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Information Center

This will be the first thing you actually visit in the Frontier as it also acts as the main entrance. Inside you will receive your Trainer Card Update and will also be able to receive information on various aspects of the Battle Frontier. Here you can find out about the facilities and rules.

The Trainer Card update gives you several new functions which include,
What Symbols you've earned
A Battle Record which allows you to record and view a battle
BP number
Frontier Map

Battle Frontier Ranking Hall

In the area surrounded by the Battle Tower, Arena and Pyramid you will find the ranking hall. Here your greatest battle Tower Exploits will be recorded from all the different attractions. If you exchange records with your friends their scores will also appear in here. Keep in mind only the top three scores will make it onto the leader boards. Here is a list of the possible places to score on:

Battle Tower Single LV.50
Battle Tower Single OPEN LEVEL
Battle Tower Double LV.50
Battle Tower Double OPEN LEVEL
Battle Tower Multi LV.50
Battle Tower Multi OPEN LEVEL
Battle Tower Link LV.50
Battle Tower Link OPEN LEVEL
Battle Pike LV.50
Battle Pike OPEN LEVEL
Battle Dome Single LV.50
Battle Dome Single OPEN LEVEL
Battle Factory Single LV.50
Battle Factory Single OPEN LEVEL
Battle Arena LV.50
Battle Arena OPEN LEVEL
Battle Pyramid LV.50
Battle Pyramid OPEN LEVEL
Battle Palace Single LV.50
Battle Palace Single OPEN LEVEL

Scott's House

In case you were wondering where Scott hangs out when he's not looking for trainers you will find him right at the far north of the Battle Frontier just west of the Battle Tower. When you first talk to him he will give you a few BP to get started. He will also give you prizes if you clear certain Battle Frontier conditions.

50 Battles in a row at Battle Tower: Silver Shield
100 Battles in a row at Battle Tower: Gold Shield
All Silver Emblems: Lansat Berry
All Gold Emblems: Starf Berry

Wild Sudowoodo

Just outside the Battle Palace there is water, Surf along to the right or walk around to a section near an odd looking tree. Players of G/S/C will recognise this 'tree' as Sudowoodo. Water it with your Wailmer Pail and it attacks. It is level 40 and you will only have one chance to catch it so make sure you -SAVE- before you water it. Obviously just use the normal methods of catching by inflicting it with a status condition, whittling down its health and throwing balls at it. Just make sure you take some of your weaker Pokemon to catch it as you don't want to take a team of level 100's to knock it out before you catch it.

Artisan Cave

If you have beaten/captured Sudowoodo, you will find that you can now access the area behind it. Surf down the waterfall and head to the far left and you will see a cave. In this cave you will find many wild Smeargle (hence the name of the cave). These Pokemon are valuable for breeding moves as well as interesting to battle (it can learn any move with its attack Sketch). At the end of the cave you will find yourself just right of the Battle Tower, making for an interesting detour around the Frontier.


After you have won 3 of the 14 frontier badges you will have access to a man in a house to the south of the Battle Pyramid that will let you bet on the challenges. Every day he will tell you which attraction you can bet on. You will be able to bet 5, 10 or 15 Battle Points each visit. If you win you will collect twice what you bet. To be honest you do not get a great deal of Battle Points when and you have to be winning a great deal more than losing before you really start earning anything. It's also probably not a good idea to be betting too much when you get into higher levels of each of the Frontier attractions otherwise you'll find yourself cursing and not only losing the challenge but a decent number of Battle Points too.

IV (Individual Value) Man

As you may or may not know, each Pokemon has an IV for each of its stats. This number will be from 0-31. This number will affect a Pokemon's growth in each particular stat (For instance two Abra's have HP IV's of 13 and 25, the Abra with the higher IV, in this case the one with 25, will have higher HP due to this. Usually the easiest way to find these is through IV calculators found online, however the IV man found just north of the Pokemon Center will give you brief but informative information on each of your Pokemon and will give you this information:

Its overall ability (e.g. outstanding)
Its best aspect (e.g. Speed)
How good its best aspect is (e.g. Flawless)
For more detailed information concerning IV's consult other guides.

Palace Girl

If you are having difficulties finding which Pokemon to use in the Battle Palace look for a house east of the Pokemon Center, inside will be a little girl who will be able to tell how the personality will affect how it battle's and what it will do when it is low on HP.


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