-85
With Base Stats like that, it's easy to see why Garchomp is in the Overused
category.  Between that Attack and that Speed, you're most likely to see 
Garchomp as a Physical Sweeper/Choice Bander.  Its one weakness is an Ice 
type, and the Pokemon that uses the Ice attack must be VERY fast and VERY
strong to get a One-hit KO on Garchomp.

Physical Sweeper (Big Surprise!)

Garchomp@Leftovers/Life Orb
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Spd, 129 Atk, 129 HP
Sand Veil
-Swords Dance
-Dragon Claw/Dragon Rush/Crunch/Shadow Claw/Stone Edge/Fire Blast/Fire Fang
-Dragon Claw/Dragon Rush/Crunch/Shadow Claw/Stone Edge/Fire Blast/Fire Fang

It's best if you know what your opponent uses before picking the final two 
moves.  If you don't, well, it's up to you.  Dragon Claw, crunch, and Fire
Fang are the more accurate ones.  The others may have better power or be more
useful, but they're not quite so accurate.  Fire Blast is a Special Attack, 
so you might want to go for Fire Fang.

Another Physical Sweeper

Garchomp@Salac Berry
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
Sand Veil
-Swords Dance
-Dragon Claw

Use Substitute and get some Swords Dances in.  Then start pounding your 
opponent.When your Hit Points are getting low, the Salac Berry will boost
your Speed.

Choice Band-er

Garchomp@Choice Band
Nature: Adamant/Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 HP
Sand Veil
-Dragon Claw/Outrage
-Stone Edge/Crunch
 Fire Fang/Fire Blast

Perdict what your opponent will be using and use the move that will hurt it
the most.  If you use Outrage, be careful of the confusion that comes at the
end...If your opponent's still able to fight.

A Choice Scarf-er

Garchomp@Choice Scarf
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 6 Sp. Def.
Sand Veil
-Crunch/Stone Edge
-Fire Blast/Fire Fang

Not much different here.  Pick the move that will knock out your opponent
the fastest and there you go.


Garchomp learns Fire Fang from the Move Tutor in Pastoria City.  It learns
Dragon Claw, Crunch, and Dragon Rush naturally.  Earthquake, Fire Blast, 
Substitute, Swords Dance, Shadow Claw, and Stone Edge are all TMs.  Outrage
is an Egg Move.




A. Sorry, I am NOT a Battler.  I just wanted to write all these sets down 
   so people could read them.

Q. Will you Trade with me?
A. I don't have a Wi-Fi connection at home, so I have to bring my DS to 
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Q. Which version do you have?
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Q. How do I get Pokerus?
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I really am NOT a battler.  I just did this because I was getting frustrated 
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First off, I should thank Gamefaqs, the site which has given me more ideas and
memories than I could ever begin to say, and Nintendo for making these 
absorbing games.

Second I'd like to thank the every one of the Users from every one of the 
many Message Boards whose discussions gave me ideas to write down.
In particular, I'd like to thank 
-Curty for his great Pokemon-a-Day discussion topics.
-GogoJirachi for some good Movesets.
-Adam for telling me what all the IV sayings were,

Thanks also to Serebii.net and Smogon.com, and their respective Message
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And probably the strangest thank you YOU'LL ever see, I'd like to thank my
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