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Frontier Brain: Palace Maven Spenser
7 battles per round
Silver Symbol: 3 rounds
Gold Symbol: 6 rounds

This is perhaps the strangest area of battle at the Frontier, in which you do not decide how your Pokemon act. Here your Pokemon will attack based on their nature, for instance an Adamant nature will cause it to like to attack aggressively while not be so effective at using other moves. Aside from this the battles take place just like many of the other area's of battle in the Frontier. The focus for this attraction is mainly in the preparation and the switching so you can have as much control as you can get.

General Tips for Palace

-One of the best ways of getting a more likely win is to use Pokemon that have very high stats. Although this may sound obvious, it is probably more vital in this challenge than anywhere else. Using Pokemon who can survive a few turns and still deal out major damage are great. These include Pokemon such as Slaking, Tyranitar and Exeggutor.

-If you are unsure about personality try your Pokemon out at the Palace before you intend to seriously make a challenge and take note of what moves they tend to use more and the ones they totally ignore. That way you will know who you can use and who would be ineffective.

-Pokemon that have complicated strategies to be effective are generally not the best Pokemon to use. Substitute and Focus Punching and simple combos like that can sometimes be used here but sometimes Pokemon will continue using the same move so don't rely to heavily on them (e.g. a Pokemon with a weather move may continue using it instead of the moves that benefit from it.)

-Remember that you can still switch Pokemon so you will have some control other the proceedings of the battle. If you effectively switch in the Palace it could really start winning you a lot more battles rather than waiting for your Pokemon to attack.

Good Pokemon to Use

-Choice Band Pokemon will really benefit you if they use the right move. Switch them out if you don't like the move they use, keep them in if you do like the move.
-Pokemon with high stats are the easiest to use. Just make sure they have mainly attack moves that don't require too much setting up and they should be fine.

Silver Symbol Battle

Palace Maven Spenser:

Crobat: Bright Powder
Double Team
Confuse Ray

Slaking: Scope Lense
Brick Break
Shadow Ball

Lapras: Quick Claw
Ice Beam
Confuse Ray
Horn Drill

This could be one of the hardest fights you've had as you can feel very defenceless against Spenser if your Pokemon seems quite refusal to use any of the appropriate moves. Try to get his Crobat taken out quickly as it will attack your Pokemon with Toxic and Confuse Ray before attempting to evade any further attacks by using Double Team. To avoid Slaking dealing vast amounts of damage it is probably a good idea to switch in a Pokemon that can resist its attacks. As it attacks only once every two turns and even then may not make a smart move. Take advantage of this and try to get in as many attacks before it can do anything worthwhile against you. If you're having difficulty, make sure to target Slaking's weak Special Defence or alternatively use a fighting type. Lapras should be difficult to take out as it has a large amount of HP as well as confuse Ray and Protect making taking it down a real challenge. Not only that but keep in mind that it has a Quick Claw as well as Horn Drill that will cause one hit KO's if it should hit. Try and take it out as quickly as possible, it may be a good idea to use Pokemon that know fighting moves or rock moves and it wouldn't be a bad idea to use a Pokemon that blocks one hit KO moves.


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