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Frontier Brain: Arena Captain Greta
7 battle per round
Silver Symbol: 4 rounds
Gold Symbol: 8 rounds

I find this to be one of the more fun attractions at the Frontier if not at first a little difficult to come to terms with. The Arena is a lot stricter for battling and will also judge on how you battle rather than just winning and losing. As well as this you aren't actually allowed to switch making things a lot more difficult. This also means moves such as Baton Pass are not usable in this challenge.

After you have picked the team you will use you will fight seven battles per round. When each trainer sends out their Pokemon the battle will be announced. This match must last only three turns and if one has yet to be KO'd they will be judged on the following.

Mind: This score is decided by how much your Pokemon attacked. If your opponent attacks aggressively twice and use one defence move while you just attack three times you will win in this section. Keep in mind this is scored by percentage rather than the number of attacks you made. For example, if you caused your opponent to flinch twice with Rockslide and then used a non attack move, and your opponent attacked that turn your opponent would win in this section. (You attacked 2/3 = 66%, opponent attacked 1/1 = 100%)

Skill: This score is decided by how well your Pokemon attacked. If your Pokemon's attacks are successful they are more likely to get points in this area so if your attacks miss you do worse in this score. This section also takes into account how effective the moves were. You will do better in this section if you hit with super effective moves and do worse if you hit with ineffective moves.

Body: This score is decided by how much health your Pokemon has at the beginning of the 3 turns in comparison to how much health it had at the end. This is score is based on the percentage difference between the beginning HP and the end HP. Recovery moves often help to tip this in your favour so keep it in mind when you think of Movesets for Arena Pokemon.

If both Pokemon are standing at the end of three turns each of these areas of battle will be judged. You will be given 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. The Pokemon who gets the lowest score losses even if the other Pokemon would have been considered to be 'winning' in a conventional battle. If it is a tie both Pokemon will faint at the judge's decision. When the defeated Pokemon are replaced the three turns will begin again. This will continue until a trainer's team has been eliminated.

General Tips for Arena

-Think carefully about the order of your Pokemon. As you wont be able to switch you may often find yourself being trapped and unable to prevent your Pokemon's defeat. Make sure the first Pokemon you send out will be able to cover almost anything that is thrown their way. The second Pokemon should be chosen to take out whatever can beat the first Pokemon and the third Pokemon should be able to beat something that can beat the third Pokemon. The Arena will really take you to the cleaners if you have a large weakness to a certain type.

-If you hate having to be judged or find yourself always losing to the Judge's decision finish each Pokemon quickly. Use speedy and strong sweepers to take out most opponents in one or two turns so you wont have to be judged much at all.

-Do not use Pokemon that have bad accuracy on their moves or they will fail their judgement. Also do not use Slaking in this event as it will only have two turns to attack. It may be strong but it is very risky to use, especially as many of your opponents will use Fake Out making you already miss a turn.

-Do not use Pokemon that take a long time to set up (e.g. SubReversal) as they will not have enough time to set themselves up. They will only be able to do this if they last for more than one judgement, so it is a generally bad idea to use a Pokemon like this.

-Pokemon with moves such as Fake Out are invaluable for this challenge. Although it only works once it makes your opponent skip a turn and every turn is vital in this challenge. Moves that make opponents flinch or skip turns are also great for the Arena.

Good Pokemon to Use

-Sweepers (If you don't want to be judged, also good for 'Mind')
-Tanks (If you have problems with the 'Body' score)
-Pokemon with fake out (Great for making your opponent miss a vital turn)

Silver Symbol Battle

Arena Captain Greta:

Heracross: Salac Berry
Rock Tomb

Umbreon: Leftovers
Confuse Ray
Body Slam
Faint Attack

Shedinja: Bright Powder
Aerial Ace
Shadow Ball
Confuse Ray

Greta's Pokemon are pretty strong and Umbreon and Shedinja are made to last making you face judgement as you are still fighting in Arena conditions. This battle will obviously be made harder by the fact this is the only Frontier Brain you can't switch against. It's probably a good idea to take out her Heracross quickly as it can do a great deal of damage with Megahorn and will make a nuisance of itself with its Rock Tomb attack. Keep in mind that it has a 4 times weakness towards flying attacks and try to take it out as quickly as you can.

Umbreon should be a lot more difficult to deal with as not only has it got a great defensive front, it can also use Confuse Ray and Body Slam to confuse and paralyse you making it difficult to even make a move when both are in effect. A physical sweeper may be able to take Umbreon out, but it is generally a better idea to defeat Umbreon through judging. Make sure to attack three times and do more damage then it does to you and you should win if you are judged. Alternatively, the move Substitute often stops Umbreon in its place as it wont be able to inflict any status inflictions and Umbreon has poor attack stats and may need a couple of turns to break the substitute.

Shedinja's ability allows only super effective hits, damaging weather and status inflictions to damage it. However it only has 1 HP meaning just one attack will finish it. Although this is quite a handicap to Shedinja, it is the last Pokemon for a reason, if you've already used up Pokemon that can beat Shedinja you will end up being helpless to do anything about it. To avoid this make sure that the last Pokemon in your group has at least one move capable of dealing with Shedinja.


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