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Liam Brennan

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Frontier Brain: Pike Queen Lucy
14 rooms per round
Silver Symbol: 2 rounds
Gold Symbol: 10 rounds

The Battle Pike is a test of endurance that is mainly based on luck, however bad luck can quickly end your challenge as one or two bad rooms in a row could spell disaster. You bring three Pokemon with you as you are brought into rooms with three doors. You will have to make it through 14 doors before you finish the round. Their will be an attendant near the doors who will be able to give you a hint about one of the doors. It is very difficult to know where to go as everything in here is based on chance therefore it can feel very harsh when you run into several bad rooms in a row. Here is what each of the messages mean (Thanks to Serebii's creator for most of this info)

-A Trainer? I sense the presence of people...-

75% = Fight a normal trainer
25% = Your Pokemon are fully Healed

-I seem to have heard something... perhaps whispering.-

80% = Nothing happens
20% = Fight a two on two battle

-Distinct Aroma of Pokemon wafting around it-

75% = Wild Pokemon room
25% = Fight a strong trainer and have your health fully restored afterwards

-I felt a wave of nostalgia coming from it-

50% = One or more Pokemon are fully healed
50% = One or more Pokemon are inflicted with status condition

-A terrifying event, yes a horrible one, is about to befall you...-

Signals arrival of Pike Queen Lucy, pick the correct door and your Pokemon will be fully healed before the battle.

Silver Badge Battle

Pike Queen Lucy:

Seviper: Quick Claw
Poison Fang
Giga Drain

Shuckle: Chesto Berry

Milotic: Leftovers
Ice Beam
Mirror Coat

This battle is a lot easier if you have fully healed Pokemon before hand, if not it could be a real slog depending on your current conditions. Lucy's Seviper has a quick claw so make sure you don't rely heavily on your Pokemon acting first. Seviper is pretty delicate so hopefully you will be able to beat it quickly and efficiently before it becomes a hassle. Although Lucy's Shuckle has extremely high defences but its low hp means it can be taken out by strong moves that are super effective such as rock slide. It uses moves such as toxic before resting to whittle down your health slowly. If you are having trouble with Shuckle remember that it doesn't have any moves to defeat a Substitute or a Steel type and will be useless to do anything but stall. Lucy's Milotic is probably her strongest Pokemon having both great defensive and offensive capabilities. There are several ways of taking down Milotic. Since Milotic's defence is smaller than its special defence it would be a good idea to exploit it, just make sure you are doing more than half damage or else recover and leftovers will erase any damage done. You could attack with its weaknesses; just keep in mind it does have high special defence and as well as that it has Mirror Coat to reflect the damage back towards you double, so just be careful when using this tactic. Using a move like Toxic is effective as it has no way of recovering status inflictions, although Milotic's defence will double due to its Marvel Scale it will eventually fall. Another thing to note is that Milotic can't actually really deal with water types, a water type with Toxic will soon end Milotic without incident.


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