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Frontier Brain: Factory Head Noland
7 battles per round
Silver Symbol: 3 rounds
Gold Symbol: 6 rounds

In the Factory you are given a selection of six Pokemon at the start of each round. You will be able to look up their stats and pick three Pokemon based on what you would believe is a balanced team. A Factory worker will give you information on your opponents such as the type they are using or the general battle style they use making it easier to choose your Pokemon. Here is what each of the styles mean. (Thanks to Serebii's creator for most of this info)

Based on total perception: Uses moves to boost stats (e.g. Swords Dance)

Depend on the battles flow: Makes move combinations (e.g. Endure + Reversal)

Flexibility and adaptability to the situation: Uses weather moves (e.g. Sunny Day)

Free spirited and unrestrained: No general pattern

High risk, high return: Moves that damage both combatants (e.g. Double-Edge)

Impossible to Predict: Uses a variety of moves

One of Endurance: Defensive and healing moves (e.g. Rest)

Slow and Steady: Status infliction moves (e.g. Toxic)

Weaken foes from the start: Statistic infliction moves (e.g. Scary Face)

The battles themselves are straightforward, except for the fact that you must adapt your battle style to use Pokemon you are unfamiliar with. Should you win your battle you will have the option of trading in one of your Pokemon for one of your opponents defeated ones. On your final match you will be not be given the choice to trade and when you take your next challenge you will use different rental Pokemon.

General Tips for Factory

-When you first pick your first three Pokemon do not take them at face value. Look at their personality, stats and attacks. Keep in mind that many of these Pokemon are not at their full potential (e.g. Special sweeping Gyarados)

-Knowing standard sets makes choosing the right Pokemon a lot easier. If you don't know them learn them so you'll be able to tell decent Pokemon from poor ones. Tend to go for tried and tested standards such as Breloom with Spore and Focus Punch or a Snorlax with Curse. Many of the Pokemon you encounter will have near standard moves.

-Before you trade Pokemon with your opponent make sure it put up a decent fight. You will not be able to look at its stats until you actually have it in your position (meaning you find out too late if you make a bad decision). You shouldn't really be trading if you're not sure.

-Every trade you make will actually improve the rental Pokemon you will receive each round, however you need to make a large amount of trades before any real effect is made so don't just trade for the sake of trading.

-Make sure to balance your team out instead of having three good Pokemon all with the same weakness.

Good Pokemon to Use

-Ghost types (useful for avoiding many different attacks including explosion)
-Near standard Pokemon
-Good items (this is one of few challenges that allows teams of leftovers)

*Although it's not always possible to control this, these are what you should be aiming for.

Silver Symbol Battle

Factory Head Noland:
Random Pokemon
Random Pokemon
Random Pokemon

Strategy: Since you are given no clues about what Pokemon Noland is going to use it is difficult to formulate an effective means of actually taking this guy down. The only way you can actually prepare is by getting a balanced team and hope you get lucky with what Pokemon you get. Just remember not to have teams with any glaring weaknesses and expect the unexpected (that may be cliched but the Factory can be very random). Noland will more than likely to be using the most effective sets and will probably be using standards and he will know how to use them. Make sure you have your own balanced team of standards or at least a balanced team.


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