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How do you get to the Battle Frontier?

After you have finished the main game quest and beaten the Elite Four, when you continue your saved game you will be in your room. If you go downstairs your Dad will give you the S.S Tidal ticket. Soon after this you will receive a call from Scott to meet you on the ship. Go to Lilycove or Slateport docks and go on the ship. Here you will meet Scott who will tell you about the Battle Frontier before leaving. After you finish your ship journey you will have access to choose to sail to the Battle Frontier.

What is the Battle Frontier?

The Battle Frontier is the biggest edition to Pokemon Emerald and adds a lot more to what you can do here. It is similar to a theme park in the way it looks but it is based around battling. The Frontier is huge and it really increases the large replay value of the game. The main aims of the Battle Frontier challenge are to clear each attraction enough times to battle the Frontier Brains. Also as you fight you receive BP (Battle Points) depending on how well you do in each attraction. This can be used later on to collect prizes such as Items, Move Tutoring or even giant plush dolls.

Who are the Frontier Brains?

The Frontier Brains are the 'gym leaders' of the Frontier. After a certain amount of successful completions of their attraction they challenge you. If you win you get the attractions symbol. The first time you beat a Frontier Brain you will receive a Silver symbol, you will then have to continue battling through the attraction several more times before they challenge you to a rematch. The second match you fight them they will have a different set of Pokemon and if you win this time you will receive a gold badge for that attraction. Collect all the silver and all the gold badges for a prize from Scott.

Frontier Rules

These are the rules in general for the Battle Frontier, although their may be occasional exceptions, these rules are generally enforced.

Species Clause
You're only allowed to use one Pokemon of each species meaning you can use more than one of a Pokemon. (E.g. you're not allowed to use more than one Alakazam in a challenge) This shouldn't be a problem as you are more than likely to have a team of 6 different Pokemon for a balanced team.

Item Clause
Attractions in which you put items on your Pokemon before hand may not have two Pokemon using the same item. (E.g. you can't have two Pokemon holding Leftovers) This is more likely to be a problem for many people as competitive battlers are probably used to having almost whole teams holding leftovers. For many cases you will have to improvise and use less useful items.

Powerful Legend (Uber) Clause
This rule basically means that certain legends are not allowed due to their overpowered stats, to keep balance in the Frontier. All legendary Pokemon who are not on the list (e.g. Suicune) are allowed to participate.

Here is a list of banned Pokemon: Mewtwo

Egg Clause
Eggs are not allowed to participate.

Level 50 and Open Level
Every attraction has the choice of either of these options. Level 50 permits only the use of Pokemon up to level 50 and will probably be the first option you take. Open Level allows any Pokemon level, all opponents Pokemon will be at least your highest level. Note that none of the opponents Pokemon will be ever under level 60.

Three Pokemon per Round
In every attraction you will fight with a team of three Pokemon instead of the usual number of six. This obviously makes it harder to balance your team so make sure you keep this in mind as you take the Frontier challenge.


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