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Liam Brennan

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Frontier Brain: Dome Superstar Tucker
4 battles per round
Silver Symbol: 5 rounds
Gold Badge: 10 rounds

Here is a tournament styled attraction in which you battle through the ranks before you win at the finals. The rules for this attraction are simple, before each tournament you must pick three Pokemon you want to take into the tournament. Before each match you may view your opponent's data such as their Pokemon, their strongest stats and the moves they used to beat previous opponents. Use this information to formulate a battle strategy for each battle. You may only pick two Pokemon to bring into battle with you meaning your going to have to pick two that not only cover the opponent's weaknesses but also cover your own Pokemon's weaknesses. The battles here are much quicker and it is therefore much easier to advance in a small space of time, however it is a lot easier to lose at the same time.

General Tips for Dome

-Make sure to look at what your opponent uses and keep in mind that they will pick a team based on your team. You should also check what moves they used to finish off your opponent as quite often it gives away their movesets giving foresight to what you can expect.

-Picking Pokemon that cover each other well is the main difficulty of the Dome. Having Pokemon with decent defence is very useful in case you need to switch Pokemon, make sure you don't end up wasting a Pokemon so you end up taking on two Pokemon with just one of your own, so make sure you choose correctly.

Good Pokemon to Use

-Pokemon with little to no type weaknesses
-Pokemon that can take out many types

Silver Badge Battle

Dome Super Star Tucker:

Swampert: Focus Band
Ice Beam

Salamence: Lum Berry
Aerial Ace
Brick Break
Dragon Claw

Charizard: White Herb
Arial Ace
Rock Slide

This battle is made so much harder by the fact you can only use two of your own Pokemon. His Charizard and Salamence although aren't too sturdy are great for fast sweeping while the Swampert is the slower sweeper that can also take a good number of hits. The most likely choice he will make is Swampert with either Charizard or Salamence depending on your team's weaknesses. Unfortunately either way the Pokemon he chooses make a good combination making it hard to counter. For my own battle I picked a Pokemon that could deal with two of the Pokemon as well as a Pokemon that could deal with the remaining one. For instance my Blastoise was able to take out Salamence with Ice Beam and Charizard with Surf while I would save Heracross to deal with Swampert. This is an effective way of making sure that you will be able to cover all of the Pokemon. I would recommend a sturdy water type as pretty much all of them can learn Surf and Ice Beam to cover his two speedy sweepers while keep a Pokemon to handle Swampert. Keep in mind Swampert has a four times weakness to grass attacks but it is the only weakness he has so be wary of it.


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