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Frontier Brain: Pyramid King Brandon
7 floors per round
Silver Symbol: 3 rounds
Gold Symbol: 10 rounds

This attraction is a test of endurance for you and your three Pokemon as you must stumble blindly around a maze for an exit. For this challenge you will not be able to attach items to your Pokemon before hand as all of your items are taken from you. When you first enter you will be given a battle bag containing a few items to help you through the Pyramid. You walk around with very little vision similar to a cave or Dewford's Gym. As you wander around you will fight wild Pokemon and trainers holding only one Pokemon, every battle you win the light will grow slightly larger. This will help you find the Blue Tile to exit the floor.

As you wander each floor you will find items to use on your Pokemon or rarely, hold items to attach to your Pokemon. These items will be kept until they are used and can be used in future challenges. That means you will keep your current bag until you lose and therefore makes this challenge somewhat easier. When you beat trainers they will also be a great help to you by saying how many trainers are left, the number of items left on the floor or even the direction of the exit. Wild Pokemon will try to inflict status inflictions on you and will whittle down your health if you're not careful.

General Tips for Pyramid

-Don't forget to restore your PP as well as your health. Often if you carry on one hit KOing Pokemon you will ignore the fact that your PP is running low. Make sure to use all of your attacks to conserve PP and keep in mind how valuable items like Ethers are.

-Given the choice, fight trainers more than you fight wild Pokemon. Trainers give you vital information on the floor, while beating wild Pokemon will do nothing but get in your way.

-If you want to avoid battling wild Pokemon more put a fast Pokemon first in your group. You will often find that you will be able to run away just like you would in a normal wild Pokemon environment.

-Conserve your items when necessary and don't heal up for the sake of it even when you are on the last floor. Keep in mind that items are carried over from challenge to challenge and you shouldn't waste an item that you could really need in the future.

-As soon as you get a hold item make your Pokemon hold it. It may sound obvious but when you're far into the Pyramid and frustration sets in you may just be rushing to get around without paying attention.

-Another obvious but important point. As you search, make sure to do it in a structured way instead of charging around madly, otherwise you will find yourself missing the exit that is just out of your line of vision.

Good Pokemon to Use

-Pick Up Pokemon (Not really good for battling but very useful for picking up a few extra items.
-Fast Pokemon (Good for running from wild Pokemon)
-Heal Bell Pokemon (Very useful if your team is suffering and you want to conserve items)
-Wish Pokemon (Useful for healing and item conservation)
-Rest Pokemon and anything that can heal itself

Silver Symbol Battle

Pyramid King Brandon:

Regirock: Quick Claw
Super Power
Ancient Power

Regice: Chesto Berry
Ice Beam

Registeel: Leftovers
Iron Defence
Metal Claw

AAlthough you are probably weathered from the previous 7 floors, you will have a chance to use items on your Pokemon before fighting this guy. Another thing to point out is the fact that you are actually permitted the use of items in this battle, take advantage of this as this is the only Frontier Brain you can do this against, but at the same time don't be wasteful. Although he uses three legendaries that are very good for tanking, they do all share similar physical weaknesses. All are weak to fighting attacks and Regirock and Registeel are both weak to ground attacks. This makes them sitting ducks for most special sweepers.

Regirock's main strength is in its defence, meaning a physical attack would have to be strong to do some damage. The smarter route would be to attack it with water moves or other special attacks. However be cautious as Regirock does know Explosion, it may be handy to use a ghost Pokemon or a Substitute to avoid it.

Regice is the opposite defence wise having a large resistance to special attacks and also knows Amnesia to boost this further. A strong fighting or rock move should be enough to get rid of it reasonably quickly before it rests off its damage. It also attacks with Thunder and Ice Beam, so keep this in mind while picking what Pokemon to use.

Registeel has balanced defences and are both very high. Luckily steel has several weaknesses so you should be able to find an appropriate attacking route. I'd recommend Special attack if you can as it is able to use Iron Defence making its defence rise quickly.

Overall, make sure this is a quick fight and do not drag it out as it will give Brandon an advantage. A Reversal Pokemon could work if you prepare it early enough, Choice Band Pokemon are also a good choice for quick damage. If you have a fighting type and are lucky enough to have found a Choice Band this fight will be over very quickly as long as it doesn't perish to Regirock's Explosion.


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