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Liam Brennan

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Frontier Prizes and Move Tutors

Battle Prizes

As you battle through the Frontier you will soon gain amounts of BP (Battle Points) depending on how well you do. You can use these to trade in at various places at the battle frontier for different prizes (similar to amusement arcades but actually more worthwhile). Here is a list of the items you can trade for from left to right.

First Stall (This stall contains many new items to use to decorate your room and your base.)

Kiss Poster.....16BP
Kiss Cushion.....32BP
Smoochum Doll.....32BP
Togepi Doll.....48BP
Meowth Doll.....48BP
Clefairy Doll.....48BP
Ditto Doll.....48BP
Cydaquil Doll.....80BP
Chikoria Doll.....80BP
Totodile Doll.....80BP

Second Stall (This stall has more new dolls in a large variety as reflected by the price.)

Lapras Doll.....128BP
Snorlax Doll.....128BP
Venusaur Doll.....256BP
Charizard Doll.....256BP
Blastoise Doll.....256BP

Third Stall (This stall contains cheap medicines used to help boost your Pokemon's stats; this is very useful if you are low on money.)

HP Up.....1BP

Fourth Stall (This stall contains some of the more useful items for the Battle Frontier; use these to really help your strongest Pokemon reach their potential.)

White Herb.....48BP
Quick Claw.....48BP
Mental Herb.....48BP
Bright Powder.....64BP
Choice Band.....64BP
Kings Rock.....64BP
Focus Band.....64BP
Scope Lens.....64BP

Move Tutors

Most recently seen in FireRed and LeafGreen Move Tutors make an appearance in Pokemon Emerald and the Battle Frontier. Here you can trade your BP for the move tutors services. The difference in the Battle Frontier is that as long as you are willing to pay you can get this move as much as you want, this is ideal for people who want perfect movesets. (Yet for some strange reason Substitute isn't included... yet we find moves like Softboiled... nice one Nintendo...)The move tutors are listed from left to right.

First Tutor (I find most of these moves to not be as good as the second tutors, but I'm glad the elemental punches are back)

Defence Curl.....16BP
Mud Slap.....24BP
Icy Wind.....24BP
Psych up.....48BP
Ice Punch.....48BP
Thunder Punch.....48BP
Fire Punch.....48BP

Second Tutor (These moves are more valuable in my opinion, although some of them are kind of useless)

Seismic Toss.....24BP
Dream Eater.....24BP
Mega Punch.....24BP
Mega Kick.....24BP
Body Slam.....48BP
Rock Slide.....48BP
Thunder Wave.....48BP
Swords Dance.....48BP


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